Heartfulness – Meditation – How to Meditate – Benefit of Meditation

Heartfulness?? Heart.. How to say it? Heartfulness ya We may have had moments in our life when we’ve experienced glimmers of heartfulness When we learn to tune inwards we can find that much more often It is like a steady undercurrent It is always present, right here within us. You’ll know it when you’ll experience it We call it heartfulness Why not heartfulness? Hearfulness is needed – we need heart in this world. That’s what’s missing It’s time! It’s like your inner conscience If you are going to do something it has to feel right – It has to feel right in your heart Whether it’s family, whether it’s friends, whether it’s professional life, I think the heart is at the center stage, in all honesty, of what matters I meditate I meditate I meditate I meditate I meditate I meditate I meditate Close my eyes, start with a suggestion, I
connect with my heart As thoughts come in, I am aware of them but I gently go back to that feeling of my heart, to the thought of being with my heart Stillness begins to happen, and I go
deeper within When I come out.. I am refreshed! I like who I am better when I meditate more When I meditate I feel one, I feel whole, I feel connected Happy Balanced More light Total well being Closer to God Adventure and a Rhythm that you get into and feel and explore and then once you come out at the other end you say Aha this is not too bad at all!

Jerry Heath


  1. Craving for spirituality ?  Real seekers must watch and explore !

  2. Just experiment it and observe what can it change inner self, simply like this…

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