Melodious call to prayer Burn the appearance of the kuntilanak

I’ve been friends, no sighting,
this can be made for content or not hahh if it can not make content,
this hassle, already tired astaghfirullahalazim astaghfirullahalazim Miss Inces, friends, that, Miss Inces mba inces I coming, you heard mba inces you beautiful mba inces ok friends, I will fulfill your request if see the sighting you said if found you asked for it, that is adzanin the creature astral, or mba incest like this and later I will adzani here I rested for a while, I’m a little tired, I have been looking, finally found this incessant mba again
actually I’m tired of meeting Mrs. Inces what is she actually inviting but actually it’s friends,
Devil it would be misleading different from me, who wants make you happy to keep on side by side with you, but, pitty she goes, she goes can make you happier than me after this I will try this person
this is actually me what yes, rather tremble so friends, that’s why
I say it rather quickly so trembling actually because adzani
is like that, but it’s okay for you Let’s use the sarong, guys
not happy if I don’t wear a sarong not as I thought friends I guess it just disappeared, actualy she caught fire friends I guess just disappeared friends apparently she was burning forgive the sins of your servant, O God forgive O Allah Actually, I am not strong friends I was shocked

Jerry Heath

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