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Hey! Good morning everyone. So today is our second day here in Tokyo, and as you can tell, it is a fairly soggy
morning. Actually it’s afternoon, it’s 1 o’clock. We spent all morning waiting for the rain to pass, so what we did is we reorganized the second half of our trip because what you see right now is going to basically be carrying over on the remainder of the trip, and we definitely don’t want that. So we rearranged everything. Instead of going over to like Kyoto and the West part of Japan, on the mainland, we are going to be booking a flight and going to Okinawa. Okinawa. Okinawa, sorry. It should be nice and sunny and hot, and
beautiful warm with all kinds of beaches and we’re going to be going to a lot of
UNESCO World Heritage Sites and some castle remains, and ruins and it should
be completely awesome time. What’s that? Aquarium. Oh, and an aquarium, that’s right. So anyway, definitely make sure that you subscribe to the channel to stay tuned for that. So today we’re going to be doing a couple different things. The first thing that we’re going to be going to do today is grab some lunch, and I’m going to be trying… Geong-dong? Gyudon. Gyudon. Japanese is so hard. Anyway, it’s basically a beef bowl with
some noodles in it. No! Rice! Oh, rice! I said rice! I have no idea what we’re doing! Don’t listen to a word I say, just this look at the video I guess. Anyway, so that’s what we’re going to be doing today. First thing, it’s about one o’clock in the afternoon, so we’re going to start our day off with some food, and then we’re going to go meet up with one of Akane’s friends later on, and we’ll take you on the little adventures that we’re going to be doing today. Okay, so we have stumbled upon this shrine. Akane has told me that these pretty much every shrine has an entrance, or a gate, that allows you in, and as you can see this one is quite impressive. Do you know which one this is? Meiji Jin Goo. Say it slightly louder. Meiji Jin Goo. So there we are. So that’s where we’re at right now, and we’re going to go take a little walk in and check out what the actual Shrine is like, as Akane herself has never been here. In a Shrine we have to walk on the side because the middle of the road is for gods. So we shouldn’t walk in the middle of the road. That’s why they have these side walks then. You can see many Japanese people on the… So you can tell who knows what they’re doing and who doesn’t. Yeah, I didn’t say that! I was going to do, but too rude! Now you would never believe it, but this is right within the city. So it’s a huge, I don’t know if I want to call it park, it’s a huge wooded area right in the middle of the city! Two blocks that way is that…well I guess
what, maybe three blocks that way, is like that huge intersection that I took the time lapse of. So it’s amazing the contrast between that area and this area, all within a tiny a little bit. Those barrels…hey, there is an “R”! We have an “R” situation. Did you know that? Anyway, they keep Sake for short term. And when people celebrate some, I don’t know, opening a company, Or maybe a birthday party, and we try to hit with some stick. Ok together and then share the Sake everyone together. Nice! These Sake barrels are offered every year to the spirits of (former) emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. It is believed that their souls are enshrined at this temple. Emperor Meiji looked to western civilization for a lot of inspiration. One of the biggest life components he took from western civilization was pairing wine with food. So why do you wash your hands? Just to purify yourself? Before going into the Temple. Because my hands were really sticky. That’s why you washed them? So much for some deep meaning! These trees were planted in 1920 and are believed to be protected by deities. Known as the “Husband and Wife” they are a symbol of a happy marriage and a wonderful family life. So we just went over and we bought our fortune, I guess. We paid 100 Japanese Yen. What you do is you shake a box and
the stick will come out, and it’s associated it with a number. So I’m looking at mine here, Okay. It says, you can draw some profit from everything people say, even from those things that at first sound offensive, but for this, constant self-examination is required. So apparently I need to do a lot more listening, and less talking. Yes, I always told you. Please listen to me. People tell me all the time I should stop talking. Maybe I should listen to it now that a Japanese prophesy has told me too. Okay, let’s see what yours says. It’s in Japanese, so she’s got to translate it. Because this is old Japanese. So it’s difficult to translate. But I can explain. Ok Don’t go far. Don’t go far? Be patient. okay. Don’t explain too much. Ok. Hey! I don’t know the word. Well I can’t help you, it’s in Japanese! So don’t do too much. You have to listen to other people. So kind of similar to yours. Don’t go overboard. Umm yeah, ok. Just keep it simple maybe? Very good. That’s good advice. Hey! I don’t usually. No you’re pretty good. Anything else? Please respect other people. So is this fortune not what you expected? This is not much of a fortune, it’s more of a suggestion. Or advice. I took my fortune seriously and didn’t talk more than I needed, which meant I didn’t properly finish this vlog. Thank you for checking out this beautiful temple with us. Hope to see you all for the next adventure. Filmed September 2018

Jerry Heath

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