Find Out How Meditation and Relaxation Trance Helps with Depression.

Hello everyone from Bora Bora in French Polynesia. My name is Marta and I am certified meditation the pranayama teacher as well as clinical hypnotherapist. My work involves traveling and I love it especially meeting new people. Recently I met a woman with whom I became friends her family had a history of depression including her sister and her uncle committed suicide. One thing I noticed quite quickly was her perception of reality, it was very different from mine. She was hearing things I wasn’t saying and assuming things I was not going to say. She was also very sensitive about her freedom and on the aspect of timing. Small alteration would make her very upset that she was going to lose control over her life. Also concepts or ideas other than her own even if it was science or biology were immediately rejected in a quite emotional way. She was fighting for her own perception of reality not to be changed. I realized that I knew 2 other people with depression who were acting in a very similar way. They felt stucked in their reality and trying to escape it through drugs or alcohol, but at the same time they were fighting to keep it the same way. The other time when my girlfriend was describing to me one type of man she used to meet all the time I realized she took it from the boxes of her own reality she created as this kind of men I have never met in my life. So let’s face it we have our own perception of reality, does general perception of reality actually exist? Instead of mind and started calling it consciousness and perception. Regardless what causes depression whether is genetic or caused by stress or unhealthy lifestyle the effect is always the same, feeling of being stuck in reality or limited perception of it. This is why meditation is scientifically proved to cure depression because when you meditate you expand your consciousness and your perception becomes so much wider. You access unlimited sources and start feeling differently, more connected and calm. Neurons in your brain create new connections. At my work I use quite often relaxation trance or guided meditation which has exactly the same effect like meditation but this method is much quicker. See you soon

Jerry Heath

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