Meaning Of Mantra Purnam Adah Purnam Idam | Neeta Singhal

Water poured into a glass
takes the shape of that glass Water poured into an ice cube
tray takes shape of those cubes Similarly, the water
inside you… …takes any shape as per you Just as water can
take different shapes Similarly your identity is
taking different shapes But your identity which
you call Atma (soul)… …is Paramatma (God) is itself And this mantra ‘Om Purnam… The mantra we chanted ‘Om Purnam Adah’ That’s complete ‘Purnam Idam’ ‘I am also complete’ ‘Purnam Adah, Purnam Idam’ It is not that I am superior to you
therefore I am a soul. I am complete also When your child is born, does
he or she remain a small part? Or he or she grows like you? Does your kid remain a
part or grow up like you? You are also someone’s child So you are a part and
parcel of Paramatma (God) You are not smaller than Paramatma
You are Paramatma Himself ‘Purnam Adah Purnam Idam’ ‘Purnat Purnam Udachyate’ The complete emanates
from the Complete ‘Purnasya Purnam Aadaaya’ Means whether you remove the
complete from the Complete or add The complete remains complete Liberation or rebirth, you
will be complete in any case He will be complete
You will be complete Neither He will become stronger
with your liberation… …nor will He become weaker
with your birth as humans Because the complete
stems from the Complete This is the meaning of the mantra There is nothing
incomplete in this world In fact the deeper meaning
of this mantra is… …whatever is
happening in your life… …is also complete Today if you face a thing or a
situation and you feel it is a failure But that is complete It is complete to teach you the
lesson it has to teach you It is complete to give you the lessons
that you need to evolve (with) Whatever is happening
in your life It is your definition That ‘This bad thing
is happening to me’ Nothing in this world is
bad nor is anything good Everything is complete Everything! Situations are neither related
to pleasure nor pains Every situation is complete When your Buddhi (intelligence) attains
union or completeness It is ‘Sama Buddhi’,
‘Samadhi’ (Divine union) You have to start looking
at everything as complete All the small failures, negatives
that you take to your heart If you consider them complete The day you designate
them as complete You will start learning from
it and evolving as well So this mantra of Completeness is the
ultimate mantra of self-realization

Jerry Heath


  1. Sanatan dharma wale shiva sgun shiva ha poor madam ved ke nirgun purn madah sanatan me kewal Hindu jabki nirgun brahma me sansar ke sare dharma Anand prapt Kar sakte ha

  2. Thanks Pulchchritud of you and endeavors.Namaste/ Vanakkam

  3. Wfully explained madam. TQ very much for that. Om Sai Ram

  4. Why is the video not in English when the title is in English? I'm not English myself but l understand it at least. Very frustrating. But nice background music!

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