Monkey Doo’s Relaxing And Warm Bath Time

Hello, our dear friends Today, Mom shares the bath time of Monkey Doo Mom is making warm water for Doo Because the weather is quite cold Warm water will make Doo feel more relaxed in the shower Doo loves having his mother shower him He is very good and cute He is enjoying his warm and relaxing bath time Mom is afraid of Doo being cold after shower so she dries for Doo to dry faster .. Doo feels very comfortable when his mother dries his hair Mom is wearing the diaper and pants for cute Doo Mom and Doo are talking together It seems he understands that Mom says and he is listening to Mom talking Mom loves Doo so much and Doo does too Hope you like and feel happy when watching this video Thank you so much for your sweet love and support Have a nice and happy day

Jerry Heath


  1. Doo is quiet when taking a shower … he is an angel💙💙💙 … Kiss Doo..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. That's my little Doo, obedient.. Thank you mom for taking care of little Doo… Love you Doo family 🙊❤💞💝😘😇

  3. He's such a Sweet Little Fellow honestly this is one of my Favorite channels this Family is Beautiful and really Love Doo and it definitely shows Blessings ✌️🍀♥️💚💙 I love how he's talking to Mom lol too cute his eyes look so much better 🤗😍❤️❤️

  4. Doo is very obedient and fun. I can't access Yoyo anymore. I don't know why Yoyo suddenly died. Is Yoyo not eating enough and catching a cold, even though it didn't look sick before?

  5. Where is Tom ? Haven't seen him in any of the videos lately . Where is Miu the cat also ?

  6. He is the most well behaved monkey on the internet. Honest to God! All the others are terrible. They act terrible. Your husband and you and your son n me are good people . He is such a good boy

  7. Mais où est passé le chat blanc que nous voyons plus dans les vidéos ?? Il est mort ??

  8. I like Doo's family. Mom, dad and brother really love Doo. And mom is cooking too for Doo. 😍

  9. الحمد لله على سلامتك monkey doo ،تبدو لطيفا وظريفا و انت تستحم يا لك من قرد رائع 😍🐵🐵🍑🎇🐒

  10. He is so good. He lay on her lap for her to put on his pamper and lands. He is so precious. God Bless him

  11. Doo is so patient he lives his bath time I’m glad his doing better with his eyes. He is so calm and loving you and Tom have done a wonderful job with Doo and he knows the live you give him ! ❤️

  12. Tout eau tout propre petit Doo dans son pantalon blanc…c'est incroyable comme il aime se faire savonner,sécher au séchoir ..pas effrayé du tout …vous êtes très attentionnés pour ce petit Doo ,Tom l'entoure bien lui aussi,mais depuis qu'il va à l'école ,Doo se retrouve + seul et + souvent dans les bras de papa et maman … un bébé n° 2…. Amitié et bon dimanche, qui se finit pour vous avec le décalage horaire ,en France il est 14h et vous?

  13. Doo vc é um dos mais inteligentes,calmo,obediente, mais lindo..quero vc prá mim😍🤩👍😘❤🧡💖💚💙💕

  14. Gente, aque um russo que tem o nome Вадим Баталов escreveu " queria matar esse macaco". Deixem dislikes para ele ou comentem uma merda, acho que ele merece!!!

  15. No wonder doo like mum to bath him. Sooooo gentle n n nice rubbing soooo cleaning n did not pour water to his eyes. Sooo nice how i like mum to bath me ha ha. Lucky you doo doo.

  16. There's nothing like a good, relaxing shower, it's so fun to see that the monkey Doo is calm and feeling good
    Nice day

  17. Doo we thanks God for your fast recovery. Thankyou Lord for hearing our prayers doo doo is fast recovering. Doo is angel very very well behave mum n dad are kind n caring. Tom is a cute well behave boy too we love you all

  18. I hope you're as genuine as you appear. I also hope Doo grows into adulthood and still behaves as you need him to. 😊

  19. Doo ist sooooo süß und brav
    Respekt. Gute Erziehung!

  20. Doo recuperated very fast with the loving care from Daddy and Mommy. I'm pretty sure Tom also helped. Glad everything is well. God bless you all. Hugs from Virginia. 💕🐒🇺🇸

  21. Моя любимая обьезянка доо мама его купала умница все понимает слушается маму а мама у него добрая

  22. I enjoy all your videos because I love Doo so much. You all are a caring and loving family..

  23. Doo is so obedient as Yoyo. Never destroys things. Doo respects mum and dad as Yoyo.

  24. Wow I'm so happy to see his little eye is getting better!!! Little Doo really loves his bath!! You are such a good mom to little Doo!!! I love little Doo soooooooo much!!! Get well sweetie!!!! Oxoxox 🤗

  25. He is absolutely the most well behaved monkey I have ever seen. He’s also the cutest too. You all are wonderful with him and certainly include him in your family. Have a wonderful day.

  26. I am very happy that Mom, Dad and Tom love Doo and take good care of Doo, l am sure that Doo also very Happy. 🐒💖

  27. Such a beautiful family. Both of your boys are loved so much by the both of you and they love mom and dad too.

  28. مرحبا بك يا صديقي العزيز شكرا لك انا اتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح وسعادة أنت شخص جميل ولطيف شكرا لك 💖💝💞💐🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💖💖💖💖💋💋أنا أحبكم كثيرا 💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌹

  29. Tan lindo y obediente es un angel educado se deja bañar ,,con sus ojitos y carita tan.lindos besitos mi amor

  30. You take such good care of him. His eye is doing better than mine. Such good caregivers. Doo is very, very lucky. 👍👏💋

  31. Милый мальчишка Доо. Мамочка накупала, высушила феном, обняла и можно спокойно спать. Как глазки Доо? Плохо что нет перевода на русский язык.

  32. Meu Deud q coisa mais linda ele deixar se secar com secador e fica quietinho.

  33. Love doo. He is so special and well behaved. Great family as well who takes good care of him and well loved.God bless

  34. Hello, very cute family you are how is your son, I feel very nice to see Doo gud nght have a nice day.

  35. How about Doo.. His eyes is ok..
    I'm worry about Doo..Get well soon and becareful..❤❤❤

  36. Mom Doo is so good to take his bath his a darling 👶 i love Doo so much i know you beautiful family are always going to take good care of him God Bless😘

  37. Du machst das super……du solltest Seminare geben…..im Netz gibt es so viele die keine Ahnung haben ihre Äffchen zu baden…..

  38. It is so obvious Doo loves you and wants to cuddle up to sleep in his mother's arms. How wonderful to see you loving on him.

  39. Beautiful! So well mannered! You and brother has taught him well. Thank you for sharing this video.

  40. He seems to want to sleep and mom is curiously not following the usual routine of letting him sleep. Doo doesn't seem to like it.

  41. I have watched many many families give baths. Even some of my favorites do this. Alot pour the water right on top of their babies heads. Thus the water is all down the front of their faces. Alot of the younger ones like it. Doo's mom makes sure not to have all of the water poured quickly down his face. Even though it is easier for her to rinse him by pouring the water out right on top of his head, Doo doesn't like it so she takes the time to do it the way it is comfortable and relaxing to Doo.💛 This is just one more thing that is done with a great deal of love!!❤

  42. Доо малыш как твое здоровье. Наш красавчик 😘😘😘💝💝💝👍👍👍

  43. Bath relaxing time with mom…Doo Seems to appreciate, and even the hair dryer!

  44. It seems like Doo's eyes are better. So happy to see.so very happy you added the caption in English in your videos, love knowing what you and your family are saying to Doo. I love watching, brings much happiness to me. ❤❤❤

  45. Doo é tranquilo e feliz até no banho , pois vcs o tratam com muito amor ! Que lindo!👏👏🐒🐒

  46. That is one pampered monkey. And he's got the cutest little face. I wouldnt mind having somebody take care of me like how these folks take care of doo.. ..lol

  47. I love Doo and his family. You treat him like a baby boy. Congratulaciones!!!!

  48. Hello Doo And Family So Happy everything is better with his eye. thanks so very much love him to pieces he so darn cute…

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