Diabetes Yoga | Complete Package of Yoga For Diabetes type 1 & 2 by Nityanandam Shree

Namaskaram ! Toady I’lll talk about Yoga to cure diabetes How to practice yoga to cure diabetes because So many persons were asking about Diabetes Yoga then i decided to make video on this topic first so i’ll keep this video short & compact to serve you fast However to cure diabetes is third step but before that your focus should be on revive / overcome damage due to diabetes & first thing is control diabetes level with yoga First Step is Control Diabetes after that focus on Cure First maintain your diabetes with yoga, ayurveda & all Do not Drop Your medicine initially After a period if you feel your sugar level is going down then you could drop medicines with the help of your doctor & whenever you feel your sugar is normal even with low dose of medicines then you can stop taking medicines very gradually along with you need to practice yoga everyday honestly Don’t be in hurry in taking decisions of droping medicines Your sugar level might be raised later then you’ll say.. No Benefits of Yoga !! after all its a human machinery which function were being performed by medicine Now Regular yoga is needed for better functioning have to choose at least one thing so how to practice yoga i’ll demonstrate in short In case of diabetes you could practice every posture you even can do Sun salutation of grinding, anything even micro exercises fast exercises or running walk everything is allowed but one person asked what you suggest to cure type 2 or type 1 diabetes permanently i repeat cure is possible but its bit long process i might take five six months sometimes it takes on year Its a next thing but the priority should be to control & to overcome or manage the damage of eyes, kidneys, liver, nerves & all first deal with weakness due to frequent urintion work to be safe from damage first means close your running tap first then fill your tank further filling is waste before that first protect & secure what you have now Lets begin Start yoga routine with Om Chanting five times minimum then Bhastrika ( Deep Breathing ) 5 to 7 min Inhale in 4 to 5 seconds & exhale in same time Do this minimum 50 times for best results practice 100 times that deep breathing Its also known as Bhastrika Pranayama After that Kapalbhati Pranayama in this technique give pumping strokes to your belly Do like this practice continuously practice 7 to 10 min initially then gradually increase this technique up to 25 min if your body stamina allows you its beneficial in all types of diabetes however sometimes diabetes decreases by doing excessive yoga so you need to understand your body if you feel very much hunger during yoga then immediately take some honey or light refreshment

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