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  1. Maldita di no te arrepentis de tus pecados Dios te pisara la cabeza .

  2. Herkes en çok sevdigine kavussun InşAllah Rabbini sevenler Rabbine bunun gibilerde şeytana👍✌

  3. I don't hate Mariah Carey but the comments calling her a puta and a piece of shit who can't sing live are very funny and true!!!!!! She is a satanic withc!

  4. Какой ужас!!!! Церемониал поклонения Люциферу с жертвоприношениями!!! Это ведьма и сатанистка строила свою карьеру засчет служения Сатане!!!

  5. wow. I still have the original (non tuned version).. will upload that to make sure people know how terrible this was.

  6. I don’t care about the autotune man what the fuck was this satanic ritual

  7. Y todo lo que siento es tristeza por artistas como ella, que venden su alma al diablo para obtener fama y dinero, realizando rituales, vídeos y músicas satánicas. Siendo manipuladas por grupos de personas muy poderosas en el mundo( ILUMINATIS), que buscan el control mundial, y es que ya lo están haciendo, el cine, la música, la política, las redes sociales, los artistas todo están siendo manipulados y algún día lo seremos nosotros por medio del "Microchip",unamos nuestra fe y oraciones a Dios para que termine con la maldad que existe en mundo y para aquellos artistas que sufren teniendolo todo, Dios es nuestro refugio, Dios es el camino, la verdad y la vida. El nunca nos abandonará.

  8. Ihr scheiss disliker..klar musik ist geschmacksache..aber diese frau ist authentisch ..ein workaholik..hat alles selber erreicht in dieser szene..dazumal in den achtziger..jeder hat ihre musik gemocht..jeder..sie ist eine Künstlerin..und das was sie vollbracht hat erreichen sehr wenige in dieser branche..und immer noch erfolgreich.. es war perfekt was sie an diesem Abend gemacht dem Alter !!

  9. The Best show 2019, thank you Madonna for your humanity. You are à very good person !!!!

  10. the idiot suicidal puta transgender Mariah Carey can't sing live, she is an asshole!!!!!

  11. the Queen of lipsync Mariah CArey cant sing live, she is a suicidal satanic puta!!!!

  12. Bismillâhirrahmânirrahîm..
    inne lillahi ve inna ileyhi raciun.
    Siz çoksunuz fakat biz Türküz.

  13. автотюн- это ахуенно, это современный тренд! Сколько же тут отсталых старых жоп, не нравится не смотрите, не слушайте, пиздуйте в оперу за ебучим вокалом!

  14. the idiot asshole Mariah Carey can't sing live, he is infected with herpes on his dick!!!!!

  15. La İlahe İllallah Muhammed Rasulullah La Galibe İllallah. Madonna o Ateşte cız bız olacan tövbe edip müslüman olmazsan.

  16. raider red wrote: True, Flopriah Carey is a suicidal piece of shit who can't sing live She tried to suicide but she failed, hope she'll try again!!!!!

  17. Her cheeks are falling down. She's old. What sense can we accord to that childish looking pantomine?

  18. This enactment is promoting the rise of the son of perdition (the antichrist and the spirit of the antichrist) and the destruction of the saints (church). Meaning, global submission or death. Many, will willingly submit to the antichrist as he will appear as a man of light, the (ILLUMINATED ONE) bringing the world out from darkness into the light. Preventing any person, rich or poor from buying or selling without accepting the mark of the beast. He will promote a global hatred of Christians and Jesus Christ, blaming the true Living God for the woes of mankind. This man will then enable a 7-year peace treaty between Zionists and the Islamic nations from a life of global turmoil. Then after 3 and a half years, he will break the treaty causing war, on those who call themselves Jews and those that have rejected Jesus as the promised messiah. However, God will miraculously rescue those that repent, in those days
    as he requests, those that are Judea to flee to the mountains.
    Also, this enactment portrays the fall of the U.S which will even further embolden the commencing of his reign, whereby he will then proclaim himself to be god, showing signs and wonders, in the yet to be built, sacrificial Temple in the city of Jerusalem, defiling the temple, as done in 70 AD with what deems to be the abomination of desolation and the city which Jesus refers to in the book Revelations as a modern-day Egypt and Sodom (A place of Idolatry and Homosexuality)

  19. Es grotesca está vieja que lástima ya no canta, se la pasa haciedo maricadas.

  20. Gic gic ayinler edib hoppanib dushun bakalim o terefde sizi kim qurtaracaq😂😂😂


  22. Y'all are kooks. This shit is rad. WWI looking gas masks and Supreme allusions to prove a point are a little wack but who the fuck has written a better song than "Like a Prayer"? I was at opening day for the Madame X tour and it was a fucking slam dunk. I don't like the new album too much but it all sounded great and the six projectors going buck wild made it one of the best times I've ever had.

  23. Só não ver quem não quer mas fazer o que afinal ouvido de mercador tá em alta que pena

  24. The bigest whore in the world is ……singing …….well no talent , no voice. ….NOTHING

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