HIV/AIDS HEALING: Positive To Negative After PRAYER!!!

This lady has come to The SCOAN with the problem of HIV Positive 1 and 2. She has had this problem for the past nine years. This is her medical report from the Esut Teaching Hospital, signed and stamped by the doctor, confirming that she has been tested to be positive to HIV Positive 1 and 2. As she rises up to her feet, it is very clear that Mrs Ezekwesiri Betty is heavily pregnant. Jesus Christ said, “Come to me all you that are weak and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. She has come to The SCOAN believing that Jesus Christ, the greatest Healer, will heal her from the problem of HIV/AIDS Positive 1 and 2. My name is Ezekwesiri Betty. I’m from Imo State (Nigeria). I have HIV/AIDS Positive 1 and 2 for nine years now. I have headaches, fever and sometimes diarrhoea. What is the cause of this problem? Fornication and adultery. Now that you are here today, what do you believe God will do for you? I believe that God will heal me today. Amen. We believe with you that God Almighty will heal you for the salvation of your soul, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Madam, we can see a brother sitting next to you. Could you please tell us his name and who he is to you. His name is Philip; he is my brother-in-law. My name is Philip; she is my sister-in-law. She has HIV/AIDS Positive 1 and 2. When you found out that she has this problem, how did you feel? I felt bad and sad because it’s a deadly disease. I believe God will heal her. HEALING TIME Prophet T.B. Joshua prays for a long row of people who are positive to HIV/Aids, in Jesus’ name. Among them is Mrs Ezekwesiri Betty. TESTIMONY CONTINUES Madam, you are welcome to The SCOAN, in Jesus’ name. We now you are here representing the thousands who have received this same miracle healing from HIV/Aids, in the name of Jesus Christ. So we want to appreciate you and first of all ask of your name and where you come from. Good Morning, Church! My name is Betty Ezekwesiri. I come from Imo State, residing in River State (Nigeria). The person next to me is my husband and this is my son – Emmanuel. The baby he is carrying is the one I named T.B. Joshua – Tobechukwu Bright Joshua. So you are welcome, in Jesus’ name. We saw on the video how you received your miracle, in the name of Jesus, from this deadly disease HIV/Aids Positive 1 and 2. Can you just tell us – how did this come into your life? And how did this affect you before? Praise the Lord. I contracted the sickness of HIV/Aids as a result of the sin of fornication and adultery. I suddenly started feeling sick-fever, loss of appetite, running stomach and the like. I was very sick and suffered with the sickness for nine years. I went to Enugu Teaching Hospital to be tested. When I got there, I met with the doctor and he sent me for a laboratory test. When they tested me, they confirmed that I had HIV/Aids Positive 1 and 2. I was afraid and sad. I wondered whether I would dieand what I could do. I condemned myself because of the sickness. As God may have it, I met my husband who watched Emmanuel TV. I told him my status and he said I should not be afraid, that as far as the God he believes in is concerned, looking at me, I didn’t have any sickness. He switched on Emmanuel TV – he used to be glued to the channel – and told me to watch it. When I watched Emmanuel TV, my faith grew and I knew that I was not going to die. We want to learn more from you. Can you tell us – during these many years you were suffering from HIV/Aids Positive 1 and 2, what were the symptoms you were experiencing? How did this make you feel? I used to feel feverish, I had loss of appetite; I would feel sad and very weak. For 9 years, I suffered from this sickness HIV/Aids Positive 1 and 2. I used to be sad and weak. When I finally came to The SCOAN, I was privileged to be placed in the prayer line. I was very happy to be in the prayer line. So when the man of God came out, he was praying from a distance. At a time, I lost concentration and was looking at the screen. I did not know that he was very close to me. Before I knew it, he passed me again. I thought to myself, “But he didn’t even touch me and I am pregnant? He didn’t even touch my head, let alone my tummy. What about the baby in my womb?” I was very sad and thought, “The man of God didn’t touch me, how will this sickness leave me?” I remembered a testimony of a brother who came here. He had diabetes and the man of God also prayed for him from a distance. The man said that he was also sad but God still healed him. Because of his testimony, I believed that God would do it. As the man of God passed me, I felt a shock go through my tummy. I felt calmness and the fever left me. I said to myself, “Ok, let me see what is happening”. I followed all the counselling the man of God gave us and believed God. My husband by the grace of God also helped me. I followed the guidance to the glory of God, today I have been healed of HIV/Aids Positive 1 and 2. From positive, I am now negative. Hallelujah. Let’s clap for Jesus Christ! Madam, we really want to hear from you. You said that as the man of God prayed for you. you felt like an electric shock went through your body. And afterwards, you went back home and you followed all the counselling to live by the standard of the Word of God that was given to you. And you believed you received your healing. Can you tell us – how long was it afterwards before you actually went to the doctor and they tested you again? I waited six months before I went to the hospital where the doctor confirmed that I was HIV/Aids Negative. When I got there, the doctor was surprised and said to me, “Madam, you came last time and you have been coming regularly. You have been positive, how did you get your negative?” I told him that I went to The SCOAN and the man of God only stretched his hand to me and that he should test me and confirm if God is working. He said to me, “Congratulations, madam, you have tested HIV/Aids Negative to the glory of God!” Glory be to God. We can see the medical reports beside you on the board. Can you just indicate for us this wonderful miracle. This medical report confirmed that I was HIV/Aids Positive 1 and 2. This medical report confirms that I now tested negative to HIV/Aids, to the glory of God. Praise the Lord. So we can clearly see on the medical reports here – on the first medical report, she was tested and confirmed to be HIV/Aids Positive 1 and 2. After her healing, after receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua in Jesus’ name, she went back to the same government hospital and we can see that she was tested and confirmed to be negative to HIV/Aids. Let’s clap for Jesus Christ! Madam, we want to hear from your husband because we ask of your own advice. We want to hear from your husband. We know that he also has a lot to thank God for. Sir, you are welcome, in Jesus’ name. Please tell us your name and where you come from. Children of God, Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) I thank Almighty God for giving me the privilege to stand on this holy ground. My name is Sergeant Chikweme Ezekwesiri Obinna. I am a police officer by profession. The woman beside me is my wife – Betty Ezekwesiri, Emmanuel and Joshua. Praise the Lord. The testimony that my wife shared is not for her but rather for me. Children of God, Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) The testimony goes like this – the first day I met my wife, I told her that I wanted to marry her. She told me that she had a problem; I asked her what the problem was and she told me that she was HIV/Aids Positive. I told her that since God led me to marry her, I would not contract it and neither would our children she would give birth to. Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) I am so happy that my wife came to The SCOAN and met ‘Papa’ – I call him ‘Papa’ because I love him so much. I call Prophet T.B. Joshua ‘Papa’ because I love him so much; he is a man I cherish and love since I started watching Emmanuel TV seven years ago. When my wife complained to me, I told her that there is a place I’d like her to go to – The SCOAN. It is a place where I knew she would receive her healing. She started watching Emmanuel TV and fell in love with the channel. One day, I asked her to go to The SCOAN. When she came, she was privileged to be placed in the prayer line. I was in the house when she called me on the phone and said, “Honey, the man of God is about to pray for me, watch the television”. I said, “I am standing here watching you”. I was surprised, the man of God was far from her and did not even touch her. He just waved his hand like this. I was surprised. I said to myself, “Okay”. When she came back to the house, we followed the guidance the man of God gave us and her healing came faster. Thank God, we are here today – to testify to the glory of God in our lives. Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) You mean, after your wife’s healing, the man of God instructed and encouraged both you and your wife to live by the standard and rule of God’s Word. I encouraged her to live by the standard of the Word of God and she received her healing. She went ot the hospital and the doctor did laboratory tests. Glory be to God, the results came out HIV/Aids Negative. She is now negative to HIV/Aids. Glory be to God. So we would like to hear from your wife once again. Madam, we saw in the video when you received your healing, that you were actually pregnant at that time. Can you tell us – is this the child you were pregnant for? Yes, this is the baby I was pregnant with. He is very sound and healthy; he is not HIV/Aids Positive. I gave birth freely; I even gave birth in the car. The labour was easy; I gave birth in the car without any problem after the prayer of the man of God. Let’s clap for Jesus Christ! When Jesus heals, He heals effectually and completely. So, Madam, we want to learn from you. All over the world, people want to hear your advice. You have been healed from a disease for which in this world, physically, there is no cure. But what is impossible for man is possible for God. Can you advice people all over the world. Viewers all over the world, especially those having the same sickness I had, I want to advise you – do not condemn yourself when God has not condemned you. Some things happen to us so that we can draw close to God. I urge you to draw close to God. Don’t run away from God at this time, run to Him and believe. As you are listening to my testmony, you are connected to the right source. With this testimony, I believe that wherever you are watching me, God will heal you, in Jesus’ name. I also advise you to run away from adultery and fornication because it leads to HIV/Aids. I believe that as you do that, the Lord will keep you safe, in Jesus’ name. Amen. We thank God for your life and your testimony. We want to encourage you, now that you have been healed by Christ’s Word, you should be ruled by that Word to make this testimony a lasting one, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  1. Hiv does not cause aids. Its a big scam. Please expose this lie and set people free from the fear of death in Jesus name.

  2. please also pray for me , so that i can also be heal from this deadly virus , please pray for me in the mighty name of lord jesus

  3. please also pray for me , so that i can also be heal from this deadly virus , please pray for me in the mighty name of lord jesus

  4. please also pray for me , so that i can also be heal from this deadly virus , please pray for me in the mighty name of lord jesus

  5. please also pray for me , so that i can also be heal from this deadly virus , please pray for me in the mighty name of lord jesus


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