Mindful Parenting Tips (HOW TO GET TODDLER TO OBEY)

Don’t hit your sister! No swearing! Stop throwing that! No! No! NO! No! NO! NOOO! So why do they keep doing it? And how can we change our kid’s behaviour? Mindful Mamas Raising Tigers I grew up with Asian parents so if we were still back in the 80’s I’d probably say something like this: “THEY JUST NEED A GOOD SPANKING, LAH!”. But let me share with you the mindful parenting advice which I find to be a lot more… (humane?!) gentle and effective! LET YOUR NURSERY DO THE HEAVY LIFTING! This isn’t rocket science! It definitely isn’t re-inventing the wheel. I basically went to my child’s nursery, I saw happy staff and angelic well-behaved kids. ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!? HOW DO YOU DO IT?! And it’s really simple: The nursery staff have well established RULES for behaviour. And they already have STRATEGIES that they use to ENFORCE those rules time and time again. Sounds simple right? So, for example, a child who’s fighting over toys may be redirected to a new activity. A child who won’t put on a jacket… might not be allowed to play in the playground until they comply. But one really cool thing that you’ll notice the nursery staff do… they don’t say NO a lot or ever! Instead they FRAME requests that FOCUS on what the kid should be doing. For example, instead of “NO HITTING” you’ll probably hear something like “KIND HANDS”. “DON” SAY RUDE THINGS” become “USE KIND WORDS”. So simple it’s genius. Think about it. If I tell you “NO THINKING ABOUT ELEPHANTS…!” Guess what you’re doing right now..? If on the other hand I say “THINK ABOUT RABBITS”…. I’ve given you something you can FOCUS on. So go ahead and talk to the nursery director. Even if your kid doesn’t go there yet, say you’re looking into it. And ask them exactly what it is the staff tell the children what it’s time to clean up the toys. And how do they ensure that all the children participate. What do they do when they don’t? Let them teach you what to do at home. When you do this, you create an orderly world for your child. The rules are always the same. The systems and routines are in place at home AND at nursery. So there’s no confusion, no mixed messages, super simple to follow. Well, apparently there’s no “one best way” to raise your child. Even better… Whatever works with one child… doesn’t work with the next! Its’ like the whole thing is designed to set you up for failure…. Sometimes it feels like the whole parenting thing is designed to make you doubt yourself. By hey! Give this parenting hack a good bash! In my experience, Bibi has really
benefitted from this positive language approach. And I’m sure it’s gonna continue benefitting her for years to come. I think the hardest thing about this was the consistency. Being consistent, is… harder I think for me than it is for her! So you’ve got the plan! But if you’re finding it hard to stick to it, then come and take my challenge in my Mindful Mamas Raising Tigers support group and you’ll get the support and accountability that you need to see this one through. CLICK THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW. So whatever you do now… “DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to my channel” “do NOT HIT THE LIKE button” and STOP sharing this video with your playground besties! Yes! Everything is debate-able so make sure that you have your say below. All right! let’s take a break! and check the kids are still alive…! and i’ll see you in the next video! for more fun gentle parenting hacks!

Jerry Heath


  1. I'd love to know what best "lingo remixes" you have used to avoid saying NO and still get your kids to listen. What worked for you? What didn't? Can't wait to see what you think of this! xx

  2. Oh super helpful, Lynn! I love the idea of refocusing my language on what I DO want!! Thanks!!

  3. I am happy you start posting video again. I think the video is great, and the tips are amazing. It is fun to watch and at the same time learn. Simple steps, now I just need to get into the habit of practising them, consistently.

  4. Your energy is contagious and those are great parenting tips. You are on 🎯and I love how you presented the information.

  5. I am so glad my kids are not toddlers any more. But I have different challenges with teenagers! Great video. Love it!

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