How to make your meditation powerful? One simple advice.

Namaskar. A little bit of advice, a little piece of advice for those people who are trying to enjoy meditation, who are trying to feel the blissful flow in meditation. At one point I had difficulty with one particular lesson of mediation. And I asked one senior teacher of meditation. I asked, it seems that I’m unable to maintain that level of, visual, to maintain that stability of the mind, to maintain that calmness of the mind to be able to practice, to perform this lesson. I’m just not getting anything out of it. I’m feeling very frustrated and dissatisfied. What to do? And he said something very simple that was really meaningful. He said “Just sit there” “Just sit there” And I sat. And when you sit, as you sit longer, something happens to the body. If you sit completely motionless, not an eyelid moves, there is no movement in the body, just the heart pulsates, slowly. And the breath flows slowly and you sit there… After 20 minutes of such sitting, of course, you’re not simply sitting. But you’re trying to perform the process of meditation, then you have been taught In this channel, we are practicing basic meditation with Baba Nam Kevalam mantra. If you have not learned, I advise you to use the meditationteps.org That is our website and that is our, we are developing the learning process You will receive the basic course videos every 3 days and you are mastering the basic process of meditation. So I advice very much to practice that. So you are not just sitting, you’re not just relaxing, but you are trying to practice your meditation process. But after 20 minutes of motionless, of completely motionless sitting, something will happen to your prana. All the vital force within. The vital force normally pulsates. The faster it pulsates, the breathing will also be faster. The faster it will pulsate, the more agitated will be the mind. And the person will have a hard time to focus and concentrate the mind. To focus the mind, you need to bring the breath to the standstill. Or the breath should be very very slow. And the body has to become also just like a stone, just like a statue. You sit, nothing moves. And after 20 minutes, you will start feeling calmness. And you start feeling the sweet flow of the divine presence within you. It always there within you, but because the mind pulsates very fast, the pranaha, the vital force within us pulsates very fast. We are unable to see and perceive that divine flow within. so just by sitting calmly, you open the doors and windows of the divinity. And the longer you sit, the wider those doors and windows become So meditation requires sitting, it requires patience, it requires time. Dhrti is the first quality of dharmika, the patience. Patience is the first quality of the spiritual person, be patient. Don’t expect anything immediately, just sit there, work over it and you will get the result. Of course, in the basic course, I told that five minutes should be the standard. You do five minutes twice a day. Because if you do five minutes twice a day, if that is the rule, then there is no reason to skip meditation. Because you will always be able to find five minutes for your practice. But if you are a little bit more advanced than that, you established a little bit with your practice of meditation You have established the regularity. After you have established the regularity, try to establish the duration of the meditation At least 20 minutes, but the more the better. You sit for 20 minutes, you sit for 30 minutes and then you enjoy. And when you enjoy, you want to do meditation. And then, some peple say that I’m so busy, I have no time. That is actually not true, we do have time and we also need that meditation. If you have done meditation properly, then it is not you who will be doing things, It is the flow pulsating within you, the Cosmic flow moving through you, will get the things done. And your things will be done, successfully. Your life will be nicely, properly arranged successfully. You do meditation, feel that flow. Of course we should not, I mean if I just sit and meditate, things will not happen automatically. I also have to move in the objective world. So, subjective approach, you move inwards, you change yourself from inside. And by changing yourself from inside, you change your world. Your world at least. And then objective adjustment. You are trying to move in rhythm, in harmony with the external flow. Outside, somethings are happening and if you are not placing yourself in the proper places, somethings will not happen smoothly. So everything has to go smoothly, but for that, you need to feel that rhythm, you need to feel that harmony. And for that, you need to do meditation. So by doing meditation, you’re not wasting time, you’re not losing time. Rather, you are gaining time. Because you are going to cut many angles. You would spend so much unnecessary energy and time, but when you are doing meditation, you feel the flow and you move with the flow and you succeed. So anyway, I didn’t want to talk about that, I just wanted to talk about this sitting Sit for 20 minutes, completely motionless and enjoy the sweet flow of meditation Thank you. Namaskar.

Jerry Heath


  1. Dada is it ok to use OHM mantra and other chakra mantras? By the way i really enjoy your videos and i think you are a wonderfull human.

  2. Sometimes the calmness is that of a depressive calmness. Not a joyful one. Can you throw some light on this Swamiji

  3. Эту рекомендацию уже вчера применил , после того как прослушал русскую версию)))) спасибо учитель!!!)))

  4. I had Trauma can’t Meditate anymore,there is no stillness off the mind.And watching ,what comes up?All take about being still and sitting!Is it not more like concentration?Some People can’t sitt straight like this,or fall a 😴!I can concentrate on a Beautiful Busch,or a Tree this is Meditation to,isn it??Watching my Mind only brings Fear back.

  5. Thanks for this channel. Meditation is the one of the reasons I post a video every single day and follow my Life Purpose and passions! Thank you! 🙏

  6. God bless you, I did 20 mins today laying down with my eyes closed in the dark on my bed meditating with a still mind and steady slow breath. I can feel the energy vibrating thru my feet!

  7. The orange is not just to signify a particular vedic lineage but also so he doesnt get mistaken for a moose while in the woods

  8. Thank you Dada. So beautifully and simply explained. Not so easy to explain to the non-meditators how to get into meditation.
    “And when you enjoy ..you want to do meditation “

  9. Thanks Dada, meditation is the best thing that ever happened to me, can't explain in words the joy I feel in meditation, it's simply blissful.

  10. Thank you very much, please keep on sharing these valuable points, it's really useful.

  11. I have noticed in meditation that when my mind is thinking, my breath becomes more active. When I notice that I am thinking, I re-focus on the breath and both mind and respiration become calm again. It is easier to control the breath than it is to control the mind, so might as well start with the breath. Namaste 🙂

  12. Beautiful advice, I would love to share this knowledge in a future meditation class…thank you 🙏🏼☺️

  13. Didn't any one notice on the left side of this Guru their is one thin circle type flower in white color very thin stick which is in all circle type

  14. Meditation is not about trying to control or maintain preferred states, rather to not be affected or controlled by any states or conditions, meditation is not a doing or action, it is a label that describes a natural state of being 🙏🏽

  15. Awesome! Thank yours for spreading your light. I do my best as well; I find it to be my duty to tell everyone about the magic within. Once you experience meditation, you can't help it but tell everyone to try it.

  16. 🙏🏽💐 vanakkam dada!! I would like to visit your place , can share the location please

  17. Hello Dada, thanks for this video. Please let me ask most politely why do you think that meditation ist something that can be done?

    Isn't meditation taking place when there is absolutely no doing at all? Does one, when meditating for peace, health or any other reason really meditate? Or is it the following of a mere thought?

    Meditation requires silence. Not physically, but in the mind. Silence is the ground, that allowes everything to be. There is silence and there is silence created by thought like "I must not think" or the gap between thoughts. Real silence will drag the mind deeper. That can happen instantly when sitting down or after a couple breaths. In meditation there is no psychological time. Therefore a goal or reason to meditate will stop the meditation because it is a archiving. A "now its not but it will be soon". This can be a very pleasant feeling, but it's not meditating. Meditating is daily life without getting involved completely

    Please observe this and tell me what you saw!!

  18. Meditation is not about powerful action. Power over meditative action indicates striving; striving is a negative force.

  19. Do you have to sit?. I cannot through knee injury do this. I cannot sit in correct meditation position 💜🙏💜

  20. … I would never be able to quiet my mind while wearing a fluorescent hunter orange polyester vest in the middle of beautiful nature…

  21. This is my experienced, when I focused more on breathing, the movement became stiff and mechanical. When I focused on not moving any part of my body the body and mind flow was more natural and relaxed

  22. Superb , thank you.
    Just sit & sit & sit & sit…. closed eyes.
    In my opinion meditation is opposite of sleep.
    In sleep all our senses are sleeping.
    In meditation we have to sit & put our senses to sleep.
    Thank you
    Love from India

  23. I have OCD , so if I close my eyes I see disturbing visuals. BUT I want to meditate. Any suggestion?

  24. just sitting is the best way to examine how you're doing, try it..go somewhere without your phone, tv, music etc and just sit, if you can just sit then you are good, if you start freaking out, then you need meditation.

  25. I am a beginner new to meditation so any advice and suggestions to me and to improve meditation.
    Thank you

  26. I have been doing meditation for many, many years now and still going. I have master myself. I have been doing shiva mantras meditation. I can look into your eyes and see what you going through. U have to be pure.

  27. Why would all 'gurus' on youtube wear these parrot-style eye-burning colors? Perhaps, it's just like natural wasp's yellow-black stripes telling to stay away from it 🙂

  28. Why is it when i meditate after 20 min i feel like im floating? And for some reason my eyes start to go crosseyed and like i feel a pressure inbeetween my eyebrows? Thank you in advance:)

  29. I once was struck with heavy illness to the point where I was bedridden with no energy to speak could barely eat. I was too weak to even look at a computer without feeling overstimulated. I could do nothing but eat sleep and meditate. By the second month my inner state became a paradise. My body started to regain its health. Once my health was restored I quickly Muppet everything up and lost it but I always consider that the highest experience of my life and I would imagine the people who do that kind of bliss could be counted on fingers. My friend as an advanced practitioner I highly recommend at one point you dedicate three months of your life to sitting

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