Lenovo Yoga C930 Review: An Ultra-Portable PC With Perks!

Jerry Heath


  1. Hey folks! Just wanted to say I got the message: you do read and value the spec sheet I usually include! I omitted it this time around because it's time-consuming to build and no one ever comments on it … but seeing this level of feedback asking for detailed specs means I won't make that mistake again. 🙂 Meantime, if you want a deeper look at this machine, check out the Windows Central review: https://www.windowscentral.com/lenovo-yoga-c930-review

    Thanks as always for watching!

  2. Got the Yoga C930 a few days ago. It’s been an excellent laptop so far!

  3. Are you able to rest your hand on the screen when writing using the pen??

  4. The price, it hurts.

    I've got the old style yogabook for £150, and I absolutely adore it.

  5. My youtube browsing is incomplete without a Ted-ED video and a Mr. Mobile video.

  6. Does the screen wobble at all? If so, how much on a scale from 1 to 10?

  7. The pen looks like a Nintendo ds pen, but it's a beautiful and versatile computer

  8. Does it run on some nice Linux distro? Some laptops really shine when you take out the Windows completely.

  9. NIce looking laptop, but star trek discover sucks

  10. "Would like to see a dedicated graphic card"
    Nuclear fusion has entered the chat

  11. Nice, Will you make a revie video on dell inspiron 14 5480 i3 laptop

  12. My 920 died and I really don't want to buy Lenovo again but the 920 is hard to replace…… loved it 🙁

  13. I never understand the 1 hand open test. Who uses a laptop with 1 hand? You're going to put your 2nd hand on the laptop the second you open it eithr way to type your password or a website.

  14. I have a Lenovo yoga 2 pro, it’s a purchase I strongly regret. Lenovo is a terrible company. All gimmick, no longevity on my product. I could go on on and on with the problems I’ve experienced. Sent back to Lenovo twice, they never fixed my issue, finally I fixed it myself. It’s cheaply made and falling apart. Driver issues that make tablet mode extremely buggy from beginning to today. Paired with windows 10, there are problems that neither company cares about making work. Windows 10 is not capable of being a good touch OS. No touch updates in 4 years of windows 10. I could go on and on and on

  15. You forgot to mention how badly lenovo treats its customers, current lenovo yoga 910 and c930 owner… Lenovo support is rank!

  16. This pc is magnificent. I liked the way you gave its review. Awesome video hope you reach 1 million fast

  17. How can you detect is it Thunderbolt 3 or not ? because my Yoga c930 not even detected by thunderbolt controller manager ? so does it really support external GPU ? not just a Type C-3.0

  18. I bought this laptop. I'm typing from it now.
    It's amazing! It's beautiful, aesthetic, and sturdy to hold. The display is great as well. I have the HD version, not 4K.

    I had a macbook pro, then a surface pro, and no my Lenovo Yoga c930.

    I absolutely love it!

    My only wish is the webcam was better. But I barely use it. So it doesn't bother me.

  19. Thank you, i was shopping for laptops for college and this one really caught my eye! ☺️ Thanks for the review!

  20. Can it handle multitasking like many browser tabs alongwith video on VLC and youtube and opening folders on your hard disk and also working on word. Plz need some help. couldn't decide to buy this or late 2018's HP Spectre 15 inch with almost same specification but major difference is that SPECTRE includes a graphic card .
    I wanna know with 16 gb RAM and 1 TB ssd , can it multitask well without having dedicated Graphic card or it struggles.

  21. Could autocad, sketch up, and other design software run well with this? Thanks

  22. Why you did not even mention about bloody GLOSSY screen for 4K ? it is just a big NO for the whole investment…

  23. Just picked this up awesome product and your reviews are always well balanced.

  24. How about temperature in full load? Some working feedback in Photoshop… Model S740 have for example i5-1035G4, if someone can share impressions about temperature values under load. Thanks.

  25. Lenovo Yoga C930 owners:

    I need help. I have noticed slight flickering in my c930's display, anyone else having this issue? I was watching a movie in tent mode. Thanks

  26. hello michael. i'm planning to buy a laptop soon but i'm torn between these: macbook pro 13 2019, the lenovo c930, samsung galaxy book s and the lenovo c940. which do you think is a better choice? hope to hear from you.

  27. Why SD card reader, who is using this? Like 5 people? Dedicated GPU get yourself eGPU way better solution and more future proof. You would get max 1050 gtx in this type of laptop and this GPU will age terribly in next few years. eGPU you can upgrade for VERY long time since CPU in this laptop can handle easily 2080 gtx 🙂

  28. I just got the C930 yesterday – open box at Best Buy in perfect condition for $700 – and for the top spec 4K, 16GB/512GB version that you showed for $1650 – amazing what a year will do.

    Oh, and yeah, it's amazing.

  29. This laptop has thunderbolt 3 usb C. You can get an adaptor to get an external gpu or a sd card reader

  30. Can you review the new Lenovo c940? It has a 14 inch version with IRIS graphics and a 15 inch version with NVIDIA graphics. Which one do you recommend?

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