Getting More Out of Prayer

Hi, I’m Mark Hart, and I’m excited to tell
you about a new book series from The Word Among Us Press “Something More Faith series, and in this new series we’re gonna give you all these kinds of these
short little books, that will help you grow even deeper in your faith life. The
first one, right out of the gate, “Getting More Out of Prayer.” Now if you are
anything like me, prayer is, you know, it’s important. It’s something you have to
have. We need to have. But where do we have it? When do we have it? How do we fit it in the midst of our schedules, our lives? How do we make sure that prayer
becomes something that’s vibrant and dynamic, and that’s happening
consistently and daily as we walk with the Lord, and that’s just one of those
obligatory things we know we need to do; not just one of those things we go to
when we need something from God. These little books, this first book, “Getting
More Out of Prayer,” is gonna help you do just that. In the five sessions, you’re gonna
be able to go deeper into your own prayer life, take a look at ways that you
can use alternate, different, forms of prayers within our Catholic tradition to
make your life come even more alive in Christ. Check it out. you

Jerry Heath

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