How To Meditate ♥ Guided Meditation To Finally Still The Mind

welcome to our meditation for peace Today’s meditation, is going to be all about learning how to be still and mindful of each breath The goal of our meditation is to allow ourselves to connect deeper with our inner selves By taking this time to slow, down and allow ourselves to connect to each moment We realize that, we are much greater than this physical form we embody? We are souls with, bodies Not bodies with souls Take a deep breath let’s begin with our meditation find a comfortable position You, can, be seated on a pillow on the floor or on your bed or anywhere leaning against the wall Just find a place for yourself Or there’s peace and quiet and where you can, allow. Yourself to go, deep within Close your eyes begin to bring all of your awareness to your breath inhaling slowly and deeply through your nose And exhaling gently through your nose or mouth inhale and exhale Allow, your hands to be rested on your knees? You can, either keep your palms up or you can, keep them facing downward whatever is most comfortable Feel the surface underneath your sit bones Whether that is a pillow or the floor? Allow, yourself to slowly begin to sink and melt into the ground let go allow, your eyes to feel heavy Letting them rest as you continue to breathe, deeply relax, your entire face Let go of any motions or thoughts Simply, allow. Your mind to take a. Pause from analyzing judging or thinking give yourself permission to rest inhale and exhale Begin to feel your spine become elongated from the very base to the very crown of your head Noticing that powerful energy running through you Allow, your hands to be relaxed your shoulders to be relaxed Just feeling the belly rise and fall as you gently breathe inhale and exhale Let go of your body Let go of everything that you know Simply, allow, yourself to enjoy, this very present moment Enjoying, each inhalation and exhalation If you notice any thoughts and to your mind Do not let that be discouraging it’s very normal to notice different mind chatter and to your mind especially when you’re first understanding the process of meditation Simply, acknowledge that the thoughts are there and then come back to the breath Visualize, these thoughts as clouds drifting through a, beautiful blue sky Notice that they’re there but, don’t pay any attention to what they mean Just let them drift on by as you let, go inhale and exhale as You, let go deeper into your meditative state let’s introduce our mantra the centering thought for meditation today Allow, thus, mantra to bring you back to your breath to your inner self, any time the mind distractions get too much Repeat this mantra with a, true belief and confidence With the understanding that our words are powerful and that by sending positive energy out into the universe The same energy will be returned back to you i attract love joy, and peace i attract love joy, and peace i attract love joy and peace Each time you repeat this mantra Truly, allow, yourself to feel as loving and peaceful energy entering your body and soul let it heal you in every way, that you need to be healed i attract love joy, and peace i attract love joy, and peace i attract love joy and peace And now silently in your mind until you years soft bell letting you know it’s time to release you you you It’s time to release the mantra Slowly, begin to bring your awareness back to your breath breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly Slowly, begin to bring awareness to your, physical body perhaps moving your fingers and hands when you are ready You, may slowly open, your eyes and just sit silently for a moment feeling, this feeling of peace and joy as You, move onward with your day today Let yourself be reminded of this feeling, you’re experiencing right now the peace and the calmness Allow, yourself to come, back to this feeling, any time you, may, feel, like, life gets too much for you Know that it’s there within you every, day? You can, come back to this inner sanctuary anytime. By simply reminding yourself to breathe to, close your eyes for a moment and To, allow, yourself to reconnect with your beautiful soul Thank you so much for joining us today for this beautiful meditation It sends you love and light and i hope you have the most amazing rest of your day namaste

Jerry Heath


  1. Thank you for sharing this, my prayers have been answered, I wanted to start meditating and this popped up🙆🙆🙆

  2. Everything you 2 do, is gold. But the meditations are platinum! 😀 🙂 Namaste, Lenka

  3. 👃Thank you Juliana, I practice the meditations everyday, I look forward to hearing more and planning on the full program with the cook book as soon as possible!

  4. Thanks you so much of thia video. This is my first time to do meditation. Feeling great. Have a nice day ❤

  5. Much gratitude! Love you guys. I am so thankful for you both and all the work you put into your videos. So beautiful! 🌻

  6. It was so good. I felt asleep like a baby. Thank you so much 😌

  7. "We are souls with bodies, not bodies with souls"
    I ❤️ that so much! Thx to both of you 🤗

  8. It truly is beautiful♥ every each of your guided meditations is always special. Do you remember I told you about one of them, long ago, that made me cry like crazy? Well this one makes me shiver, from my shoulders down to my stomach. Sounds silly and unbelievable, I know. But it does. I can't tell whether it's your voice or your words or both. It's just simply beautiful and peaceful. Thank you Juliana and Mark♥

  9. This is incredible. You are a wonderful soul, your voice is so calming!

  10. Thank you so so much Juliana(and Mark of course.) This video and any video of yours is like leaving this planet and entering a much more peaceful planet, something magical. It really helps me forget about my anxiety and feel much more happy. Your Yoga and Pilates workouts are killer, but in the end, you feel amazing. With lots of love, Sade🌻🌊❤🌴

  11. This is what I needed. Thank you!!!! Which I had such an amazing meditation spot like you have

  12. Beautiful video! I’m very grateful for this! I need it! Thank u 🌈

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  14. It's truly amazing! I cannot say thank you enough to express how thankful I am to you guys for bringing up the inner positivities in us. Thank you!

  15. Wow this was exactly what I needed today. Tears streamed down my face, when you started to say the mantra – Tears have been streaming down my face everyday for the past 1,5 week – but in the midst I took a deep breath and the feeling of overwhelm was replaced with inner strength. I cannot thank you enough! Love from The Netherlands

  16. Thank you Juliana for this beautiful meditation. ✨❤

  17. Any workouts to relieve sore muscles after workouts. I really trust no one else with body recommendations.

  18. The places you select and the words you use for meditation are truly amazing. Please come up with a meditation app.

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  23. this guided meditation is really good, but I hope you just remove the bell 🙂

  24. Magical 💕 where do you get the music from for your videos please? Its so relaxing ❤

  25. For 2 months, i came to Delhi from Mcleodgunj and you visit Mcleodgunj during those 2 months. Life is funny 😂 hope you had a great time 🔥✨

  26. This is so incredibly beautiful, all of your videos are, thank you so much for sharing this beauty of the world <3 and your own magic within you two =)

  27. Thanks for this meditation! Your voice calms me. I'm glad you're doing more guided meditations. Hope all is going well with you and Mark. 💕😎😍

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    I am excited and looking forward to new meditation videos!! 😄
    Love and light, namaste

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  30. Thanks! I started getting emotional at the beginning of the mantra :/ I guess it was something I had to go through…

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  32. so grateful … thank you very much for this moment with you… overwhelmed with tears …

  33. Hi Juliana. I love this meditation. I think I made a comment earlier about how your voice is so calming and the words help me start my day. I hope you plan on making more meditations as I'm sure they will help a lot of people. Love you guys 😎😍💕

  34. Julia and mark thank you so much for this meditation time I love you I wanna learn cook healthy foods for me can please tech me for me make video you doing so can get do yoga can please join live on YouTube okay my name is Jamie

  35. I've been meditating everyday for the last 10 days and it's really powerful. It's incredible how calming our minds can actually change our days. It's so powerful.

  36. Thank you both so much, what is that piece of music called please, love and light, Elaine xxx

  37. All of your videos are amazing. I especially love your guided meditation ones, its what got me into meditation. Your amazing, positive and calming energy is a blessing. Is it possible to do more guided meditations with mantras? I faithfully do them every morning and night. Thank you for everything you do. Love and light.🙏😇

  38. I love this meditation, I saw this video is not in the meditationlist of your channel yet.

  39. I just love your meditations, they're so calming and inspiring – I keep coming back to this one. A beautiful way to start the day – thank you for sharing your heart 💖 and love with us.

  40. Is there anything wrong with listening to rain/water flowing sounds when meditating?

  41. Thnk u so much. I was in need of this guide. I hv started following your videos. Lots of love😙

  42. I really thankyou for your spiritual meditation.I love your videos.They are very useful for me .I hope the best for your lovely people.😍😘
    Faranak from Iran

  43. is it normal to yawn alot in a meditation? normally I dont but when I start to meditate I also start yawning alot :'D …. its a bit disturbing

  44. Me went crazy to see what many people doing you nuts you lie to self then believe as truth defend . Nuts the goal is to listen hear not think can't know if think obviously to think you know you know knothing needs more thinking . But just know know this you wrong kinda everyone live lie think truth lost self can't see. Let your breath need the mind now you think you mind needs the breath is lie you can't see . Try this . Let the breath need the mind hear the breath mind will know you breathing believe you are fine know hear think fairy tale you hear some then go think rest and lose self in lie you believe is truth nuts me went but crap yous crazy I cantie to me let alone believe it you abbiddabbibbdy do everyone just telling anyone I not talking to at anyone to everyone hear know I bed nuts lost mind self crazy finding yous nuts try figure out if no lie then try explain if get to someone u thought 10 times for sure had it but nope lie on I give I nuts you choose your own paths is your choice whether you tricked or treat you did to self lost self in lies still lie if can't see it is

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  46. Felt much better that way (with mantra), ok my mind was still sometimes wandering.
    I can always pick another mantra, whatever sentence feals right to me?

  47. I understand the affirmation suggestion is produced for the audience, I prescribe gayatri for personal repetition of mantra. It is most significant, the mother of all mantras.

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  55. Hi! Absolutely love your meditation series – is there an option to make monthly donation directly through YouTube?

  56. Hi good Meditation That was my First Time to have a Meditation , it Felt so good😊 Thank you 🙏🏼

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