Guided Meditation: Acceptance Of The Present Moment

[yeah] [Hmm] [Hmm] Hi, everyone welcome to our medication for accepting the present moment Our medication today is going to focus on truly finding acceptance of what you have and where you are in your life each of Us [testicles] are working towards an achievement a Lifestyle or Perhaps simply some of our television aware, how we see your life becoming And even though all these goals and dreams are wonderful, and they are a great way to start ambitions for ourselves Sometimes life throws things that has better Beyond our control Sometimes [you] can have like a lot of breaks Stopping definite tracks forcing us to overthink and review your progress achievements that far The beautiful thing about life in this existence Is that sometimes it’s best to people [in] the passenger seat and [he] could be breath and allow things to unfold how they will And it doesn’t mean that we should be working hard and trying [our] best [but] when all is said and done There’s nothing else you could do The best thing you can do is let go and go with the flow This game sometimes only does more harm to create more struggle [or] frustration with the inability to accept what is to accept this present moment You are alive You’re here Worrying about something you cannot change or do will only attract more negativity into your life And [that’s] faces who wants that? So with that said let’s begin our medication together First let’s find a comfortable spot perhaps on the bed or on the floor Go ahead in a cross-legged position feeling your spine along getting yourself sinking into the ground begin by closing your eyes and Just bring all of your awareness to your breath [maybe] breath into your nose, and then slowly exhaling all the iraq the breath And exhale let it go 1yd backing And as you exhale visualizing all that negative energy Releasing out of your body Mounting away out of your body Allow yourself to be coming soon with your body feeling the chest expand and contract the Bat-Beam Hey left Letting go of any tension in the shoulders Allowing them to drop and release away from the ears Begin to feel the sensations of peace and relaxation overcome your body breathing [in] And picking a long deep exhale Your time your time out [to] be with yourself [be] wrapping exhale Feel the heart beating in your chest [you] are pete Beautiful organ bringing your life giving you energy Allow you to have the life that you have the tracking and exhale out If you start to feel your body become more and more relaxed Like you slowly introduce [our] Mantra Repeating the silently in your mind Simply using it to come back to whenever your mind starts to [wander] [I] release control I surrender to the [flow] [I] release control I surrendered to the flow [I] release control I surrender to the flow And now [silent] in your mind until you hear my voice again telling you to come out of your medication [and] [and] [ok] [yeah] [yeah] [yeah] [yeah], [yeah] Time to release Mantra slowly bringing your awareness back to your breath Take me be dressing and a long exhale slowly begin to feel the body moving each finger feeling the energy Running through your whole entire system re-energized rebalance peaceful Feel free to stay at the state as long as you like and whenever you’re ready slowly open your eyes [you] go on with your day today. I’d like you to remember this Mantra Whenever you feel like there’s too much stress in your body in your mind where things are just getting out of your control Let it be there’s nothing you can do what you’ve done everything that you can Let go and go with the flow Thank you so much for joining me today. [I] hope you enjoyed this medication I wish [you] [a] beautiful day from of happiness peace and love [yeah] [yeah]

Jerry Heath


  1. I feel so relex all the negative gon to my brin and bodey keep doing nice work

  2. I love your meditation videos, though I am new and find myself not being able to sit still throughout the entire length.

  3. I am having massive anxiety/panic attacks since last summer .. everytime i feel like there is no escape and that it will last forever i go to your channel and turn on either one of your meditations or yoga exercises … THANK YOU SO MUCH , your channel is a lifesaver <3 <3 <3

  4. thank you ever so much. this video auto played after another one of your videos. i needed it today! this is exactly what i needed and will save it for future use as well. the universe has been showing me signs since i've opened my mind/heart to it and i am beyond thankful. <3

  5. I really needed this, your meditation videos are so soothing, they're brilliant. Thank you so much, namaste xx

  6. Thank you so much, I am going through a really difficult time in my life and this has really helped 💚

  7. I love this meditation! Very peaceful indeed. For some reason this mantra transported my spirit to the rivers and woods of northern Wisconsin. A lot of my personal spirituality is drawn from a connection with Mother Nature. Sometimes when I am feeling stressed with life I think to myself that the rivers are still flowing, the grass is still growing, the breeze is still gently blowing the leaves of a tree, and the sun is still shining down and bringing warmth and light to the world. It is these thoughts that allow me to let go.

  8. It wass so so beautiful,i almost had tears in my eyes at the end…thank u soo much boho beautiful i love love your work😍😍😍😍❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  9. Hi, I wanted to take the time to thank you for this meditation and for what you do on this channel. I truly embrace your set of mind and love to come back to your videos time to time to remind me of what life brought us and what we can bring back. Trough yoga, mediation or food, we can make peace with what is around us , go further with our dreams and this is just beautiful. Have a good day ;D
    PS: I very much like your voice

  10. Thank you so much for this <3 now I'm Motivatet to do more Meditation ^.^ it lets me feel wonderful 🙂

  11. This makes me so calm in all my anxiety, and this particular mantra has probably helped me the most out of all your medidation videos. Thank you so much. Also, the music and the sounds in this video are sooooo so soothing, is there any way I can find the entire version without the spoken words anywhere?

  12. I cannot thank you enough for this channel. I can't exactly put into words how much you both mean to me. The structure of your workouts, the audio, editing, locations and Juliana's calm voice creates an wonderful experience.
    I'm saving up to buy your 10 day set for my birthday. I'm so excited and grateful to have found this. You're changing my life + I feel more in-tune with my self.
    Thank you.

  13. I'm new to meditation. I'm glad I saw your meditation videos because I always thought you had a nice voice for that- or asmr. Towards the end of the video, I had tears in my eyes.

  14. I love the video, music, and your guided meditation. I swear I chant "I release control, I surrender to the flow." every time I am anxious and depressed. it help a lot.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video.

  15. I love your meditations. Sadly this music makes me feel anxious!

  16. Words you say at the beginning are so helpful. As I meditate quite a bit at the moment. Thank you

  17. This was a stepping stone for me. I have not meditated in over 4 months, and today i went in, just asking myself for at least five minutes. I made it to six. This year has been horribly traumatic for me, and as the mantra of the meditation was said, i immediately began to tense my muscles up, shake uncrontrollably and cried my eyes out. I was already in tears just from the start of the video. I know now how traumatized ive been from trying to resist all the massive things that have changed in my life, and how ive completely spiralled downwards. I havent allowed myself to accept everything thats going on and where i am at now. I used to meditate and do yoga at least 5 times a week, but now ive only done it once this year. Thank you for this video. I feel like it was put out into the earth for me, i really need this, its vital to my healing process. Tomorrow ill attempt for 7 minutes. Namaste <3

  18. Thank you so much for your videos! 🙂 They are truly wonderful and very helpful.

  19. I really like your meditations. Can you do one on cleansing the chakra?

  20. I love all your meditations, and use them every single day. However, I would really love one that cleanses negative childhood experiences. To let go, forgive yourself and those who have done you wrong.

  21. Hello!

    Wanted to know if theres a certain type of meditation that you follow?
    I'd love to try loving kindness from what i've heard about it?

    Thank you, peace and love!

  22. Thankyou so much for this I get excited to come home and end my day with your videos, I feel so at peace! <3

  23. I managed to get so focused on the meditation that I actually jolted a little when you said to release the mantra 😅

    I really love all these guided meditations you've made. Thank you <3

  24. Your videos are amazing and have been helping me so much! I would be so grateful if you could create some more meditation videos. Thanks xoxo

  25. This is my favorite meditation. I am going through a such bad period right now and this video helps me so much. Thank you from all my heart. Lots of love to you! Namaste

  26. Thank you that was beautiful! I am trying to get back to meditating. I am very consistent for the first month then I stop once I feel progress. Very strange.

  27. Thank you so much for this beautiful guided meditation Juliana!! You radiate such positive energy, love & light! When I first started meditating I could only do 4 minutes before my mind would start to wander. I accepted 4 minutes, but continued practicing & now, I can make this time for myself for the full 15 minutes, and it's amazing how meditating has changed my life & helped with my anxiety/depression. Again, thank you so much for your inspiration!! You are amazing!

  28. Thank you for this video! It really did help me to find my “inner flow”….sending you love!

  29. Wowww thank you so much, it really helps me. God bless yöu

  30. I love your meditation videos so much. I start with them my day. What you say and how you say it makes me understand things differently and to relax myself. It really helps me) I wish you will do more videos like this) Thank you)

  31. I went in a deep state of mind but I got scared in the moment u spoke after the deep silence . is there any way to fix it?

  32. This is a great mantra. It helped. Thank you!!🌴🌴🌴🌴🌺🌺🌺

  33. I absolutely love Boho beautiful, your soft gentle voice your sincerity. I was so lucky to find your site about six weeks ago, at a very anxious time in my life. You helped me so much. Thank you so much. May peace, good health and happiness be always yours.

  34. Wonderful! Just got out of this guided meditation! Thank you so very much! Many Blessings!

  35. What an absolutely beautiful way to start my day. Thank you so much for such a wonderful meditation 🙂

  36. This seems to be the only video that made me relax and calm me!! I woke up feeling like all the tension left my body…thank you

  37. @Boho Beautiful I so want the thumbnail/image you have set for this video! Please, thank you 😀

  38. So am I supposed to repeat the mantra in my head while breathing in and out?? I wanna do this right

  39. Since I'm waiting to hear my college application results, this video really speaks to my heart. Every single sentence makes me so much calmer and at peace with where I am.

  40. I have searched for a meditation guide for a long time. And then I found yours they are perfect for me. It helps me to calm down and reflect on things in my life. Thank you!

  41. Thank you for your time and effort, I just separated from my wife yesterday and this meditation got me to a place of surrender and peace.

  42. Thank you so much. I always enjoy your meditations ❤

  43. Thank you so much… I just realized I should not eat meat … namaste

  44. I want to do something creative with your mantras so when I'm feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious, etc… I can look at it and repeat the mantra fitting for what I am going thru. This mantra perfect ATM. Namaste 🙏❤

  45. This was so beautiful, I had to subscribe. You both have been an inspiration to my soul since you began your journey. Now I am creating new imprints. Thank you for the light that is guiding me to the Golden Palace. Blessings😇

  46. Always amazing thank you for sharing beautiful vibes and energy!! 😄🌸The music is so good to meditate to, I was wondering where I can find it🌸 don't stop what you do!! 💞

  47. Thank you for these meditation videos! I try to listen to one of your meditations everyday because I always feel better when I do.

  48. felt like i could use a guided meditation & im really glad i chose this one, thank you 💛

  49. Thank you beautiful soul for what you do, this meditation is absolutely amazing, it is all i needed now. thank you thank you thank you

  50. Thank you for sharing your gift of this meditation. Very soothing voice & music. I appreciate it & please keep producing more in 2019. NMRK.

  51. Thank you so much for this. I'm having trouble coming to terms with my homosexuality and am really confused and anxious about it, it made me absolutely despise myself on my more self-aware days. After this meditation, it didn't magically go away, but I do feel a lot more at ease and that I can make peace with myself at some point. It hurts, but I'll only emerge stronger. I think that at the end of it, I'll probably be thankful just like I was thankful for every bad experience in my life when it ended.

  52. Thank you for having these divine meditations accessible. The mantra fits well along a kirtan beat to chant all day to myself, to the universe.. namaste🌿

  53. Julianna, thank you so much for this wonderful meditation. I am currently going through a lot within my life at the moment and this meditation really helped me let go and be in the present moment. I practice your yoga daily, but sometimes doing a meditation can be just as effective to help me let go and truly be in the present moment. I send you love and light, and I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of the Boho Beautiful community. Thank you so much 🙂 x

  54. Your guided meditations are great.
    Short for a new starter or for someone who is busy.
    Thank uu

  55. Nice. I really like meditation. 🤲
    With my meditation I've appreciated watching quite a lot of Sri Avinash at the moment. #sriavinash
    I find his words really comforting and useful in my life. 🙏

  56. Thank you! Let it be and let it go! Go with a flow, that ehat I need to remind myself🙏

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