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We are about to offer a mass prayer. Mass prayer we are about to offer is like “each hand will be on one’s side”. You will receive a hand while the prayer will be going on. Not only people here but viewers at their homes, all over the world. You have the presence of a “touch” on you. What is about to happen now… after that you are stamped and sealed. (Amen.) I don’t want you to miss it. I have held many revivals all over the world. I witnessed the Spirit of Father descend but not remain on everyone. Not that the Spirit will not come down – no. Who is calling that Spirit? His servant. When you see this revival, you will know it is a revival. People of all colours. Not just “one-sided people”: white or black or… no. People of all colours, accepting themselves, worshipping together – that is revival. Just because I am from this country, I should not go to that country and call my people, to join me for the revival. This is revival I held – several of them all over the world. I witnessed the Spirit of God descend but not remain on some people. It remained on some. He does not remain when He is grieved. You can check yourself if you have this kind of a character. You see people falling down… You see people vomiting… You may have a similar situation but you will be looking until the whole thing is finished. He does not remain when He is grieved. Tell your neighbour. (He does not remain when He is grieved.) I mean, the Spirit of Father, God, our Lord Jesus – He does not remain when He is grieved. He will come down. Let the power of the Lord come down. The voice is gone. To where?
To Heaven. The Heaven will be checking whose voice is this. Oh yes – this is our servant. OK, let’s go. They follow the voice again, down. Atmosphere changes. Heaven will be looking for people that are ready for Him. He does not remain in people when He is grieved. You have to take note of this. Your pastor is calling the congregation for prayer – you should be ready. If he successfully called the Holy Ghost, he can not detain Him. He can only call and the Holy Ghost will go and look at those who are really ready for Him. He does not remain when He is grieved. We grieve the Holy Spirit by our pride and we express our pride in different, various ways. Everybody knows that when the man is very proud he looks like this. You say:
– That man is proud. – Where?
– The one coming up. You will see a man like this. That man is very proud – he will look like this. Is it not true? You see it as a pride but you don’t know that there are different ways we can express our pride. It is not the only way. There are different ways we can express it. Any moment from now you will see what will be happening. You will hear some people laughing at others, “Oh my God, look at this person, who fell back”. But he himself did not fall. If you don’t fall and somebody does, why do you comment about this person who fell? It is not a joke. This is a church of God. Get yourself ready. Let the Spirit of Father remain in you. He wants to be Himself in you; He does not want you to instruct Him. He wants to be Himself in you. Tell your neighbour. (He wants to be Himself in you.) Again. (He wants to be Himself in you.) Again. (He wants to be Himself in you.) He wants to be Himself in you. Though He is using your shape, organs, body, yet, He wants to be Himself. What are your challenges? What are the issues of grieve? When I hold a grudge against you, I have already grieved the Holy Spirit. Tell your neighbour. (When I hold a grudge against you, I have already grieved the Holy Spirit.) Again. (When I hold a grudge against you, I have already grieved the Holy Spirit.) Whether you are right or wrong, for any reason, as a Christian – once I hold a grudge against you, I have already grieved the Holy Spirit. Are you holding a grudge? Pain of the past? Feel free now; just say in your heart and mean it, “I forgive that man. I forgive that woman.” Begin to bless your people. Bless them. It is over my way – no, I am sorry, God. Lord, forgive me as I forgive those who have sinned against me. So, begin now, before we call Heaven. When Heaven comes down, the Spirit of Father, He does not remain in a man who holds a grudge. That is why you need to clear yourself now. The blind man who couldn’t see, will begin to say, “I can see!” You will say, “Everything is happening around me. Is it arranged? Over there. Vomit, blood, worms, insects. What’s wrong? This does not work for me.” When Heaven – that is, the Spirit of Father – comes, He does not work in a man who holds a grudge. He does not remain when He is grieved. We can only grieve Him when we hold a grudge against our brother. Everyone holds grudges. There is no single person here than can stand and say, “No, I’m free from this”. People will tell you they had been wounded, unjustly treated: “I am innocent but this is what they have done to me. I am not happy.” You are holding a grudge; not on anyone else but on yourself. Your spirit can never be free when you are not happy. You have seen God as reliable. When you know God is reliable, what happens next? You begin to trust in Him! That is the meaning of ‘reliable’. The moment you realise He is reliable, you begin to trust in Him and depend on Him. Rise up for prayer. We are here to stand against anything that is not of God. Those things are the cause of the crisis and challenges you are having today. Therefore, let God Himself, Jesus, give us a Word to say. If I allow you to begin to pray… There are a lot of things you want to pray for. They are too many. You say, “I rebuke this one”… There are a lot of things you want to rebuke. We don’t know how to pray; the Holy Spirit gives us a Word. When He gives us the Word in prayer, it becomes prayer language. Prayer what? (Language.) You don’t know prayer has its own language. Holy Spirit, give me a Word; I don’t know how to pray – the Holy Spirit gives me. There is a barrier between you and God. There is a wall, that does not allow you to even see, hear or feel the realm, the presence of God. Something is between you and God. That is a barrier. It could be holding grudges, trials, an unforgiving spirit or pain in the past. You refuse to let it go. If you don’t let yesterday go, you can’t enjoy today. That is what you have in the school – the carry-over. That language is not good – carry-over. Many of us are full of yesterday and we want to enjoy today – it’s not possible. Tell your neighbour. You are full of yesterday and we want to enjoy today – it’s not possible. To be full of yesterday it to think about your past. If what you are full of are good things of yesterday, you can enjoy today. But they are not good things; the bad of it is what you are thinking about. It will not allow you to enjoy today. Take just good of yesterday and be full of that good. You want to enjoy today but you remember the bad, how you were disappointed, how your job wasn’t going well. These are the problems you are facing. You can release yourself. These are the causes of the barrier. OK. You know, Jesus loves you. I can’t hear you. (Amen.) I can’t hear you. (Amen.) If your confess that Jesus loves you, I want to hear you clear. (Jesus loves me.) Yes, I’m happy to hear that. Right now, open your lips and begin to rebuke every satanic covenant of attitude and character! Begin to rebuke it. The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer Manifestation Of Evil Spirits The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! (Amen.) Every spirit that torments your life – open your lips and begin to rebuke that spirit tormenting your life! The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer Manifestation Of Evil Spirits The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Manifestation Of Evil Spirits These evil spirits cause you sickness and disease. Right now, begin to rebuke those diseases in your health and life! The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer I caused her pain. What else? I want her to be crying. Just look at her. She thinks she can deliver the family. She thinks she can turn things around. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits In the morning she is crying. She wants to sing for the Lord – I said, “No”. Spirit of anger. I have destroyed her. Career failure. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ! (Amen.) Whatever disease or sickness, be it infirmity, wherever it is located – in the name of Jesus, begin to rebuke them! The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer I want to destroy her. I want to kill her. Her marriage is scattered. Viewers all over the world, wherever disease, sickness or infirmity is located, Jesus is Lord. I command them to leave you, in the name of Jesus! Viewers at home, wherever that pain or infirmity is located in your body – be it in your kidney, liver, blood or fluids – go, in the name of Jesus! (Amen.) You must leave; you have to leave. I say, leave, in the name of Jesus! Leave my people, in the name of Jesus! You must leave. I say, you must leave. Leave my people! I say, you pain, leave my people! The part of your body that is giving you pain or discomfort – whatever sickness or disease – I say to that disease, leave my people! (Amen.) That is not your place; it’s a wrong place for you. Begin to relocate right now. Leave my people! In your blood, fluids, kidney, live or flesh – you must go! (Amen.) Go, in Jesus’ name! (Amen.) Begin to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Snake! Yes! I want to kill her. Everytime; T.B. Joshua. Which career?
No career. What have you done to her marriage? Fight all the time because I am the husband. Move like a snake! Manifestation Of Evil Spirits How did you enter this body? Through a dream In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray! Right now, allow yourself for healing. Jesus is the Healer. Without prejudice – are you ready to be healed? (Yes!) Right now, position yourself. Be healed, in the mighty name of Jesus! (Amen.) Be healed, in the name of Jesus! (Amen.) The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer Healing for your loved ones. Wherever your loved one is – be healed, in the name of Jesus! (Amen.) Healing for your loved ones. Wherever your loved one is – be healed, in the mighty name of Jesus! Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be rescued, in the name of Jesus! Rejoice! I am a spirit of his father house. What have you done to him? I have destroyed him. I have put a sickness in him. He will die because of it. He wanted to come here but I refused. You said he had a career – which career? He is a film editor. There is no camera that he cannot handle but he will not use this skills. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Healing for everyone. Check your health. By His stripes… Vomiting Poisonous Substances Check your health. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits We are two. Allow me to go, please. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits This girl is going to suffer all her life. Her career – she doesn’t do anything. Her family – she is just working for them. I entered her when she lost her parents. I was having a pain here – all this side. Now, after vomiting, after the prayer of the Prophet, I am feeling OK, I can do this. Thank You, Jesus for healing me. Leave her, let her come. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Their life is fake. I say they are living a fake live. Who are you? Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Give thanks to God. Praise the Lord! My name is Ms. Inkeshi Agbe (?) For last six years I had ceased menstruation. As the man of God, senior Prophet T.B. Joshua was rendering prayer, I felt a sensation in my stomach. I rushed to the restroom. I found out that my period has started rushing out now. Instant Testimony Of Lady Who Menstruation Returned After Ceasing For Six Years I am having the pad right now. The blood is coming out – it is the pad right now. The lady rushes to the restroom to check herself and confirm the instant healing. To the glory of God, the bloodied stains on the tissue paper prove that indeed her ceased menstruation has been gloriously restored. I just entered the restroom and discovered that the menstruation is coming out very well. This problem of ceased menstruation has taken me to different hospitals. Even the doctors from the hospital told me that there was no hope to see a period. Watch your screen. Jesus knows those areas in your health that are giving you discomfort. He knows. He sent me now to speak a Word to release you. (Amen.) Be released, in the name of Jesus! (Amen.) Those areas in your body that are giving you discomfort and pain – be released, in the name of Jesus! (Amen.) Be released, in the name of Jesus! (Amen.) Be released, in the name of Jesus! (Amen.) Wherever it is located. (Out.) Right now, begin to confess release. The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Your confession should follow – I am released, in Jesus Christ name! (Amen.) Give thanks to God. You want to set him free. Why? Manifestation Of Evil Spirits The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer

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