How to meditate like a Buddhist monk

Besides the sacred Bodhi tree, Venerable
Deepam has agreed to teach me the basics of meditation. One more… I find it very hard to sit cross-legged
I used to do it as a child but I’ve lost the ability but all Buddhists have to be
able to do it Yea, if you’re sitting in this posture, you can focus
the feeling between your land and body. How do you begin to concentrate to
meditate? What you do? A good teacher from Myanmar, from Burma taught me a very simplest process of concentrating mind and… and I really practice every day. When I set my eyes I firstly I find I try to relax my whole body. I try to stop
thinking If you focus all your mind on tip of
your nose and observe the flow of air inside and outside, breathing in and out,
very slowly, full concentration… That is called deep asana meditation. I enjoyed that. and actually it’s quite noisy here but
even so… Yes. I found I was going inside myself, concentrating on the tip of my
nose even though I couldn’t see it

Jerry Heath


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  2. Excellent video, very informative, I will give this a go, thank you!

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  4. All great advice but please know that how you sit is no matter to meditate as long as you are COMFORTABLE and body relaxed is all that matters , no truth to the lotus position or bust ..XxπŸ™πŸ½πŸ•‰πŸ’œ

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