How to Simplify Your Diet thru Mindful Eating – Breadcrumbs Ep 2

mindful eating is more about strengthening our connection with the food through our senses oh did you see that funny video it was the one buy this tortilla it was a song actually no it was more of a rap what up guys and welcome back to the fit man cook kitchen so today’s video is on how to make your diet much more simple through mindfulness it’s amazing that one of life’s most basic and necessary tasks is a source of anxiety and challenge for so many people I’m talking about eating and for an act that is as old as a man and biologically natural and so darn tasty I might add it has caused so much unhappiness and stress in our lives and with so many diet trends in a growing list of foods and products that we should or should not eat it’s no wonder that the mere notion of changing one’s eating habits to become more healthier or calorie conscious is intimidating dieting has truly become a cultural phenomenon and like any cultural trend its forever changing and it’s influencing every aspect of our lives I’d even go further to say that dieting is a business a new form of eating quickly creates a new wave of products and supplements to make maintaining this new style of eating much easier than the results that much more achievable so I’m frequently asked why do I think that healthy eating is so hard well besides for all the above here are just a few reasons the first one is that we’ve been conditioned to eat unhealthy no seriously we have if you’re new to healthy eating then it’s logical to assume that for years you have selected higher calorie and less nutritious foods it starts when we’re kids eating fast food and processed foods Burgers and Fries Pizza fruit roll-ups candy all of that we basically define for our bodies what is delicious tasty and satisfying in fact in a 2010 study published in the neuro science journal it showed that lab rats who are consistently fed a fast-food diet became obese no surprise and that their brain chemistry actually changed now that’s a huge finding because the brain gives us cues that inform our food choices even more the rats EXCI lost track of knowing when they were genuinely hungry and would simply eat when I started to do so or when given a stimuli so they’re basically eating for the sake of eating that’s called addiction so you can just see from that small experiment that certain repetitive behaviors in this case it’s poor food choices can have a lasting far-reaching consequence secondly I’ll say that we see going on a diet as more of a significant obstacle to weight loss than actual exercise think about it if I gave you the option of a eating your favorite comfort food every single day whenever you want it or be doing some form of exercise to shed those pounds the majority of people would likely choose the latter food tastes good and we don’t want to give up that enjoyment I get it because I’m the same way that’s why we all eventually end up realizing sooner than later that you simply cannot out train a poor diet because solely following option B has never worked as an overall strategy to maintain weight loss especially when you genuinely love food like me so you must consider better food options and develop wiser eating habits lastly the reason why I adopted healthier eating regimen is so hard for many is that we try to do too much too soon you wouldn’t give an eight-year-old the car keys and say go run some errands or you wouldn’t walk into a jam for the first time and load up the squat bar or the bench press with all the weights right or maybe you wouldn’t go with skydive without the help of an instructor well maybe Will Smith would but he’s different he’s an outlier the point is it’s funny how we have this tempered and measured approach to everything else in life but when it comes to healthy eating we will proudly drink from the fire hose right and then we wonder why we drown and get overwhelmed or burn out so quickly but there is good news with all these challenges and obstacles to healthier eating there is hope you can achieve wellness goals and maintain a healthy body weight through a balanced practical diet the same way we have conditioned our bodies and brains and tastebuds to enjoy certain foods we can condition ourselves to enjoy healthier more nourishing foods too it just comes with repetition and positive reinforcement meaning we have to consistently make better choices even if it feels or tastes awkward initially and you can even start small making just one small change to your diet or working on reversing one bad eating habit once you achieve that you move on to something else and slowly but surely while making these small changes you transform your diet into a balanced one and to a heart-healthy one while there are several strategies out there that can help you arrive at a healthier and happier you one practical strategy that I know that does not require too much effort is called being mindful mindful eating is more about strengthening our connection with the food through our senses when we really concentrate on our sensory experience when eating like smell taste sight touch and sound we become present in the moment of eating so often we’ll be multitasking by watching TV checking email talking on the phone or even driving during that time we miss the signals from our brain that we are satisfied and before we realize it we hear the scraping of the plate with the fork or our knuckles are rubbing against the bottom of the bag of the chips when we are more mindful we pay attention we become more aware of how our body is connecting with the food in thus experiencing the food is the food too hot or too cold is the texture pleasing do I love the smell and more importantly am I still hungry am I satisfied when we are mindful we slow down to have a conversation with ourselves which for some of us is the only time we are really in tune with what is going on with our bodies if you do yoga you’re pretty familiar with this concept of being present in the moment and if you’ve ever lifted weights and had a great personal trainer then they will remind you of the importance of the muscle and mind connection meaning that you’re gonna worry less about the amount of weight you’re lifting and focus more on the on your form and the muscle groups you are trying to activate and as you actively think about that particular muscle group you can experience a greater pump or stimulation of that muscle which can lead to better muscle growth this is similar to mindful eating worry less about the types of foods even though that is still very much so important guys and concentrate more so on the overall sensory experience you activate all of your so you’re aware not only of how the food is satisfying you so you can stop eating but also how it is affecting your mood and your energy plus you’ll quickly learn what food is best for you not solely in terms of identifying the foods that made you feel energized and powerful at your job or in the gym but also identifying the foods that you love and knows you could do without in order to have a lifelong healthy diet you need variety you can’t have variety if you don’t try new things and you’ll never know what you like or dislike unless you start becoming more present during mealtime so the big question how do we become much more mindful well here are five very simple strategies 1 minimize distractions during mealtime turn off or silence your phone or lead them across the room now I love to watch TV while I eat but I can admit that I’m not present when I’m watching TV and eating so consider turning off the TV or the iPad especially if you are trying to establish healthier habits remember to eat slower now this is hard to do if you’re starving so an unspoken tip would be to avoid going long periods of time without eating then when you are eating pretend like you’re this food critic for the first time and take your time to chew the food and just interrogate it so that leads me to tip 3 to interrogate your initial meals as you become much more mindful I don’t anticipate this being something that you do for every single meal but it’s a good practice for you to develop describe the taste describe the smell is a texture pleasing is it dry crunchy grainy or smooth try this at least once a week or you actively attempt to describe the meal and before start with a smaller than normal portion let your body tell you how much more you should be eating if any and as you take bites sip on water and continue to interrogate your food you’ll notice something you begin to feel satisfied with what you thought was just a little bit of food but what’s really happening though is you’re finally allowing that conversation with your body between you and your stomach and your brain to take place that says hey I’m almost full or I like the taste of that it’s kind of unfamiliar but that kale made me feel really good that’s why when people take a sip of the green juice or a green smoothie for the first time they’re like yo I feel super healthy AF it’s not just placebo your body is having an immediate reaction to that food so take that time and enjoy that conversation and the final thing that I’ll say here number five is to take the opportunity to enjoy mealtime with others especially if you are known to eat alone reflect on the idea that food brings us together and it creates memories did you know that a poorly cooked recipe can actually be pretty pleasing in the right company that’s because we often associate our experience with the food with our overall experience this is why maybe your mom’s chicken salad or your grandma’s pound cake is the best you’ve ever had but the reality is it’s probably the same recipe but you think about those times when you were at the family barbecue or sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner so allow mealtime to be a time where you could be grateful and present with your friends and family and what I love most about mindful eating is that it complements my own approach to healthy eating and living and that’s called intuitive eating simply put it’s less about dieting and much more about focusing on the cues I eat when I’m hungry I stop when I’m full I rely on my instincts and past experiences with food to tell me how much and when I should be eating so there’s no anxiety just living and enjoying my relationship with food sure there are times when I want to tighten things up so I’ll be super strict with my calories and food choices but when it comes to living everyday life I just mindfully enjoy the ride and I think that you will too alright guys that is it for today’s video I want you all to comment below if you’ve ever done mindful eating or what are some of your tips on simplifying your diet we really want to know this is a really important topic especially as we start out the new year I want you all to eat well for a lifetime not just for a few weeks or a few months and then style all right thank you all for watching until next time I want try to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring ooh bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Jerry Heath

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