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– What’s up party people? And welcome to Dedicate,
your 30 day yoga journey. Today’s practice is
what it’s all about. So hop on the
mat for your Day 12 Curate practice. Let’s get started. (bright music) Okay my friends. Come on down to the ground. Let’s begin on all fours. As always if you
need to pad the knees you can use a
little blanket or a towel. We’re gonna start
off nice and easy today dropping your
belly for Cow Pose. Inhale. Exhaling,
rounding through the spine. Continue with your
breath as you inhale feeling the stretch in
the opening of the front body. And as you exhale
feeling the stretch in the opening on the back body. And start to listen to
the sound of your breath. Continue with
your spinal flexion. Considering
today’s theme of Curate, it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with yoga is yoga
is just constantly reminding me that
ultimately I am those one responsible for
my own happiness. And outside source
is not responsible. Ultimately it’s me. So let’s see if
we can consider that as we begin to veer
off the railroad tracks here in Cat-Cow making
this spinal flexion your own. So you’re in charge
of your experience here. You’re responsible
for your own happiness. So you’ve been working
now for almost two weeks so you might find that the
abdominals are a little sore. You might come forward. You might find that
maybe you’ve had a tough day. I’m sorry to hear that.
It happens. Maybe you come to
Extended Child’s Pose. So really curating your warm up and thereby curating
your experience on the mat and the more we
practice doing this on the mat, the more readily available this practice
becomes to us off the mat. And since there
inevitably is a myriad of things outside of our control this is a really
valuable practice, really valuable tool
to have in your belt. Take the same energy, whatever
you’ve curated thus far even if you’re in
Extended Child’s Pose, and use it to make
your way to Downward Dog. Take your time.
There’s no rush. And then notice
if you just pause here waiting for the next thing, totally normal but
instead lets cue brain and body to keep going.
Don’t decide where it ends. Stretch it out. Notice how you feel today. Awesome. Then from
Downward Dog same thing. Make your way to
the top of the mat. Find you way there. Find what feels good. Make it your own. And then we’ll meet in a Forward
Fold at the top of the mat. Take a nice deep inhale in here. Just halfway lift. And then exhale
to soften and fold. Beautiful. Bend the knees, plant the palms, step the right toes back,
step the left toes back. Just Plank for one breath,
don’t worry. And then exhale,
slowly lower to the knees. Come back to your
Tabletop Position. Alright, find a
nice strong base here. We’re gonna slowly,
slowly lift the right knee out towards the
right side of your mat for a little Fire Hydrant Pose. Engage the right glutes. Then start to draw big
circles with your right knee. Hands are in a nice wide base. Stacking the bones. We’re engaging the lower belly. We’re pressing in to
the top of the left foot. Then notice if you pay attention to the fact that
you’ve established one way of routing,
one way of doing it. And then see if
you can reverse it. Find the other way.
Reverse direction. And there could
be a tendency to lean into the left
side of that mat here, so connect to your midline. Get strong in your core. Press into both palms evenly. Sweet. Then slowly release. If you need to
take a little break you can sit back, I’ll do it. Let’s all do a
little Thriller Arms. Sit back on the
heels for a moment. Send the wrists forward. Thriller Arms. Inhale in. Exhale out and we’ll
come back to all fours. Alright, find
your nice strong base. When you’re ready
lifting your left knee out towards the
left side of your mat. So I want you to turn
on the low belly here. Engage, engage. Yeah and then start to
move in one direction. Big circles with the left knee. Big beautiful breaths to just
move any stagnant energy. There’s so many
different philosophies, of course,
that talk about our emotional intelligence and
its connection to the hips. So just pay attention. Notice that you’ve
established one way of moving and see if you can reverse it. Careful not to
collapse into your right side. Abdominal wall engaged. Abdominal wall engaged. Okay. (laughs) Slowly releasing
the left knee down. We’re gonna drop the elbows
exactly where the hands were. Give your wrists a little break
as we come into Anahatasan. Walking your knees back,
opening the shoulders, heart melts to the earth. Try to keep the
forearms like an 11, like the number 11,
two parallel lines. Melt your heart,
chest to the earth, forehead toward the mat. Breathe deep and allow
your breath to move you here. Keep pressing into the tops
of the feet for stability. Press into the knuckles,
the fingertips, and live inside this moment. Being mindful of
your thoughts, your breath, and using your awareness to help curate your own experience. Cool. Then slowly we’ll
come back up to all fours. Take your time and slowly make your way to Downward Facing Dog. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Bend the knees,
inhale look forward. Exhale, make
your way to the top. Have a some fun.
Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and fold. Tuck the chin. Press into all four corners of
the feet and slowly roll it up. Mm, back to the Mountain. Again, here’s a
wonderful opportunity each time we
come to Mountain Pose or often that we find ourself in a similar shape we
have an opportunity to remember (sighs),
I’m in charge of my experience,
the way I react to things. And, of course,
this goes without saying, you know we’re
human so we can’t always control how we react to things. But having an awareness and a practice of
awareness certainly helps. From here you’re gonna
bring the hands to the heart. And slowly we’re
gonna bend the knees. We’re just gonna
take the right foot and bring it right behind the left. So your legs are
criss-crossed here. Left foot in front of the right. Great then best you
can you’re gonna find that loop of energy lifting
up through the front body, grounding through the back body. Great. Then we’ll release
the fingertips down. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold. Slight bend in both knees. Beautiful. Hang out
here for a sec. Shake the head a
little yes and then no. Then if you want you can write your name in
imaginary sand here. Or write the name
of someone you love. Benji. Okay. Or if that’s not your jam, just gentle
rocking side to side. Not clenching the toes,
not locked out in the knees. Cool. Ground slowly rolling up,
stacking through your spine. Hands come back to the heart. And then we’ll slowly release and just take it
on to the other side. So ground
through your right foot and send your left foot behind. Again, careful not to
lock the knees out here particularly if you
have a little hyper mobility. Keep a soft bend. Nice and safe and yummy. Okie doke. Here we go. Fingertips go down to come up.
We find that loop. So, pelvis might
want to tilt out here so, see if you can lengthen tailbone down. Just get your
center right underneath you and when you’re ready
fingertips go down to come up. We take a deep breath in, slight bend in the knees as
now we slowly melt it forward. Sinking. Second one here.
Shake the head. Maybe this would
be a good opportunity to let go of any
stress or tension that you might’ve come
on to the mat with. Any words unspoken, or words that
you wish you’d said, anything that
needs to be forgiven and just send a little love. Go ahead and send
some love out now. Right? What you
give is what you get. It’s all a reflection. Yes. Alright.
Ground through the feet. Tuck the chin. Connect to your center,
your core as you roll it up. Hands come to the heart. Yes. Feel (laughs). Sorry I just
felt my energy change. Feel that flush, fresh blood, fresh oxygen as
you breathe in deeply and we’ll
release the feet bring them together
hip width apart. Alright, here we go.
Fingertips come down to come up. Inhale, reach for the sky. Catch a wave.
Exhale, crest, fall. Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Just find a little length. And exhale, let something go. Great, you’re gonna
step the right foot back. Step the left foot back. Lower all the way to the belly. Inhale for a Cobra. Gentle back bend. Exhale to soften and fold. Inhale to press up
to all fours or Plank. Exhale to take it to
Downward Facing Dog. Find your set up. You got it.
Connect to your center. Anchor the left heel, inhale. Slide the sole of your
right foot up against a wall. Now bend the right knee. We’re gonna go big circles
with the right knee here. Pressing into both palms evenly. Pressing into both palms evenly. Notish, (laughs). Notice the direction
you’ve established and then now reverse it. Reverse it. Great, then kick
the right foot out. One-Legged Dog and on an exhale
squeeze it in, knee to nose. Beautiful. Kick it up.
Three-Legged Dog. Switch it over. Left foot.
Right foot comes down. Left foot lifts up high. Stick with it. We’re
strengthening the upper body. You got it. Breathe in. You have it. Navel in. You got it. Then bend your left
knee and here we go. Big circles. You got this. Press into both palms evenly. Meet your appropriate edge.
You got this. Breathing deep. Anchoring
through the right heel. Upper arm bones
externally rotating. Reverse the circle. Left knee opposite direction. You got it.
Keep breathing. Soften the skin on the face. You’re doing great.
Building strength. Curating your experience. Making sure you’re
checking your attitude. Often the mind
gives up before the body. You’re doin’ awesome.
Here we go. Shifting forward.
Squeezing knee to nose. You got this.
Three, two, one. Send it back,
Downward Facing Dog. Both feet on the ground. Inhale in. Exhale. Bend your knees. Look towards the top. Make your way there. Take your time. Forward Fold. Let everything go. Wooh! Nice work. Inhale in. Empty it out
through the mouth. Gorgeous. Tuck your chin and
roll all the way up. Slowly rise up to Mountain Pose. Send your gaze out. Chin lifted. Trust me, trust yourself,
trust the video. See feelingly again, as
Mr. Shakespeare once wrote and without looking down
bring your feet together. Then bring the palms together. Capture this magic moment. Inhale in. Exhale,
relax the shoulders down. Okay, so inhale. Fingertips are gonna reach up. Left hand’s
gonna grab right wrist and then we’re gonna repeat what
we did with the feet earlier. Right foot
comes behind the left. Now straighten the legs. Careful not to
lock out the knees. You’re gonna slowly
tilt to the left side. Breathe deep.
Lengthen tailbone down. Beautiful. Then slowly
come back to center. From your core,
we’ll release the feet and then opposite hand. So right hand to the left wrist. We’ll pull up and over
taking it to the right. Soft bend in the knees. Left toes behind
and then we grow. Lengthening tailbone down. Lifting chin just slightly. Breathe in deep here. Inhale. Exhale to release. Awesome. Big beach ball up and overhead. You got it. Inhale. Exhale, rain it down. Forward Fold. Good. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Step or hop it back. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Yogi’s choice. And then Downward Facing Dog. Last one. You’re not gonna be
here long so take the most loving
breath you taken all day. Inhale in. And exhale out. Gorgeous. Slow descend of
the knees down to the earth. And so from here
we’re gonna be going into a One-Legged Pigeon. So I want to offer two options. I’m gonna do a
Reclined Pigeon on my back which I think
most people will enjoy. But the other
option is to bring your right knee up here
and do Pigeon here, kind of traditional
One-Legged King Pigeon. So, just offering it right away for those who know that
they will like that more. Otherwise if that’s
a little bit new to you particularly if you’re
tight in the hips or low back, join me for a
Reclined One-Legged Pigeon. You’ll swing the
legs to one side. Slowly come on to your back. And whichever
variation you’ve chosen we’ll do the right leg first. So on the back we’ll
kick the right leg up. Cross right ankle
over the top left thigh and we’ll thread the needle
starting to breathe deep here. Don’t forget your breath. Often people
forget the breath here. So keep the breath
going the whole way long and here we are squeezing the
legs towards the heart space. In both
variations keeping active in the right toes and left toes. Breathing into the belly. Softening your gaze or
closing your eyes here. So, a little food for thought
to take off the mat today, s remembrance
(laughs) that ultimately we are the ones responsible
for our own happiness. For the way we move and
the way we perceive. The way we observe, and the way we problem solve. The Asana practice
is awesome because it allows us to see kind of how we handle our stuff. (chuckle) And hip work’s
great and we’ll continue with it because it
kind of shows you like, is it kind of your
pattern to go around something or to avoid it or can
you learn to find expansion, feel your way through something? Trust your guts. Alright. Take an inhale. Use your exhale. Let the exhale be your cue
to make your exit, to unravel. And then we’ll
switch to the other side. This is our last bit today so, if you’re on your
back really feel supported in this moment.
If you’re flipped, feel that connection
of hand to earth, maybe palms to earth
and feel supported by Sweet Mama Earth and then I’ll quiet
up for this side and allow you to listen
to the sound of your breath. Notice what thoughts
might’ve come up here. Acknowledge them. Come back to the
sound of your breath, the wisdom of your
heart for one more cycle. In. And out. (laughs) Okay, unraveling. Beautiful. If you are not on your back yet come on down to join us, pals. We’ll just take a moment here
to windshield wiper the legs. Be really mindful,
even in these small moments, let them all be
gestures of love. And then we’ll
extend the legs out long. Alright so we’ll expand on this a bit more tomorrow but
you can take this off the mat and in to
the rest of your day or your evening
remembering, dear one, that you are ultimately
the one responsible for your own happiness. Everything you have is within. I’m here to help
as are all the people practicing with you around
the world, supporting you. We’re all in this together. And isn’t that a great feeling? Bring the palms together.
Thumbs up to third eye. We’ll close today by
inhaling lots of love in. Exhaling lots of love out. And quietly we whisper Namaste. Thanks everyone.
You’re doin’ awesome. Hasta manaña. (bright music)

Jerry Heath

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