English Tutorial – View & Cross of Peace/Vyhlídka a Smírčí kříž #164 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’m leaving from Mrchojedy. Which are fired, but I’m going
in the wrong direction. I have to get to the view over Talmberk. I’ll go somewhere else. There’s Mr. Racek. I have to report him about where it turned
out in Mrchojedy. What about the boy here? Jesus, what is it? All right, that was cruel. Well. There were three. I’m also on the bushes. They will be regenerated here.
This is the advantage of this game. It’s weird, but it is. It’s a scythe. She doesn’t stand,
I don’t want to. He didn’t have a sword?
I can not find it. He got stuck here. This would be an attempt
to beat the thieves. There were three of me. So it was a mass murder. Than some fist match. I’m going somewhere in the woods. Mr. Racek was supposed
to be here on the lookout. That was a very romantic prospect. We have a new task and
something to solve in Sázava. Clearly. Here’s the view. At the quarry. I’m going to Talmberk,
I have to go to the quarry. Because of the cross for Drahomira. I can do it. And then only to Sázava. There is nowhere to hurry. I don’t want to get around it. I’ll try to get through it. Probably yes. This is this man. It’s nice. I moved to Ledečko. The dog barks at me,
has a seizure. Yes indeed. I can wear the ring. Maybe it will bring me luck,
maybe not. Where are you, barking dog? It’s all spoiled. Here’s a new cross now. Can’t read. I’ll look … to Kun’s camp as I drive by. I will try again … fight and get into their gang. And then I will go to Sázava. That’s a bit here. He doesn’t want to fight with me. So, well. I won’t know any more today. No duel. We will continue to Sázava. We will continue in the next episode. Thank you very much for watching. Have a nice afternoon.

Jerry Heath

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