High Self Esteem: HREEM Sound or Mantra Part 1 – HREEM Creates Aura of High Self Esteem Around You

I am going to introduce you to a very important
sound and the sound has to be used in a certain way. The sound or mantra that I’m going
to introduce is called “Hreem”, H R E E M, Hreem sound. Like any other sound, it
is also feminine but it is also masculine aspect. You start with the sound “Ha”
of Haareem. “Ha” is the sound of Siva. “re” is the energy of the Sun or Fire
and “ee” is the sound for desire and the sound “mmm” is manifestation. “Ha-re-e-m”
So you can see in each syllable there is a packet of energy, a specific packet of energy,
that can deliver to you that experience or create that experience or create that matter.
And that’s how powerful it is. What is Hreem about? It is predominantly a
feminine energy. What can it create? It can create an aura around you. It will go and
completely reorganize your psychological and physical makeup, including your emotions.
It is the most powerful sound and I have not been, I have not given this out before and
if I have done, only marginally I have done that. But the Golden Age is the right age
to introduce this sound to people because it is going to change the entire aura around
you. The aura comes out of, from your subtle body. First, it will go and change your subtle
body and correct whatever programs, wrong programs, you have it in there embedded. And
that, it will remove. And then a person who begins to work with this sound, Hreem, will
vibrate with a different energy. It will change his aura. And everybody, by in large, suffers
from low self-esteem. This low self-esteem comes from a lack of understanding of his
own or her own innate divinity. We are all divine. But then, we have by mistake, identified
ourselves with the humanness because of low self-esteem.
But some people somehow manage to create a high self-esteem and then they are the people
who end up as Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings. There are not many kings now, but
at least, prime ministers and presidents. They all have the highest self-esteem and
the self-esteem comes from working with Hreem, vibrating with that sound in some fashion
or another. It is important to, while you are doing the
practice, to light ghee lamps according to your age. Hreem is also interesting. It is
also used as a mantra for Hanuman in some traditions. It is because Hanuman is all powerful
and he has the highest self-esteem. Although he is a monkey, his self-esteem is the highest.
And that comes out of his own power and knowledge and ability to everything and that comes out
of Hreem. So it makes sense that it became part of the sound for Hanuman symbolizing
intelligence and light and doing impossible things.

Jerry Heath


  1. I have read that the "hreem" sound, when done with the chin held down toward the chest, is a yogic cure for thyroid disorders. Thank you for the thorough explanation of this sound.  🙂

  2. dear Pillai sir.. i have been watching your videos for the past few days and find it quite interesting.. my name is Shreema.R. i think its a good name but my life is a mess. my relationships failed, i have two kids and short of money.. i wonder if it has to do with the vibrations in my name.. please help…

  3. Dear sir,i am ambalavanan,from chennai ,tamil nadu ,india.sir in this video you said while practicing this hreem mantra light a ghee lamp according to your age.My age is 37 how many ghee lamps i have to light while practicing in the early morning 5.30am.

  4. How many minutes a day should one chant this mantra & how many times a day?

  5. I really really admire you Sir 🙂 Very clear explanations and you, truly motivate us to practice it

  6. Hi..sir, is there any particular rituals to perform before chanting this mantra?
    And can I listen this when I go to bed?

  7. Yo Soy La Luz,Yo Soy La Luz,Yo Soy La Luz.Yo Soy El Amor , Yo Soy El Amor,Yo Soy Él Amor, Yo Soy El Amor,Yo Soy La Sabiduría Yo Soy La Sabiduría Yo Soy La Sabiduría Yo Soy El Poder Yo Soy El Poder Yo Soy El Poder, que V ierte sobre la tierra, la Luz, la Paz , El Amor La
    ,El Bien y La Verdad,Así es así sea y así será.

  8. Dr pillai,
    I want to express gratitude forward your kindness manifested in your many videos, spreading knowledge.
    Would please be so kind as to tell if the chanting of a mantra out loud  is less or more powerful or effective  than reciting the sound in your mind, in other words, kind of  meditating upon the contínuos sound of the mantra again and again, feeling the sound in your mind? Thank you very much in advance.  Greetings.

  9. whats the process to use this hreem. how dk i use it to have high self esteem. i suffer from extremely love esteem. please help. how to i use this

  10. Hello Dr, can you please tell me what is the symbolic significance of 'hreem', and also what gods/godesses who are related to this energy word? Also what values and morals does the word inspire.

  11. I have been chanting hring not hreem for more than three lakh times since last 31 years but I am in worst position in comparison to my friends sir please guide me im also chanting shreem brzee since last week i have also chanted shring more than 3 lakh times kindly advice me i will be very eagerly waiting for ur kind guidance

  12. I am confused between
    Om kleem namh and
    Om aim hreem kleem chamundayai vichche.
    Which one i chant.

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