Day 25 | Dancing Warrior Sequence | 30 Days of Yoga

Hey, guys. Welcome to Thirty Days of Yoga
with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we have a swift and fun dancing warrior practice for
you. It’s day 25. Doing awesome, guys. Let’s go. All right, my friends. Today we’re going to
begin with a little cat cow, so a little spinal flex to warm it up. Go ahead and come onto
all fours. Find your breath. Let’s make the most of our practice today, day 25. It’s a
short practice. We’re gonna move nice and swift, so take breaks when you need to. And
we’ll begin by warming up the spine with a little cat cow. Smile. You got this. You made it to your mat.
Really the hard part is over. So let’s just rock out together here and breathe. Today’s
practice is like a little dance, a little dancing warrior sequence, so we’re just gonna
do a little dance together and then we’ll continue on with the day. You guys are doing
awesome. Starting with a little cat cow, connecting to the breath, maybe closing your eyes. You
know what to do here, checking in with the body and the breath. And then curling the
toes under whenever you’re ready, we’ll walk the palms forward just a hair. Find that spiral
in the shoulders and let’s lift those sit bones up towards the sky. Bend the knees.
Pedal it out. And don’t decide where it ends here. Moving in a way that feels good for
you today, stretching it out, just committing to the practice. Then we’ll take a slow walk up towards the
front edge. Together we’ll land in uttanasana, extended forward fold. Keep the knees bent
as generously as you like. Deep breath in, long breath out. And slowly we’re going to
roll it up. Enjoy it, this move, this time for yourself, nice and slow. Coming up to
mountain pose, we stand up nice and tall. Smile. And on an inhale, reach it up. Fingertips
kiss up and overhead. Full body stretch here. Take a second to just work out the kinks.
You might sway a little side to side. You might find a softness in the knees, maybe
even a slight back bend. So we do a little organic movement here. And then we’ll release
the fingertips down, interlace, and the same thing here, a little organic movement, opening
the chest, opening the shoulders. Smile. This is what yoga’s all about, finding what feels
good. You can do this on your mat but you can also do this off your mat any time. Great. Then we’ll release the fingertips and
inhale, reach them high, fingertips kiss up overhead one more time, and exhale, forward
fold. Inhale, lift to your flat back position, and exhale, soften and bow. Plant the palms.
Step or hop it back to plank. Take your time. Then lower the knees. Slowly lower all the
way down to your belly or keep the knees lifted, slowly lower all the way down to your belly.
Inhale, press into the tops of the feet, lift up, cobra. Exhale, forehead kisses the mat.
Inhale, press into your palms, lift up, cobra. Exhale, release. One more. Inhale, press into
everything that is touching the mat and lift up, cobra, and exhale, release. Awesome work.
Curl the toes under. Press up to all fours or plank, that top of a push up position,
and then we’ll send it back, downward facing dog. Great work, my friends. Deep breath in, long
breath out. Bend the knees. Look forward. Inhale in, exhale, float towards the front
of your mat or walk. Inhale, lift to flat back. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale, halfway
lift, and exhale, release. Press into your feet. Reach it all the way up, full body experience,
full breath, and exhale, hands together at the heart or maybe you rain the fingertips
down. So I’m really trying to give you a little freedom to make it your own here all the time
but especially here as we come to the end so that when your thirty days are over you
can kind of feel empowered to do your own thing. So maybe that’s shoulder rolls, neck
rolls, wrist rolls, pausing the video to do something more. Find what feels good. When you feel satisfied, let’s inhale, reach
it up, fingertips kiss up and overhead. On an exhale, diving forward. On an inhale, halfway
lift, beautiful long neck. And exhale, release. Cool. Step or hop it back to plank once again,
the same thing as before. You can lower the knees or you can keep the knees lifted as
you shift your weight forward and practice chaturanga, or maybe you lower all the way
to the belly for cobra again. Inhale to cobra or upward facing dog. Lift the backs of the
legs. Open your chest. Press into all ten knuckles. And then exhale, everyone, downward
facing dog. In down dog we’re going to drop the left heel and slide the right leg up.
You can take a second here to open up through that hip, maybe draw a couple circles, whatever
feels good. And then we’ll send that right foot all the way up and into our lunge. Go ahead and pivot on the back foot and we’re
going to rise up into warrior one. Strong legs, I inhale and reach the fingertips up.
Smile. Then exhale, dial your heart towards the left side of your mat. Come into warrior
two. You might even widen your stance here as you grow your practice. Breathe deep. Engage.
Then we’re going to inhale. Keep the front knee bent as you reach forward, up, and back,
peaceful warrior. Exhale, back to warrior two. Beautiful. Now straighten that front
leg. Tilt sit bones back and we’re going to tilt forward trikonasana. Inhale in, shine
your heart up towards the sky. And exhale, bend that front knee back to warrior two.
Cool. Drop the left fingertips down to come up, warrior dance here as we inhale. High
lunge, open your heart. And exhale, open the chest and shoulders as you release down. Take
a rest here, knees on the ground, sit bones back, or we move through a vinyasa. If you’re in child’s pose, make your way back
to downward facing dog and we’re going to do the same little warrior dance on the other
side. So drop the right heel, inhale, lift the left leg high. Take a second here to work
out the kinks. Stretch. Just explore your body. And then slowly, we’ll step the left
foot up into our lunge. Pivot on that right foot. Press into the outer edge of that back
foot. Bend your front knee and we rise up, warrior one. Full breath here. Relax your
shoulders. Enjoy. And then on an exhale, let’s open out, warrior two, full body experience,
nice and strong. Then inhale, sink deep into that front knee. Tailbone lengthens down.
Reach forward, up, and back, peaceful warrior. You got this. Breathing deep, exhale, back
to warrior two. Straighten the front leg. Send the sit bones back. Tilt. Keep length
in the side body. Come into your triangle, trikonasana. Only a breath cycle here, in
and out. Then take a nice, deep breath in. Exhale, bend that front knee back to warrior
two, strong legs, extending energy out through the fingertips. Now we’ll drop the right fingertips down to
come up. We pivot on the back foot and we inhale, arms up high. Breathe in deep here
and then exhale, open the chest and shoulders as you release back down to the earth. Awesome.
Beautiful warrior dance, my friends. Plant the palms. Step it back. Come to your knees.
Take it to child’s pose or vinyasa and then together we’ll meet in child’s pose. Swim the fingertips back, forehead comes to
the mat, and we rest. Beautiful, my friends. Find your breath. Breathe. Tuck your chin
into your chest. Slowly roll up. Palms come to the tops of the thighs and we lift the
heart. Deep breath in and exhale out through the mouth. One more just like that. Inhale
in through the nostrils and exhale out, don’t be shy, out of the mouth. Awesome. Feels awesome.
Great. Widen the knees. Turn the fingertips in towards your center and we’re just going
to stretch the arms here a little bit, pressing into all ten knuckles. You can practice a
lion’s breath here if you’re feeling the pranayama today, inhaling in through the nostrils and
same thing, exhaling out through the mouth, this time drawing the tongue down and the
gaze up. Cool. Then we’ll slowly release, Walk the knees back in. And so day 25. So now we’re going to begin
to either transition straight to shivasana or I’d love for you to explore a little freestyle.
So depending on the amount of energy you have today, you might come up onto your toes, plant
your palms, and work on bakasana. Maybe you are working on a crow practice, lifting one
toe and then the other. Maybe you pause and you’re like, “I’d love to learn that” and
you hop on over to the Foundations of Crow Pose video for a little fun. Same thing with
an inversion. Maybe you want to work on a headstand today or a shoulder stand, so moving
over to the Foundation of Yoga, or if you’re already practicing those in your practice,
you might begin to just work on a little bit of prep and then play with that here. If you
were enjoying the happy hip openers of yesteryear, then you might shift forward and come into
a one legged pigeon, mindfully, of course, breathing, using the sound of your breath
to stay focused in on the sensations. And then of course, just make sure you repeat
on the other side. So I’d love to just offer this up to you right
now, a little play time at the end of your practice. Again, I think this is going to
inspire you to continue to do this after our thirty days, so we want to start that now,
on day twenty five. If you’re tired, if time is short, then you might just head straight
to shavasana, like me, and begin to get settled in for a little relaxation, maybe coming into
a reclined twist or whatever feels good, letting the weight of the body begin to relax and
settle and really just focusing on the breath, maybe coming into even a meditation pose over
the shavasana is always a good idea too, so just a nice little moment of stillness. So
I’m really proud of you guys. I’m really honored to be here on day twenty five with you, and
I will see you tomorrow. Stick with it, day twenty six. Namaste. Enjoy your play time
or your relaxation. Take good care.

Jerry Heath


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  7. These 25 days have really lifted my spirit and given me so much good energies to carry on with through the day! Namaste 🙂

  8. Just want you to know I have almost completed the challenge, tho I have had to repeat several days to strengthen my body and take a day of rest in between at times. At 66 years old, for the first time my lower back sits firmly on the floor when I am lifting my legs or doing an or shavasana. I also can hold a plank and lower halfway down without collapsing. Thank you Adrienne for your encouraging manner and the public service in offering your free training. I look forward to our mat time daily

  9. day 25!

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