Glowing Yoga Body Workout (30 min) Total Detox

Jerry Heath


  1. Yayyy there’s bakasana, my favorite pose to practice… thank you so much Lesley!!!! 🥰❤️

  2. Nice practice today ,warmed up by that "impromptu " furry friendly star asking for a belly rub or was it a detox rub?

  3. I have to save this for next time because I NEED to do some lower back stretch…ouch it hurts after those damn Deadlifts…

  4. Whew! Doesn't have to be HIIT to break a sweat and get the heart rate up! That was fun.

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  6. Every Monday i just wait for your video…I'm sooo excited to do it…My next beautiful practice😍..Today I did your 30 min vinyasa flow..It gave me a lots of energy.. Thank you mam for supporting..💜🌹🙏❤️💐

  7. This was a fun practice for sure! Awesome job Lesley! Always look forward to the Monday yoga!

  8. Leslie is the best, thank you for what you do to make the world a better place, Glowing!

  9. This got me glowing like a Christmas tree 🎄😊 The doggie at the beginning was adorable! Have a great week Lesley and Duke 💗🙏🏻

  10. Thank you for this lovely practice. Your soothing voice ensured I never gave up and gently guided me through the asanas. I genuinely feel a glow on my skin and chi flowing through my body. 🙏🏿

  11. That was a lovely class Lesley! Thank you so much. Best way to start my day. ☺️

  12. You should’ve warned us you had a friend join you in this session!!! I have the giggles and can’t get back. Lol, I loved the cameo

  13. I'm positively glowing! Great practice and I even did bakasana (from the 'waiting for the train' pose, so a bit lower and steadier for me, but I did it!!!)! Glowing all day!! Thank you and Namaste!

  14. This is a really special session, thank you so much. Hard to describe how much of a shift in energy I felt from this. Thank you. With love Claire x

  15. Glowing from this practice, the quote and from that super friendly dog who wanted a belly rub. Good job Lesley doing a one-armed downward dog to accommodate him! So cute!

  16. lovely practice! 🙂 perfect to warm me up before I have to walk to class in -17 degree Fahrenheit.

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