Make God’s Name Your Argument in Prayer – Tim Conway

We are surrounded by people who mock and scoff at your God. I remember one time way back in the very early days of our church, we came to the east side of San Antonio. And I remember one day we were out, we were evangelizing, and we were going past the Salvation Army. There’s a park there and
a lot of the homeless guys that stay in the shelter there, they hang out in this park. And I specficially, I’ve never forgotten, there was a man sitting at a bench and he looked at us with contempt. And he was African American. And he’s looking at us as though we’ve come from
another part of the city to this east side. And he just said with contempt, “You’re never going to
change the inner city. You’re never going to
change the east side.” And I told him, “you’re right. We’re not. But our God is.” That the Lord cares about. Have you ever read in Scripture when our Lord Himself was praying. John 17. He’s praying to His Father. And do you know what He prayed? He prayed this. He prayed He and the Father and the Father and Him, and they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that the Father sent the Son and loved those disciples even as the Father loved Christ. That the world may know. I find this very interesting. Several years back, I preached messages, and I have from time to time, preached on those seven
churches in Asia Minor. Have you ever noticed Philadelphia? They were one of the faithful churches. Nothing negative said to them. And Jesus said this – He said there are these people who claim to be Jews but they are not. They call themselves a synagogue – He calls it a synagogue of Satan. They claim to be Jews. They were not Jews. And do you know what Jesus said? He said the day is coming when those physical Jews are going to fall down
at the feet of Christians. And Jesus said they’re
going to know I loved you. It’s like God is concerned about what people think. Notice Moses. “Why should the Egyptians say with evil intent did He bring them out to kill them in the mountains and to consume them
from the face of the earth? Turn from Your burning anger and relent from this
disaster against Your people.” In another place, Moses said this: He said to the Lord, “The Egyptians will hear of it.” God said, “I’m going to
strike them with pestilence and disinherit them.” And Moses said, “If You do that, the Egyptians will hear of it.” You brought this people in Your might from among those Egyptians, and if You do this – if You destroy these people – the Egyptians are going to tell the inhabitants of this land – he’s talking about Canaan – “They have heard that You, O Lord, are in the midst of this people. For You, O Lord, are seen face to face. Your cloud stands over them and You can go before them in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. If You kill this people as one man, the nations who have heard of Your fame will say…” you know why?
You know why? It’s because God wasn’t able. I’ll tell you this. God has concern for the glory of His reputation and honor. And you can pray that. I have often remembered those man’s words: Lord, that guy scoffed at the ability to transform the east side of San Antonio. Lord, remember his words. You’re not a god like
the god of the nations. You are not like the Egyptian gods. You are not like the god of Catholicism. You’re not like the god of
this easy believism out here. You are the true and the living God. Lord, arise! Your name depends upon it. Very powerful way to pray.

Jerry Heath


  1. Excerpt from the full sermon: Spiritual Progress: Prayer (Order & Argument) | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShLOg6UHwRA

  2. Dearest FATHER whom reigns above, thank YOU for YOUR mercy and love. I hold my shield of faith stout and YOUR name only do I shout, for YOU are what its all about. I see all of the dark across the land, I repent for them denying YOUR command but I know YOU have it all planned. I stand in the gap, and when YOU return I will not be taking a nap. I watch and I wait, and I see many with a horrible fate. I pray for them before its too late, and they never see the pearly gate. I love YOU with all my heart, please never let me be apart. For the lack of YOUR face, the world has embraced. Peoples hearts growing dark and cold, please allow my faith to grow ever bold, I repent for all the blasphemy I have been told. I ask YOU teach me and my kind, how to spiritually battle and bind. For they corrupt all of my kind who looks away, I don't understand why people choose to play. They are bringing on your wrath, when they could receive a free spiritual bath. At demons I laugh, for I can do the math and they won't catch me asleep For those not in YOU I weep, and beg for all their souls for sin is taking its toll. I pray for all of those seeking YOU, may YOU keep them faithful and true. I repent on behalf of me, my people and my nation, please grow YOUR loving sensation to many across the land as many as pieces of sand I stand on YOUR command. For many only know pain, and its driving them insane, they say YOU are to blame but its a shame, because they choose to play in Lucifers game. I wail, weep, and moan, and thank YOU for YOUR way to atone I bow before YOUR throne, with YOU I'm never alone. I rebuke all of the evil across the earth, oh LORD if only more knew their worth in YOUR eyes they wouldn't buy into the Lies and would see the ties. Thank you for all that you have done, and thank you for my battle already being won! I BELIEVE IN THE FATHER AND THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT and pray more shall hear it and fear it! For the day of the LORD is not light but dark, and I wish for many more to enter the ark. YOU are the FATHER and the KING and YOU make my heart sing and my ears ring "PRAISE TO THE KING!" and it shall for all time I repent for any crime ever committed, because of the SON I am acquitted I love YOU with all I can express, please allow me to stay in YOUR rest and be blessed. Please use me to help those hurt and lost, for YOU paid all our cost. And so many are marching towards the eternal fall so I ask for a spiritual wall, so grand and tall that we loose no more, it's YOU I adore, I put my forehead on the floor, YOU know where I stand in this war. Allow me to be a beacon of YOUR light, I praise YOU with all of my might. Please allow me your sight, so I can reach a new height and join the fight. To save many from their plight, for the confusion here is everywhere I look. Thank YOU for YOUR book for with out it I would not know how much you gave, in order to see me and my kind saved. I pickup my cross and follow you for your ways are eternal and true.

    Thank you for saving my soul, I pray I am found worthy to escape the bowl
    in JESUS mighty name I pray

    A follower of JESUS the CHRIST of Nazareth

    To those who read what put down, this is a example of how I bow To the crown. Its not about the rhymes but repentance for the crimes. Pouring out your emotions to the LORD, remember to read your sword and by him you shall be adored. Talk to him every day and do not delay, or listen to what others have to say. Here is some scripture to inspire, finish your race strong when you retire on spiritual fire.

    Eph 5:19-21John 3:16 8:12 8:21 Jer 29:11 Isa 41:10 53:5 54:17 Mat 6:1-4 6:19-13 6:33-34 7:7 Phil 4:4-7 4:13 4:19 psa 28 6-9 119 1pet 4:8 1cor 15:57 2cor 9:8 12:19

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