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Hey guys, it’s Bex here and welcome to another
video in my series, You Have 4 Minutes for Meditation. Today’s meditation is perfect
if you’re just starting and you’ve never meditated before. It’s meditation for Monkey
Mind. For some of you, this is your very first BexLife
Meditation. For others, you’ve done all 40. You’ve been with me for the past couple
of years and you’re getting better at meditating every single day. But a request that I’m
getting time and time again is that you guys need a meditation to shut off the thoughts
that are racing through your head. It’s called Monkey Mind. It’s all that mental
chit chat that, that mind clutter that you just can’t get rid of during your meditation. Well, I have solution for you that’s going
to get you all fixed up in just four minutes. I want you to find your easy seat. So that
means that you’re going to be on the floor, on the couch, on your bed, at your office,
wherever is comfortable for you. Sometimes, I meditate in my car sitting in my driveway.
You can have your legs crossed, one foot in front of the other, half lotus, full lotus,
whatever works for you. I want you to be completely comfortable during
this meditation because it’s meant to ease your mind and body, not distract it. You can
have your hands downturned on your thighs or upturned to receive the energy around you,
sitting up nice and tall with your shoulders over your hips and your chin parallel to the
floor. To achieve this perfect meditation posture,
go ahead and inhale your shoulders up to your ears and exhale your shoulder blades down
your spine. It might also help you to imagine that there’s a string pulling from the top
of your head right there at the crown, up toward the heavens. Now, you’re all set
to begin your meditation. I usually have your eyes closed to remove
any visual distraction. But because this meditation is all about distraction, I want your eyes
open and focused on one tiny thing. Now, this can be a candle flame, it can be a special
object that’s meaningful to you, or it could just be a spot across the room. When you set your gaze on this object, I want
you to focus and then pull back. So your focus will be soft and easy. You won’t be straining
to look at it. I’m also going to have you repeat mantras during this meditation either
silently or aloud. Mantras are protections for the mind. Simply by saying them, you’re
blocking out all of the other thoughts, negative and positive. So, when you repeat these mantras
over and over and over again, they take the place of everything else in your head. Now, that you’re all set with your gazing
object and your posture, let’s begin your meditation. Begin this meditation by paying
attention to your breath. Place all your attention on your inhales and your exhales. There’s
no need to change the speed or the depth of your breath. The change will come in time. And as you inhale, I want you to repeat silently.
Inhale. And when you exhale, repeat silently. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Continue
this pattern for several more breaths feeling the air fill your chest then your belly traveling
all the way down to your seat settling there for just a moment and then passing through
your body again, off through your belly, collapsing it as the air leaves, emptying your chest
and then feeling the air pass through your throat and out through your nose or your mouth. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Now, I’m
going to have you repeat a mantra of affirmation. This will allow you to continue the meditation
without any judgment whatsoever. Remember, there’s only one rule to a BexLife Meditation.
And that is, to approach everything with curiosity and not judgment. You’re going to inhale
and then exhale and repeat the affirmation either silently or aloud. Inhale and exhale. I release the need to be
perfect. Inhale. I release the need to be perfect. I release the need to be perfect
in this meditation. I release the need to be perfect in this meditation. My time in
meditation is time spent honoring myself and I’m doing a good job. My time in meditation
is time spent honoring myself and I’m doing a good job. Thoughts are not good or bad. They just are
and I allow them to pass. Thoughts are not good or bad. They just are and I allow them
to pass. Whichever mantra resonates most with you, continue to repeat that on your exhales.
If your mind becomes too busy and you are distracted by something in your environment,
just repeat the inhale-exhale mantra. Inhale. Exhale. Continue to breathe and feel
easy in your seat. Continue to softly gaze at your chosen object. Siting up nice and
tall, feel easy energy flowing through you, feel the warmth of energy surrounding you.
Allow your thoughts to float in and float out like clouds to a landscape. Inhale. Exhale. Your thoughts are not good
or bad. There’s no way to be bad at meditation. Time spent honoring yourself is time well-spent. You may come out of this meditation at any
time you so choose if that’s all you need to recenter yourself and clear your mind.
I’ll leave you with some music that you may continue to meditate to or you can come
out and enjoy the rest of your day. Recall these words as you move about your
day during your daily tasks and allow them to bring you back down to earth and ground
you and help you to focus and calm. Thank you for meditating with me today.

Jerry Heath

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