Discerning Intercessory Prayer Burdens | Dividing Between Soul & Spirit | Prophetic Intercession

Jennifer LeClaire here with you school of
the Spirit dot TV you want to give you a little taste of my prayer and mentoring
program my prayer intercession and mentoring program you know people around
the world are joining the live prayer calls every morning at 6:00 a.m. and
many people say Jennifer I wish I could pray like you i wish i could get words
of knowledge like you i wish i could compress it and begin to prophesy like
you i wish i could pray with authority like you that’s very humbling because
let me tell you something i did not used to like to pray i’ve told you this story
before i used to run and hide rather than be called up to pray i would it was
no bueno not happening don’t just leave me alone
i had a spirit of fear did not want to pray but then i began to learn about the
power of prayer and how god expects us to pray without ceasing and as i grew in
the lord what i discovered was that there are prayer burdens
there are intercessory prayer burdens but there’s also oppression we must
learn as intercessors how to separate our emotional realm from the spiritual
realm in other words how to tell if it’s just us having a rough dad a rough day
it was a rough day I don’t want to do over on today I just want to get to
tomorrow because His mercies are new every day his goodness is is chasing me
and following me you know whatever happened today is gonna be washed away
by tomorrow that’s why God gave us 24 hours a day we get to hit the reset
button all the time it was a rough day now some of that was spiritual and some
of that was emotional because I got bad news
you know the tragic news came in this week and so there’s fallout from that
but we have to learn as intercessors it has mature believers how to separate our
emotional realm from the spirit realm in other words are we feeling a certain way
because we’re having a bad day or are we feeling that way because we’re picking
up on the burden on another person are we oppressed because we’re oppressed or
are we sin single pressured in the atmosphere and God is trying to is more
to allow us to feel that so that we could intercede for somebody else I
remember many years ago I was in Nicaragua we used to go every year for
about 10-12 days a couple times once at least once this summer and I was there
and I was I was rooming with one of my spiritual mothers and I was so glad to
be able to to room with her I thought that was the coolest thing ever
everybody wanted to room with this woman I got it I got to room with her I was so
thrilled well I was so happy I was always a static because I got to glean
from her and I got to you know just you know sit up late at night and talk with
her and in the morning talk with her and it was just like the best thing ever how
many you know that was so cool it was a rough day it was a rough day it was so
cool when I woke up one morning in Nicaragua and she went on out we had
talked as she went on out and and was going to eat breakfast and I sat there
on the bed and all the Sun and I just felt so depressed and and so unhappy
like my dog died or my best friend died or so I was like feeling so happy and
I’m like my goodness I said Lord what is going on what is happening I don’t
understand I was happy a minute ago I was talking with my spiritual mother I
was gleaning all of this all of this information and revelation I was having
such a good time and all of a sudden I’m feeling like death warmed over I’m
feeling like depressed like upset and turned upside down and the Lord showed
me he gave me one word he said he said he said it’s despondency despondency now
I’m a writer by trade I was brought up to increase mobile Cabul area so I knew
what to spawn as he met it’s like a dejection it’s like a deep
disappointment it’s like you know a long-term oppression it’s just but can
you really feel like there’s no hope for change like something something is it is
wrong and I felt this despondency and that really nailed it that was exactly
how I was feeling like Lord why do I feel this way and he’s listened he said
it’s not you it’s not you it’s the spirit or the mood over the country over
this city and so and got a really quick lesson in and discerning spiritual
climates and understanding and knowing that listen it’s it’s not always you
when you feel angry you could just be picking up on on the spiritual climate
when you feel depressed you could just be picking up on the spiritual climate
you know when you feel these things many times it’s just an indicator of what’s
happening in the spirit and it also could be an intercessory prayer burden
and so they gathered together to pray every morning out in the courtyard of
this hotel where we were staying and I went out there and I was the last one to
pray I was the last one to want to pray in public still I was one who did not
want to be seen I wanted to hide I just wanted to hide but the Lord said I want
you to pray and break this despondency so I checked with my spiritual mother I
said this is what I’m hearing I was very young Lord this is what I’m hearing and
I prayed and as I prayed we began to break that spirit hope came alive even
in the hotel workers they felt like somebody gets it somebody’s praying for
somebody standing with this somebody’s gonna gonna help us in this fight and
that was one of my first lessons and discerning the difference between a
prayer burden and oppression because you can feel when the prayer burden comes
upon you you can really feel very very heavy I wrote this on Facebook some time
ago I wanted to share this with you I said intercessors listen this is good
if you’re an intercessor if you’re an intercessor listen very closely these
are the kind of things I want to teach you in my prayer and in mentoring in
prayer and intercession program at school the spirit TV this is some of
what I want to go Sudeep I want to teach basics and teach foundations but there’s
so much thing to your cold to be intercessor but many times nobody’s
raising you up I want to read this what I wrote you on face book intercessors as
we move deeper and deeper into the things of God it’s increasingly vital to
learn to defy the soul in the spirit now here that I’m gonna go on with this in a
minute but see the Bible says the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged
sword to be it Pierce’s it divides between the the
the soul in the spirit of pierces between the bone and the marrow and so
the Word of God is the anchor of our soul and so when we submit our emotions
to the Word of God and we say Lord you know I maybe maybe here’s why the devil
is so deceiving because you can have a really rough day but you can also have
an intercessory prepper and at the same time it is vital that we learn how to
separate the soul in the spirit I started off talking about this it’s
violence intercessors or you’ll walk around thinking you’re depressed there’s
something wrong with you but you’ve got an anger problem you’re really just
picking up on the anger problem with your neighbor and the gods tried to and
let you feel what he feels so that you have a compassion for him to pray like I
did in Nicaragua intercessors as we move deeper and deeper into the things of God
it’s increasingly vital to learn to divide soul from spirit when the burden
of the Lord comes upon you you may feel the weight of oppression hear the
enemy’s accusations or experience various negative emotions simply out of
the blue that’s not you learn to quickly discern the call to pray against a thing
rather than coming under it see the enemy wants to make us think that is us
so that we just feel sorry for ourselves or you know at the one side or the other
side we begin to resist it begin to ease and it’s good if you’re if you’re
beginning attacked with oppression if you’re getting attacked with depression
if you’re getting attacked with with we know with thoughts of of unforgiveness
if you’re getting attacked with these things that the devil is is lobbying
vain imaginations that you that exalt themselves against the knowledge you got
according to 2nd Corinthians 10 and 5 yeah you need to cast those things down
but if you’ve got a burden to pray for a family member a burden to pray for a
neighbor and you just resist those feelings and you’re actually resisting
God because God is allowing you to feel the way that they feel God is allowing
you to sense that sometimes you know when you get a word of wisdom sometimes
it manifests is like a pain in your butt like oh I’ve got a pain in my knee I
didn’t have a pain in my knee a minute ago somebody here has opinion of me who
is that so I can pray for them it’s the same way with intercessory prayer
burdensome times sometimes the Lord there was this
one time where I woke up in the middle of the night and I just began to weep
and weep and weep and weep I had friends that were actually going ahead of me to
Nicaragua and so it was very early in the morning and I was like 5 o’clock
they were leaving and I woke up at the time they were leaving and I began to
weep and weep and weep and weep but I’m like what is wrong with me I’m not sad I
don’t miss these people I’m gonna be there with them in a day now the devil
was trying to tell me you just miss your friends I didn’t miss my friends I just
saw them that yesterday and I’m gonna see them tomorrow it was it was again
there was a there was an eggs in the country and the Lord gave me a heart for
these people so I will begin to feel what they were feeling I’ll begin to
feel what they’re feeling so there’s these times where I’ve a very close
friend when there’s something wrong with this one particular friend
I always know and I always know there’s something wrong it’s like you might call
it a disturbance in the force I think just to be glib about it
there’s just something like you just feel like something’s wrong sometimes
you have such a close connection you know when you when you’re when you’re
walking very closely with somebody many times you just know there’s something
wrong and that is that you don’t know that just so you can be in the know it’s
so that you can actually pray for them and my friend knows when there’s
something wrong with me she’s like are you having this are you having that yes
can’t hide anything from intercessors the Lord reveals what he wants them to
know he’s not revealing that to embarrass you he’s revealing it to help
you Lester Sumrall gives the story one time he was out and these are the kind
of things I want to teach you at school the spirit TV and my prayer and
mentoring an intercession program I want to go deep on some of this stuff more
time that I have now because you know I got up at 3 a.m.
rough day rough day and I need to go I need to go go to bed because I used to
get up at 4 but I got up at 3 I got up at 3 but the Lester Sumrall tells the
story of of how you know he was he was in China or somewhere and there was
there was all this oppression coming at him and he was actually a physical
danger and he was sitting at somebody’s house and did a dinner like a year later
or so and and I’m problem botching publisher details
the principal is here he was sitting at somebody’s dinner and he was telling
this story about how he’s in such danger in China and they said what day was that
and they said he said it was such a such a day what about time was that he said
it was such a such time and this woman opened her journal and she had written a
prayer entry that she was up that night praying for brothers summer all for his
protection and for his deliverance and it was her press he didn’t never know
you know what was wrong with him she just knew she was praying for him she
knew she had an unction to pray she knew that she had something that she had to
do and she was faithful to it intercessors be faithful to follow and
obey the unction of the the the the the feelings that you
feel it’s not for nothing but again you must learn to divide between soul and
spirit because listen you will not be a successful or an effective intercessor
if you think it’s all about you if you’ve stepped into this office if
you stepped into this role you must learn how to divide your soul from your
spirit now sometimes it’s easy because what it’s like a mood swings like one
minute you’re fine next minute you’re like oh other times it’s just more
subtle you grow in this you mature in this now the principle of intercession
includes burden bearing now you can you can be an intercessor it’s not just
about prayer you know let me just put a new twist on intercession sometimes it’s
about you know actually you know doing physical natural things for people in
relieving burdens that way Jesus did that he fed the poor he was interceding
for the poor by providing food but he was also interceding for us Lord let go
be one as we are one Jesus is our model intercessor but the principle see where
I live when when they have when they have when they plant new palm trees
darling baby palm trees they put you know stakes up to hold it it’s a burden
bearing act and so and that’s to keep them stable and steady gets they get
rooted and grounded those stakes they’re the birthday they bear the burden of the
tree and when we intercede for people their places we’re interceding or
bearing a burden and Jesus is the ultimate burden bear he bore our sins on
a cross that was the ultimate act of intercession that was a physical act
he wasn’t prankers he was actually taking our place Romans 8:26 and 27 like
why the spirit helps our weaknesses because
we know not how to pray as we ought but the Holy Spirit helps our infirmities
with with groaning intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words he who
searches the hearts knows what’s in the mind of the Spirit because he intercedes
for the saints according to the will of God she’s sometimes we know exactly
we’re praying for and sometimes we don’t have a clue it doesn’t matter if we ever
know what matters is if we obey if we obey the Holy Spirit feels the same
burden that you’re feeling he’s sharing it with you because the Holy Spirit
lives on the inside of you and and he’ll share his emotions but you know God has
emotions did you know that God actually has emotions he gets angry righteous
indignation he feels joy he laughs and the Lord the Lord has all these emojis
grieved you can grieve the Holy Spirit he has all these emotions and sometimes
he’ll let you feel what he feels as a matter of fact Mike Bickle taught me
this one of the greatest prayers you could pray if you’re an intercessor Lord
let me see what you see and feel what you feel about so-and-so well let me see
what you see and feel what you feel about my friend so-and-so about this
nation let me see what you see and feel what you feel and in that way you’re
becoming a real intercessor you’re seeing through the eyes of God one of my
big prayers lately is is Lord let me let me see people the way that you do let me
love them the way that you love them amen we might not ever know what we’re
praying for so sometimes you just have to pray in the spirit if you don’t know
what to pray for you don’t know who you’re praying for but you feeling an
oppression you’re feeling and angst you’re feeling a disturbance in the
force maybe maybe you know it’s about your friend you know it’s about your mom
your dad but you don’t know what it means just pray in the spirit because
the Holy Spirit knows and he’s moving on you because you’re a change agent in the
earth you’re a change agent in the earth amen you are his hands and feets in the
earth amen I want to pray for you in just a minute I’m going to read this to
you one more time intercessors as we move deeper and deeper into the things
of God it’s increasingly vital to learn to divide soul from spirit when the
burden of the Lord comes upon you you may feel the weight of oppression hear
the enemy’s accusations or experience various negative motions emotions
seeming out of the blue that’s not you learn to
quickly discern the call to pray against a thing rather than coming up under it
so the enemy wants you to come up under the oppression that the Lord is calling
you to break the enemy wants you to come up under the anger the frustration that
the Lord is calling you to to stand in the gap for somebody else who’s feeling
that way we’ve gotta learn how to divide soul and spirit amen
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before it’s too late I want to pray for you father I thank you for your
anointing to pray I thank you Lord that then you release the spirit of prayer
upon your people God lord help us to be those who pray without ceasing God Lord
would you help us to keep on contending to the end for your will to be done in
our lives our families our cities our nation in the earth God Lord I ask you
to give us an unction to pray a willingness to pray a hunger to pray in
Jesus name there’s somebody out there and your prayer life has grown cold
because you’ve been through such a season of battle fatigue and the Lord
shows me that he’s gonna rekindle you in this season just grab hold
again just begin to look at Jesus again the enemy has distracted you and tried
to cause you to look at him him him and the Lord wants you to look at Jesus
Jesus Jesus Holy Spirit and you’re gonna get re-energized in
real a refueled and there’s another one someone out there you sustained friendly
fire you were standing in the gap and someone just thought you were meddling
you thought you were gossiping and you were falsely accused I don’t know who
you are but the Lord’s gonna heal that you need to get back on the wall you
need to get back on the wall the Lord has need of you
Lord heal the intercessors listen if you’re an intercessor I want you align
with me in the ignite Network I value intercessors I want to hear what
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could use your wisdom you know it’s not all about me it’s about you having a
platform to share your wisdom and to help people praise God
school of the Spirit TV ignite now.org get registered get signed up in Jesus
name Amen thanks for being on the broadcast I’ll be back with you 6 a.m.
tomorrow live stream alright guys I am off of Facebook
how’d you guys

Jerry Heath


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