Fun-Loving Full Body Yoga Stretch (For Women)

– Hello gorgeous, welcome
to Fightmaster Yoga. I’m Lesley Fightmaster and today’s class is fun loving full body
yoga stretch for women. Fightmaster yoga’s the place where you don’t have to be perfect. It’s not all about the pose. So we get tight in our bodies so we’re gonna work on stretching out some of those cranky areas so that you feel really really good. Stress makes us tight,
sitting, being on our computer. So let’s get started. Sit up nice and tall
in a comfortable seat. Any comfortable position is perfect. And if you wanna sit up on something, you’ll lengthen your spine
and get a little more space in your hips. Take a couple deep
breaths, close your eyes. Each inhale feeling the
breath move through the body, allowing you to sit up
just a little bit taller. Each exhale releasing
any tension in the body. Let’s take our hands together
in front of the heart creating our intention. May your practice be your reminder to breathe, slow down and
always look for the good in others as well as in yourself. And releasing the hands and let your eyes softly blink open. So just remain seated in
any comfortable position. If you’re cross legged like I am, we’re just gonna switch the cross. We’re gonna do a little work for the neck because that is definitely
a place that gets cranky. So taking your right ear
to the right shoulder. And now inhale, sweep your right arm up and just let it rest on your head. You don’t have to pull, just a little extra weight is enough but drop that right shoulder. And now take your left arm
out flexing your wrist. You can feel all the way
down the side of the neck through the fingertips and breathe here. Remember to breathe in and out through your nose wherever possible. But if you are congested
then please breathe through your mouth. Let’s take another long
smooth breath in and out here. And then release and bring
your head back to center. And we’ll do the other side. So left ear toward left shoulder. Taking your left hand and just rest it but drop this left shoulder. And now right arm out and flex your wrist and breathe here. Remember every inhale
imagine you can just feel the breath expanding
through your whole body. As it expands it releases
any tension, any blockages. And every exhale, just
letting go of anything that you might be carrying around with you that is no longer serving you. And then we’ll come back to center inhale. And now I’ll take the
soles of the feet together and knees apart, Baddha Koṇāsana feet. So if you’re kind of tight
or you have knee issues, feel free to put pillows or blocks right here under your thighs. And just sit up nice and tall to begin. That was my little knee pop. So for many, this can already
feel like a big stretch and you can take your
hands right behind you and stay right here. For those who want to feel
a little deeper stretch, bring your hands in front. Inhale, lead with your chest, you’re gonna hinge from your hips. Exhale walk forward any amount. If you’re comfortable with it, you can even let your head go, maybe resting it on your
hands or on a yoga block. Now breathe here and
imagine that the breath is traveling from the base of the spine to the crown of your head as you inhale. And then back down crown of head toward base of spine on your exhale. Relaxing any tension in
your neck, in your head. You can move your head
a little side to side. Just let it be heavy. And then as you take your next inhale, just walk yourself up slowly. And then extend the right
leg out to the right and pull this left heel in if it will. And again, this could feel
like a lot sitting this way and you can stay as you are. Or turn with both hands on either side of your left leg and inhale, exhale to come forward. This is your right leg, not your left, I get ’em confused. Staying up or going deeper or last option, right arm in front of the leg, roll your chest open, reach
up through the left arm and then start to reach it over. So you can get a nice side stretch as you’re stretching
your hamstrings and hips. If you can reach the foot grab it. If not, keep this arm up. Whatever works for your body. Because it’s all about
what feels right to you and it’s never about how
deep you get into a pose. That’s not yoga. Yoga is connection, balance and being your authentic self. Take another breath here. And then as you take your next inhale, we’ll make our way back
up and then switch sides so we’ll bend the right
knee, extend the left leg. Just remember option one you can stay here or come a little bit forward. Option two, hands on
either side of the leg, lengthening, hinging from
the hips forward any amount. And then option three, my mats getting a little bit messed up. Left hand in front of the leg, open up the chest, reach your right arm up towards the ceiling. Stay there or sweep it across. So any of these options are available. I can hear my, did you hear my back? Oh my goodness, it does it a lot actually. Any of these options are available. Just make sure that you’re
not experiencing any pain. Now stretching could be called pain but it’s a different feeling
than actual sharp pains. Sharp pains are no good in yoga. Stretching, feeling that little discomfort from the stretch is okay
but even there doesn’t have to be super super intense. Take another breath here and
now we’ll come on up inhale. And then back to center. We’re gonna come onto
hands and knees onto table. Wrists under forearms
and knees under hips, spread out your fingers as you inhale, bring your chest forward, lift
your chin and tailbone up. Draw shoulder blades toward waist. As you exhale, press away from the floor, pull your ribs and belly
in rounding your back. And we’ll do two more of those so inhale, widening the collarbones, bring
your heart forward, look up. Exhale and round, pull the belly in and up as you press away from the floor. One more time inhale, widen
across the collarbones, nice and stretched out
in the front of the body. Exhale round the back,
press away from the floor, stretching out the back body. Now we’ll come to neutral so remember pull your belly in, lift up
through your pelvic floor. Extend your right leg
out just off to the side and press down through the
base the big toe, little toe, inner outer heel. And get your heel, knee and
hip all in the same line. Now as you inhale, lift your
left arm up toward the sky, a little twist. And as you exhale, sweep
it under the right. So it’s a thread the needle variation. So you can take your right fingertips and just keep ’em on the floor. With your left hand if
you can reach your foot, you can take peace sign fingers and grab that big toe. You can also bring your right hand to your low back or reach around
to hook it onto the thigh. And also pull your right hip back so that your hips stay level. Take deep breaths here. If you’ve got your hand behind you, try to roll that top shoulder open, allowing your collarbones to widen, stretching out your heart. And then we’ll unwind so
taking the right hand back. Keep the right foot where it is for now but take the hands back to table. And then lift that right leg up and sweep it back with
the toes facing the floor, pulling the belly in. And then bring it all the way
across behind your left foot. And now shift your hips over to the left and then turn your head
to look at that left hip. You get a little stretch
through the side body. You can push that hip out a little bit so you can stretch the right side. One more breath here. And then from here, look forward, we’re gonna take that
right leg to the outside of the right foot for lizard pose. Now you can always have your
hands up on blocks here. If you need padding under
your back knee, pad it up. If you wanna go in a little bit deeper, come to your forearms. And breathe here just a few breaths. Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw. You can let your head go. Now if you are on your forearms, walk yourself back up onto your hands. Keep your left hand planted down. We’re gonna reach up
through the right arm. And you can stay right
with this or start to roll, take your right toes out to the right, roll onto the little toe
side of your back foot, lifting the back leg up
into this twisting lizard. It’s a good twist. It’s also a nice hip opener and it’s kind of fun to do. Just a couple breaths here,
relaxing the shoulder. And then inhale, make
your way back to table. Walk your hands about a hand print in front of your shoulders,
spread your fingers. We’re gonna come to Down
Dog so as you stretch back, walk your feet as wide as your mat keeping the outer edges
of your feet parallel. And then walk your hands
also as wide as your mat. You can even grab the sides of your mat if that works better for you. And now start to bicycle your legs. Just bending one knee and the other. Take another breath
here, bending both knees and stretching back. Pull your ribs and belly in. And then walk your hands
back to shoulders distance and bring your knees back down into table. Now we’ll do the other side. So the left leg comes up, make sure that foot is flat
on the floor lining ankle and knee and hip. Inhale, lift the right
arm up for a little twist. Exhale, sweep it underneath the left arm. And then your left fingertips
press onto the floor to help with your twist. If you can reach your toes over there. Make your little peace sign
fingers and grab big toe only if you want to. And option for left
hand to come to low back or hook on the thigh. But pull this left hip back and we’ll breathe here. Nice long smooth breaths. And see if there’s any place in your body that’s holding a lot of tension. We need to use our muscles
for the shape of the pose but some places like
around the neck, the jaw, those places don’t have to be tensed. Let’s see if you can
release any tension there. Take one more long breath. We’re gonna keep the leg as it is but unwind our twist. Bring the hands back
as they were for table, wrists under shoulders. And then lifting that
left leg up bring it back, pointing the toes down
so your hips are level. And then sweep it across to the outside of your right foot. Now start to shift your
hip, your right hip over to the right and
look at your right hip. So your whole left side
gets a nice stretch. Remember to keep that breath steady. And now inhale, we’re
gonna take the left foot to the outside of the
left hand for lizard. And remember to pad up the back knee if it needs any padding. You can stay right here on the hands or you can put hands on top of blocks. Or come onto the forearms. Always your choice. You never have to go into the deepest expression of the pose. Some days it might feel
like that’s the place to be. Other days, it might not. So your body is different
on different days and it’s your job to connect and honor. So if you are down on your forearms you can make your way
back up onto your hands. And keeping your right hand down. We’ll inhale and reach
up through the left arm for a twist. So you can stay right here or option to take your
left toes out to the left. Roll onto the little toe
side of your back foot lifting that leg up and
twisting in a little bit deeper. Pressing out of that shoulder, pulling in your ribs and your belly. Because this one, it’s a little tricky or it can be. Three, keep the breath even and steady. Two and back to table. Again walking the hands
about a hand print forward. Spin your inner elbows forward. Press the thumb first
finger side of the hand down to Downward-facing Dog. And still bicycling the legs as you like. And you let your head go a little bit. And draw in through the ribs and the belly nice and firmly. Keep the ribs pulled in, belly in and up, come to plank. Shoulders in the same line as the hips but you can always feel free to take your knees down at any time. Not staying that long. If your knees are up, lift
them towards the ceiling. Now shifting shoulders,
knees can be up or down. We’re coming all the way
to the belly as you exhale. And then take your hands and interlace at your lower back. Pull the belly in, lengthen butt to heels. Roll your shoulders away
and lift, Salabhasana. Feet about hips width apart, inner thighs lifting up, nice and wide open heart. Stretching that heart energy all around. Breathing. And let it go. Slide your hands by your low ribs. I can hear my kids
upstairs doing something. Inhale little Cobra or an Up Dog. And then just take your knees down, a little wider than usual and take your hips back to your heels. And extend to child’s
pose or rest your head on your hands Child’s Pose. Relax. Just two more long breaths here. Then we’ll walk ourselves up. Shift your hips off to one side so you can sweep your legs in front. Carefully lower onto your back hugging knees in for a moment. So here draw your shoulders
away from your ears and lengthen your sitting bones down toward the floor to stretch out your back. A little side to side
action is always good. And then keeping all of the length in your lower back and around your neck, make your way into your
final resting pose. Let your feet flap open, bring your arms a little bit away from the sides of your
body with your palms up. And then just release your
breathe to natural breathing. Releasing the tension
between the eyebrows, quiet mind, quiet body, Shavasana. This quote is from Yoga Doll Bliss. “Some days you eat salads
and you go do yoga. “Some days you eat cupcakes
and refuse to wear pants. “It’s called balance”. Make it a good day. Right where you are, take a
slightly deeper breath in. As you exhale begin to make some movements in your fingers and your toes. And stretch out through
your arms and your legs and then bend your knees, roll yourself off to your right side and just pause there for a moment. As you pause here, take a
moment to honor yourself. Honor yourself for the
wonderful person that you are and for showing up today and taking your practice, good work. Now use your left hand to come up, let your head come last. Back to our comfortable seat. Bringing your hands together. Hands to your forehead reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to your heart reminding you to have clear and loving intentions. Hands to your mouth reminding you to have clear and loving communication. Sending out this positive energy to all beings everywhere, namaste. Your core muscles include
your personal power center. This is where your confidence comes from, your authenticity to be you. To strengthen these
muscles will not only help with your yoga practice
but it will help you become your best self. I’ve created a class, clink the link below to focus on strengthening those muscles. And if you’re looking for
more full body yoga stretch, click right here.

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