Kris Wu and Yang Zi return to work, Ashes of Love producer announces sequel 03.12.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update March 12th 2020 edition. In this edition, Kris Wu and Yang Zi return
to work and the Ashes of Love producer announces a sequel, but first.. It is a spin-off of The Untamed. We’ve all heard of The Untamed and the heights
it achieved during it’s run in the summer of 2019. It spawned a spin-off movie, The Living Dead,
which starred Zheng Fanxing and Yu Bin. That came out in November last year, and now
there’s this, Fatal Journey. Wang Yizhou reprises his role as Nie Mingjue,
the leader of the Nie sect. Ji Li reprises his role as Nie Huaisang, younger
half-brother of Nie Mingjue. Zhu Zanjin has a guest appearance and reprises
his role as Jin Guangyao, leader of Jin sect. The story follows the two brothers as they
restore their ancestral tomb to its original state and ensure peace and stability of the
Nie sect. If Fatal Journey follows The Living Dead’s
lead, it should be available on iQIYI and Viki. It is rumored to premiere on March 26th. I will update if and when they confirm that. Lin and Steven Zhang. Steven Zhang plays a talented pianist who
dreams of becoming a conductor, but he is initially reluctant to study overseas
due to a childhood trauma. Jelly Lin plays an eccentric pianist who can
play by ear but can’t read sheet music. She meets Steven Zhang’s character and helps
him overcome his fears. The two go to Europe to pursue
their musical dreams and do what people do in Europe, fall in love. Steven Zhang was most recently in Young Blood
and has Skate Into Love coming up as well. Jelly Lin shot to fame with The Mermaid and
her most recent drama was Fights Break Sphere. Symphony’s Romance was recently entitled Cantabile
Youth. It’s adapted from the Japanese manga Nodame
Cantabile which was previously adapted into a Japanese anime, drama and film. The manga was also adapted into a 2014 Korean
drama so there’s already a nice following of it in Asia. Synphony’s Romance is slated for 46 episodes
and rumored to premiere on March 19th on Mango TV. And now a quick reminder of some dramas that
have premiered in March and where to watch them. And before we get to Kris Wu and Yang Zi,
and the Ashes of Love sequel, a quick shoutout to Express VPN. Whether I’m at home or travelling, the first
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description box below – expressvpn.com/marcussim Kris Wu and Yang Zi return to work for The
Golden Hairpin.. and Yang Zi took no chances. People in the workforce in China have started
to trickle back to work. The film industry is no exception, as the
cast and crew of The Golden Hairpin received their work notices. Paparazzi captured images of Kris Wu as he
lined up at the airport to be tested. According to Sohu Entertainment, Kris returned
from Canada and sported a white mask, dark sunglasses and a hat. After his test he hopped on a hotel bus and
left the airport. Under new rules, anyone travelling from outside
China has to undergo testing and quarantine themselves at a designated hotel for 2 weeks. So a mask, glasses and hat. Nothing overly extreme, in fact it’s a very
common look in Asia now especially in crowded places like an airport. I’ve definitely seen people take way more
preventative measures – cue Yang Zi. Yang Zi was also photographed by paparazzi
as she arrived at the airport in Ningbo. And she did not mess around when it came to
taking preventative measures. She sported the mask, the sunglasses and the
hat and additionally wore gloves, a full face visor and topped it off with a yellow plastic
raincoat. I’m surprised the paparazzi even recognized
her under all that, but I guess they’re pros and know how to follow a lead. The general public around her probably couldn’t
recognize her though. So the getup, which might have seemed excessive,
actually served two purposes for her: To prevent contact with the virus and to prevent
getting recognized by the general public. The Golden Hairpin is one of the most anticipated
dramas in production, certainly for for me. It seems like it hasn’t gotten off to the
best of starts though. There was the whole first billing thing, there
were rumors (now proven untrue) that Kris dropped out, and then there’s this outbreak
which halted filming. I’m still looking forward to it though. I hope filming and post production will go
smoothly from here on end, and I hope we can see the best product from
these two stars and the Golden Hairpin team. Ashes of Love producer, Andy Liu, confirms
that a sequel, Love When the Star Falls, is in the making. Ashes of Love was a huge hit in 2018 and shot
its stars, Yang Zi and Deng Lun, into a new level of popularity. Many fans of the fantasy drama have been clamoring
for a sequel and it looks like they will get their wish. According to Sina Entertainment, on March
10th, Andy Liu’s studio announced that they had secured the rights to the novel Love When
the Stars Fall, and that the drama of the same name was officially
launched. Love When the Star Falls will be the last
of the “Honey” trilogy – the first of which was Ashes of Love, and the second is the upcoming Skate Into Love, which is rumored to premiere on March
19th, still no official word yet though. Anyway, the question arises – why are they
parts of a trilogy? After all, Ashes of Love is a fantasy costume
drama and Skate Into Love is a modern romance. And Love When the Star Falls should be a fantasy
costume drama as well. The answer lies in the Chinese titles of these
dramas. And because the theme in common is that they are all sweet, they are a trilogy.. why not, I guess. Andy Liu left a comment on Youku’s official announcement, saying: Back in 2018, Andy Liu said that there was no way to use the original cast in a AOL sequel but now it sounds like there might be a possibility. Love When the Star Falls tells the story of a pair of princesses from the human world. The older is kind-hearted and betrothed to the heavenly clan. The younger is cunning and betrothed to the demon clan. Comedy ensues when there is a mix up and the two are sent to the wrong clans. And that’s it for this edition guys. This show would not be possible without your support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. so thank you all for watching and as always I wish you clear blue skies, good health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.

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  1. Thanks Marcus; they’ve confirmed Fatal Journey on all Weibo accounts. Everyone is excited! Not sure if you saw the trailer but was epic! I finally found it on IQIYI with English subtitles, so really can’t wait! 🙂

  2. I've read the manga abd watched the anime, live-action of the Korean & Japanese version. The childhood trauma is that he was a survival of a plane crash hence, the trauma became a phobia of flying. Nodame is a savant but I highly doubt they'd include that. I can't wait.

    Anyway, stay safe Marcus! Thank you for your updates!

    PS.. I've heard in the news that Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau and his wife are (+) for Covid-19. Don't forget to wash your hands and don't panic! 🙏☺️

  3. I was so excited within 10 seconds when I heard a sequel for Ashes of Love 2! FINALLY! Yay! Haha. However, it doesn't sound like it is a continuation of a story of Xu Feng and Jinmi's kid? Storyline seems a little confusing.
    Either way, thank you for the updates Marcus! Much appreciated! 🙂

  4. Looking forward to the golden hairpin for sure! Fantastic casting and very anticipated by me! Weird honey trilogy idea by someone, but I love the idea of the two sisters, demon clans and the swapping. Great video, as always! Thank you!

  5. Sadly it is almost impossible for YangZi and DengLun starring together again…

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  8. Thanks for the updates! AND the breakdown of the trilogy. I love Ashes of Love, and I think a lot has to do with how it was written and who the producer is (on top of AWESOME actors)! So, with or without my fav CP (😢) I think I'll check out the other dramas. 👍🏼

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    Wish you good health as well!

  13. i don't know why but i am so peeved that the wig has a braid near the bottom hairline!!!

  14. the premises of AOL2 sounds interesting, but would it be straight fantasy romcom or do we have to avoid getting knifed in the backs repeatedly by the screenwriters before we reach the ending?

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  16. I heard of "The Untamed: Fatal Journey"….going to watch. Already seen the trailer to it…looks awesome. Yes heard it's premiere on March 26 too.

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  20. Well actually the honey Trilogy is not at all a continuous series. They are stand alone dramas, so the star cast from previous series can be expected to play lead roles again.

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  43. Supongo que una continuación de Ashes of love va a ser un fracaso. El personaje que le dió color a la serie fue Runyu, sin el no hay conflicto. Den Lun , por otra parte queda muy mal con ropa de época, debería adelgazar y aprender a caminar con un poco de gracia.

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