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  1. Hands down the most no bullshit info on YouTube. Thank you for all the great vids.

  2. Very hrad to the muscle up but.is great exercise forma the calistenia

  3. Hi chris i was just wondering whenever i do pull ups my wrist hurts is it because im doing it wrong or for a factor. Because of the pain i stopped doing pull ups and started doing chin ups

  4. Chris every video you post is so inspirational and amazing. Your so positive hope I can meet you one day. Live your dreams and ignore the haters. Am your biggest fan love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Las dominadas son muy difíciles para mi….solo hago 3….por Dios….😰😰

  6. Since I follow Chris Heria for 2 years. I able to drop weight from 93kg to 72kg. And able to do pull up from 0 reps to 12 reps straight. This is another level for me to train from 0 muscle up to 12 reps with this video. Thanks Bro. Peace

  7. christian heria hace un video con los barstarzz como en los viejos tiempos sería bueno 😉🔥💪👍

  8. You need to restock on ur joggerssss 🥺😭😭

    I was literally just trying to buy Medium/black and every size is sold out.

  9. I am from Taiwan, I hope this APP has a Chinese interface ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  10. I admire your discipline, persistence and determination in all aspects of life

  11. You're an inspiring person for me as I am from Nepal I have decided in the coming years I will also open a YouTube channel and post videos about fitness after getting a lot of experience. You're my model bro hope in the coming years we can meet with each other

  12. Every time I use a lot of weight with my weight belt it starts to cut off the circulation to my legs. What am I doing wrong?

  13. My pull up bar is uneven by 1/8 of an inch. Is this enough to create muscle imbalances? Should I try to fix this?

  14. u should try to get the guiness world record in muscle ups u could probably get the record if u did

  15. Chris, I don't think it's just me who thinks so, but I'd like to watch a vid of you doing freestyle bar movements in this office. Similar to the one when you do in your previous gym. Standing on the bar, planche, straddle planche, 360 muscle up, all those good stuff. More like a motivational cinematic vid instead of a tutorial style one. Cheers~!

  16. Thx Chris! Started doing weighted pull-ups and I can see the difference already.. ⭐️👊🏾

  17. Notice how he holds it for the last one,that really helps

  18. Chris, could u make a video about the stretches you do after workout routine?

  19. This is the best channel to learn the correct method and avoid injury to master the muscle ups

  20. Hi Chris! Great video as always! Can you please do one on fixing muscle imbalance? I noticed when I'm doing my pull ups I tend to lean on my right arm a bit more than on the left one. I try to focus on a clean and balanced form but when I'm doing the last few repetitions, that is where I fail to keep it clean. Thanks!

  21. nice video, can only create a mucleup with the app? sry but im totally lazy when it comes to sports :-/

  22. bro make a video on how to do pull ups for beginners
    or how to increase the number of pull ups

  23. I been training for almost two year and I still havent mastered the muscle up smh

  24. Seriously a way to stop Corona virus is definately eating healthy and doing physical exersice plus seeing a doctor for medication!!! Also I think everyone should use morteeen bug spray in there house to stop the nasty insects from spreading the bacteria

  25. Why would you do such a horrendous thing to your body??? 😱 I'm taking about his neck tattoo…

  26. I did around 5 pull ups when I did my first muscle up. Manage to do 5 muscle up when I did 10 pull ups

  27. Yo man you are my biggest inspiration to my fitness journal…bro and your music is dope, you have any new music coming soon?

  28. Love the video Chris….But I want more! More videos, more workouts, more, I want more!

  29. The genius ones said that "practice doesnt always makes perfect but perfect practices makes perfect"

    Chris heria 2020

  30. Двигается как пёрышко на турнике👍

  31. How often should I train pull ups? I can do 10 with a medium band. Also would trying the different grips in this video also help with general pull up?

  32. I agree quality over quantity has helped me execute stronger reps! Can’t wait to finally get my muscle up. Thank you Chris!

  33. I just watched the video of fun exercises for kids. I didn’t know you were the father of Zen I thought you were just an older brother😂

  34. Why aren't you worried about size?aren't you afraid of not being the best or something like that?

  35. Перевод на русский в субтитрах неправильный: MUSCLE UP – означает "выход силой" или "выход на две" . А перевели, как "наращивание мышечной массы". Наверное, Гуглом переводили.

  36. Thanks to you Chris, I have been able to do proper pull ups, push ups, dips and now muscle ups and one leg Front Lever. You keep inspiring me after two years. Really mad love for ThenX 🔥

  37. Amazing video!
    But there is an error in Russian subtitles. "Muscle up" is incorrectly translated as "наращивание мышц" ("muscle building"). Correct translation is "выход силой".

  38. Question: how much time to rest between each excercice? Or the round is without rest?

  39. chris please do proper ways of push ups ain't got a pull equipment please chris as fast as you can brother your videos are really good and helping. thank you

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