Mahishasura Mardini Jaap Mantra 108 Repetitions ( Navdurga Series )

I am Shakti Brahma’s Shakti I was once asked by all the Devas Who are you? Oh Devi !!! and I said I am Brahma Swaroop as I am His Shakti there is no difference between Me and Brahma I am the Ultimate Nature I am the emptiness of the zero I am bliss and what is not bliss I am the science and what is not scientific I am Brahma’s Brahmani I am the elemental and non elemental universe I am the essence of Vedas and which is not Vedas I am the whole universe I am Vidya and also Avidya I am who is born and unborn I am above behind and ahead of everything of universe and universes beyond I am the destroyer of the evil who was personified as Mahishasura He grew in outwardly and was a great threat to my children and universe thus I took this form out of the Shakti of all the Devas and slayed Mahishasura so i was named as Mahishasurmardini Shailputri Brahmacharini Chandraghanta Kushmanda Skandamata Katyayani Kalaraatri Mahagauri Siddidhatri

Jerry Heath

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