Does Prayer Work? Do Prayers Get Answered? – Teal Swan

Jerry Heath


  1. I agree completely! Because changing ourselves is the first and most important step! As within so without , if we are not love we will not attract love! I focus on studying money and materialism because that's what I care about and want to bring more of! The law of attraction is powerful!

  2. Seriously woman,I really don't know where I'd be without your insights. Thank you for the video! Absolutely liberating.
    I listen to like 3-…10 videos of yours a week. I call it my Teal-a-thon. You just make sense of all of it.

  3. the backround music is so beautiful! would you mind sharing the title? id love to medidate to that! thanks xxxxx


  5. Praying for a loved one = Killing them.
    F U C K Y O U

    Also god is that intro stupid.

  6. Your making me doubt my God, I didn’t know there was a logic to this. What about when people worship (check out the video “give me Jesus” Steffany gretzinger or bethel she is very expressive)? Are they just worshiping themselves? That makes sense but it doesn’t, where does that self feeling of worship come from though? Your soul? But your soul must be your consciousness, but if you think about it where does all that start. All the energy, the soul. We are mind body and spirit (the Bible says but that’s not false). Obviously we have mind and body but where does the spirit come from? We arnt animals. I am not praying to myself (or so I think you would say) I’m praying to God, the one I am going to meet one day. I’m sorry, I love psychology and love that you have really great, educated, accurate answers but I started crying or whatever cause it makes total sense and that scares me. I just want god, and he is telling me not to doubt, but I am cause your so smart but it’s okay. Without God my life has no worth and I feel like your taking that away from me (not you the concept) and it not like I can’t live without his doctrines it’s that I can’t live without him, his presence (explain to me what his “presences” is In your terms) but I need him like I need air (alright I’m done, thank you).

  7. Thanks for guiding me through my depression teal, you help me a lot

  8. It would be a global catastrophe if praying actually worked. All the stupid people asking for stupid things and getting them.

  9. Are you saying this applies to more of a subconscious focus or conscious focus?

  10. Pls could anyone tell me what's the meaning of the fourth sign (the round one) in the cover?

  11. I think it's all about some events, situations or goals that we can attract, there are millions of impossible things that just by focusing you will never ever get it

  12. When you see something you obviously believe it right? so the opposite must also be true, if you believe something you're obviously gonna end up seeing it. Seeing is believing – believing is seeing.

  13. May I know what is the Name of the Song for the Back ground pls . I love the Song

  14. Im not sure if i believe this… but… dammmm… your eyes are beautiful.. im hypnotized

  15. yes I do and the new age movement needs to be me but you know this thank you so much for your help in December and January ..

  16. Everything she says is spot on. I can say that from experience. Thanks for all you teach us Teal.

  17. So if I focus as she is saying on becoming immortal, will I become immortsl?

  18. How do you explain the resurrection of Lazarus in the Christian bible? Do you believe this to be true or a work of fiction?

  19. "Ask and ye shall receive, knock and the door will be opened unto you, seek and ye shall find"

  20. Feel thankfull for the existence itself is much more powerful than thank something for something else in certain specific periods of the day.

  21. I'm trying to listen but her eyes are so "green" (she's hot) Obviously I have to tune in 'cause she's hot. Matters not she is really Sai Baba (a guy who looked like a Kuh-Li)..I am totally looking at her chin, and her eyes and her perfect teeth.

  22. Teal i like so much what you say in this video is so helping but why this music is competing with your voice. Am struggling to listen to your voice. When you rise your voice a little bit music is rised too We are tuned to hear you not the music.

  23. Real prayer…. Ok…. So if you are choking… Shall I do the Heimlich Manoeuvre on you or shall I pray for you.. think we all know the answer to that.

  24. Can anybody do this at any age? Can a teenager learn to do this and harness a power of clarity and bliss..?

  25. Another amazing video thank you I was going to say May the power of the universe be with you but I believe it already is😁

  26. Yessss, this is really clearing things, love it that u look so beautiful it makes me concentrate and focus more on what u r saying, instead of being distracted by your image, as we men r always distracted by feminine beauty. Thanks Teach.

  27. I love the ideas behind your videos. But what makes me believe you really know and understand the rules of the universe (or “god”).
    You are a human just like all of us in this planet. How do you claim to know and understand how this universe behaves. It is not as simple as you claim to say if you are a human with a human brain.

  28. What if you here a voice that quotes the bible or what is you see an angel?

  29. I wonder, though, is there a sort of override that will deny a prayer that is for something that will not be good for you?


  31. Yes! Last year I was 20 min for to die burned!!some days before i was doing some budist chants and gospel music! I was crying i remember the feeling!!The hole apt got on fire!Im always praying because as an human i feel guilty!

  32. CAREFUL…TEST EVERY SPIRIT!! PEOPLE Want to hear feel good messages. People want to believe they are creators/gods n goddesses. People want to believe their are many gods serving different purposes. Take control of every thought, word or person….before allowing it in your souls. TEAL IS NOT REAL…

  33. I've felt like, I'm talking to myself when I get on my knees n prayer for something anything. And this video solves it. THE FACT. That you are one with the source or the universe.

  34. This may be one of my favorites. Of course, whichever one I watch that I am aligned with is always my favorite!

  35. I absolutely love your intro!! It’s so refreshing to see I’m not alone based on my thoughts 🙌🏽

  36. When you speak of Sourse, l spoke of Source, your the ONLY one that understood what l spoke of long sense we ever even came into existence. Asx nd then as l am texting this , I ran into the very thing one have just been envisioning as l speak…source something l were speaking about long sense anyone understood what l ment by source but you even years sense l even ever knew who you were.

  37. It has been proven that intercessory prayer works no better than random chance. A study at Harvard funded by the Templeton Foundation proved this.
    Don't bother wasteing your time praying. That time could be much better spent.

  38. Wow impressive, your knowledge of quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement enlightens me you are diffidently in connection with these source energy that is being projected inward from creation

  39. Dont mean 2 b disrespectful, but isnt humanly impossible to focus on sth else than the shark behind u ??!.. & consequently shark attacks happen only to people who thought about sharks in the 1st place .?.. I kinda confused.. I mean i know it's a metaphor, but still…?!..

  40. This was the most eye opening video, I already knew this, I could feel it, just kept giving my power away for many reasons.
    Thank you 🙏 Namaste
    I definitely need a follow up video on belief and visualization

  41. Does anyone know what the name of the melody that is playing?

  42. Teal, your words are amazing (as usual) but the music is soo loud and distractive!

  43. So we should b thankful that it has already been answered

  44. Well if you believe that its going to happen why would you even pray anymore

  45. Amazing. Trust whatever you said. Thank you for teaching us how to live out of the box.

  46. Please remove the background music it interferes with the talk. Thanks

  47. I love the feeling of hearing explanations of things that I can actually feel fully and deeply connected to. Thank you. And I really love the intro with the woman and the colours in the beginning. I see her as a version of myself that I am seeking to rediscover. I am eternally grateful for the peace that I feel when I listen to the messages in many of your videos. 🙏🏼💛

  48. Hi Teal, I really appreciate the video. I wish you always the best that life can offer. I love all your videos, You are so beautiful. XOXO.

  49. Thanks you Teal Swan for making a positive impact in my life. Xoxo 🇰🇪

  50. Boom ive been telling people this same thing lord have mercy that's why im subscribed to her channel
    We manifest things into our lives mentally everyday and dont even realize it because we are in the matrix but the mintue you wake up and realize that you're in complete control their is no going back and you're automactically on your journey.

  51. I'm in benzo withdrawal and so sick. How do I raise my vibration to match what I want when I'm in so much pain.
    Please advise x

  52. So we don’t even have to open our mouth. This prayer is simply articulated through thought.

  53. Beautiful Teal, I think your french boyfriend is an animal and wants to break you for sport.

  54. Please can anyone tell me what the background music is? (not the intro music) 🙏💚

  55. Praying is talking to our God almighty ♥️🙏🏼✝️🙌🏼 it has nothing to do with vibrations..

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