Lingyen Mountain Buddhist Temple – Richmond BC (cc)

Oh pull over. OK no matter what faith you believe in, or you belonged to, there’s no reason for anyone to be threatened by other religions. In my life, I have been to a Sikh temple I went in, I learned about it. Today we ended up in a Buddhist temple in Richmond. Cindy is driving along in on number 5 road in Richmond. And we passed this amazing building. I mean it was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to go back and get video so Cindy did a u-turn.
We end up back there. Iím taking videos and we were greeted by one of the greeters from the temple and were taken
on a tour of the temple It is absolutely amazing and we learned a little bit
about the Buddhist faith there are celebrities like Richard Geer who belonged to the Buddhist faith. But the other thing that I thought about is that Buddhism
seems to be about enlightenment. They believe in reincarnation. They will not eat meat because they refer to it as flesh. They are a believer in peace. That you have got to have peace, inner peace and than outer piece. And I thought to myself like you know this is This harkens back to the the day of the sixties, seventies John Lennon, the peace movement What has happened to our world since? Perhaps, just perhaps if people were to learn more about other religions, other faiths and even think about it for a second Can you imagine if there were more Buddhists and They gave a war but nobody came. What would happen to the military industrial complex if they wanted, and by they I mean the powers to be, wanted to create a war, but nobody wanted to fight. They wanted to learn to get along Would that really be bad for our planet? I hope to go back to this temple in the future and I would
like to take a retreat, to learn more about it. Itís an amazing experience. In the summer, every Saturday evening, people gather
together into the court yard. (Guide) So weíll do pilgrimage in the evening. (Guide) People take off shoes & walk on the stone paths & come back.
I can show you later. (Guide) Iíve been to an East India Temple, a Sikh Temple And they donít eat meat (Joe) We do not eat meat (Guide) We think killing is the worst calmer. We believe in calmer.
And killing is the worst calmer. (Guide) And I also mention reincarnation. Itís not only the human being in
the circle. (Guide) There are other 5 essential beings also in the circle. (Guide) Anyone is one of them. (Guide) For example animal, maybe his previous life is human and you actually eat.
(Guide) And after he dies he might reborn as human again (Guide) And when youíre here, you experience and learn about it? (Joe) Yes, we have groups. We have a big group today. (Guide) I thought you were part of the group, so thatís why I asked you.
(Guide) . . . not promote us at all. We believe if itís your time to come,
itís the time. (Guide) I like that (Cindy) I do know that Richard Geer is supposed to be a Buddhist,
Isnít he? (Joe) Heís a Buddhist. Heís Tibet Buddhism. (Guide) So thereís different types of Buddhism? I didnít know
that either. (Cindy) So Iíll give you this schedule in case ñ are you together?
(Guide) Yes we are. (Joe) Oh wow! (Joe) You can film that if you want (Guide) Today is his anniversary that we observe. That we remember.
Today is the day he passed away ñ 3 years ago (Guide) So thatís why lots of people are coming. And for the retreat – So this is the one that we were a part of? (Cindy) ??? Actually heís also living in the pure land And the reason we changed his name is because heís the most popular
and most responsible Buddha in the Chinese community Every time when we need help, or we want something to happen or
people are sick or suffering With Chinese name he will listen, we talk to him & he will come to help
to help us right away. We donít really see him, but we feel him, feel the help up here.
We can feel the blessing. We chant his Chinese name. Usually I put this CD in my car when Iím driving when Iím driving. And I thought when you drive all the way form here to Kelowna You can put this into your car and keep you safe. So I wish you have a safe trip. We also have all these free books (Chanting) Rice – just like when you drink tea. You drink the water & then
you put more water. Put the water on it 3 times. Then you eat the rice because rice will
be cooked because you put hot water So by that time, the rice will be already cooked. Itís very, very good. Itís Holy rice. Because we put the rice in the Buddha Hall. They do the chanting
and it becomes different. It can keep us healthy. I like it, so you can try. Iíll put it
in the bag. And we have a garden. I donít know if you have time. Weíre here & I donít know when weíll be back next time.
We donít come down that often, really. (Joe) Iíve always wanted to go to Kelowna, but Iíve never
been there. Okanagan Lake right? (Guide) Iím amazed that you guys finished the whole Sutra (Guide) I thought you would just try a couple minutes & then go. (Guide) I would have stayed to the end if weíd had time. (Cindy) We like to serve more Caucasian people because thatís the
Reason we are here. Otherwise we stay ??? or whatever. So we try to provide more English materials so you guys can
understand We can provide free room & board for you to stay here
for the whole retreat. Which is 10 days (End dialogue ñ Chanting to end)

Jerry Heath


  1. Nice video and commentary.

    Slight correction though…At 3:03, you mention that you've been to an East Indian temple(Sikh Temple). Sikhs are primarily from a region called Punjab which is in the North/North West part of India. You would hardly find any Sikhs in the East. Just my two cents…

  2. just a correction, when the guide is talking she's saying karma, not calmer 🙂 thanks for making this video

  3. I've been here and are members. Unfortunately we can't get our new mail because we moved and lost our contact information. We traveled from the US to visit.

  4. This Temple in Richmond, BC offers free meditation classes and Buddhism discussion sessions in English.

  5. I visited this temple two years ago. It was an unforgettable experience and a major factor in my decision to become a Buddhist.

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