mindfulness at work: 3 practical exercises

in today’s lesson I want to show you practical ways you can implement mindfulness practices at work these can be very powerful activities that can bring about numerous health benefits and allow you more focus in your job most importantly these simple exercises can be done in the workplace and only take a few minutes to complete so you’ll want to stay tuned there’s no excuse for not being able to have a mindful existence at your place of work exercise 1 be your one thermometer sitting peacefully with your feet flat on the ground and without using physical touch try and send the temperature of your own skin it’s not an answer you’re going to come too quickly don’t even attempt to come to our number but spend a few minutes doing nothing but internally investigating how hot or cool your skin is think about your skin how it feels literally on the outside of your body consider the different parts of you and how each of them feel exercise to do nothing literally spend several minutes not doing anything nothing physical nothing mental that means not tapping on your keyboard and no planning for the meeting that afternoon literally let your brain and body breaks if you find yourself getting distracted by thoughts and focus on your breathing notice how long your intakes are and your ex hear how your lungs fill up with oxygen but how long it takes for your lungs to deflate again exercise number three consider your pain take any item from your desk and your mouse a mouse pads etc and take a few minutes to really focus on it feel the material is made from do the grooves and bumps through the temperature is it warm to the touch or cool soft or hard feel a band or live around in your hand these practical exercises can if you use regularly really improve your main set and focus of work along with all the health benefits that come from regular axial meditation we are simple can be conducted anywhere and in just a few minutes I recommend completing each of these exercises every day spread out over the course of your working day if you found this video helpful please like and subscribe to our channel that way you’ll never miss another mindfulness relaxation and stress management video again and if you love this check out the links in the description for lots more videos and stress management and main fulness

Jerry Heath

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  1. Excellent tips.. simple ones that can do wonders.. thank you so much.

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