Mahagauri Jaap Mantra 108 Repetitions ( Navdurga Series )

I am Shakti Brahma’s Shakti and I am the embodiment of peace and compassion It is me who purifies the souls by destroying sins Devotion towards me liberates one from the cluthes of the material world and removes sorrows which leads one on the path of virtue and self realization I am the essence of purity and Eighth among the Nava Durgas and my name is Mahagauri

Jerry Heath


  1. Thank you Chant central your channel has educated me so much about the Hindu religion and mantras.

  2. if rahu is governed by mahagauri. who governs shani dev? Thank you for another great video the pictures are so great and different hmm like fresh warm air at the start of spring after winter.
    Sorry I do not know how to explain.

  3. Om namo
    Jay Maha Gauri Namo Namaha
    Please tell me who is governing chandra.
    And what is the solution for whose chandra is weak

  4. Ahora estoy bien confundida…
    Pensé que la madre divina era Durga la señora que derrotó al demonio. ;l
    Buen trabajo amo tus videos

  5. Namskar Guruji aap devi Raktdantika mata ka mantra ka video bana sakte ho aap ki krupa ho gi

  6. Jai maa mahagauri magha Gupta navratri chaitria navratri ashada Gupta navratri shardiya navratri navratri 8th day

  7. Naudeviya koi alag alag deviyan na hokar yeh sab parvati devi ke pramukh roop hai jinhone samay ke anukul apne roop dharan kiye…
    Jai ambe gauri…

  8. 💜💗💗💗💗💗🙏🔱ॐjay maa ambhe 🙏💗💗💗💗💗💗💜

  9. Jai mata MahaGauri g ki jai love u bless me nd all maa pa ko bless kijiy health full rhe hoo 🌺👏🍁❤❤👌😍😘😙

  10. My birthday also today.
    Jai Maha Gauri.
    Shubh Maha Ashtami 🙏💟🔥

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