Day 17 – Happiness Boost Yoga – 30 Days of Yoga

Hey guys, welcome to 30 Days of Yoga With
Adriene. I’m Adriene and I’m super excited, it’s day 17. I can’t believe it. We’re doing
so good. All right, let’s get on the mat and get started. Today we’re going to begin on our backs. So,
keep the soles of the feet on the earth, knees up towards the sky. Come into a nice comfy
position and we’re going to move into a little bridge pose flow to warm up our bodies and
drop into our breath. So, whenever you’re ready, begin to notice your breath. You might
windshield wiper the legs a little from side to side just to start to connect and draw
your attention inward. Maybe a deep breath of gratitude for taking this time for you. We’ll walk the knees up towards the hip points,
or the sit bones rather, and bring the fingertips down just to kind of gauge this length here,
heels kissing the fingers. Spread your palms wide on the mat, make sure your toes are pointing
forward, and on a deep breath in, we’re going to peel up the tail and slowly lift the hip
points up into a bridge pose, massaging the spine. I’m going to let my palms open up as
I spill onto the upper back body and find a deep breath in here. On an exhale, I slowly
lower down through the spine and I’m going to turn my palms face down once again. And
I find a gentle rock of the pelvis in between and then inhale, press into the feet.
Start by lifting up through the tail bone, and one vertebra at a time I open up and as
I hit my shoulder blades with the scapula, I’m going to open up through the palms. Yes!
That feels awesome. Keep pressing up. Now I’m going to just flow in my own time, massaging
the spine. If any of the muscles of the back of your body are sore, this is going to be
awesome. Moving with the breath. And on an exhale, release. This time I’m going to inhale
and reach my arms up and overhead. Same thing, I pull up through the tail bone, your navel
draws down and then I press into my feet to lift up tall. I’m going to slowly lower my
finger tips into the ground as I lift up through my full potential and then exhale, reaching
the arms up and lower the buttocks down. And we flow with the breath. Inhale floating the
fingertips down, lifting the hips up. And exhale one more time. Reach your fingertips,
floating the buttocks down. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Palms back down to your sides. Now we’re really going to get into massaging
the spine and using the arms. So, this can be a little hard to describe, especially via
video, but I’ll give it my best shot. We inhale. Press in all four corners of the feet and
begin to scoop the tail bone up. So, from there I begin to lift up, really rocking on
the pelvis, and I’m also going to reach up through my hands this time, so I’m synchronizing
the lift off. Inhale, reaching up, reaching up, reaching up. And then on the exhale, fingertips
are going to come together towards the mid-line and I’m going to slowly lower down. I’m going
to use the reaching of my arms forward to really massage the spine. Slowly lowering
down. So, this will look a little bit different
for everyone. Sometimes you can even get into some tight places with your fingertips, and
then I release and I kind of hit the refresh button in between and try again. Inhaling,
reaching arms up overhead, scooping the tailbone up. I reach up, lift up through the hip points
and then exhale same thing here. Bring the fingertips together right here is a nice spot
for me to work into the spine massage, the back body. Awesome. And then I release, take
a breath in between and one more time, in your own time, just playing here. And then I will meet you in this point of
release. Awesome. Shake it off by hugging the knees into the chest and rocking a little
from side to side. Crawl the shoulder blades down the back body and then take a second
here to just rotate the ankles one way and then the other. Great. Hug the right knee
in towards the chest, send the left leg out super long. Press, press, press into the top
of that left thigh bone and then we’ll take a deep breath here as you squeeze up and in
and then exhale. Guide the right knee over towards the left, opening up into a twist
here. This time, inhale, reach the arms up and overhead. Exhale, flow the right fingertips
down. Again just like that, inhale, reach the arm up overhead. Exhale down and one more
time, full breath. We exhale, fingertips draw down, we release back to center and we switch. Hugging the left knee in, send the right leg
out long, so really pressing some energy through that right heel. Deep breath in. On an exhale,
guide the left knee over towards the right, and the same thing, I’m going to inhale, reach
my left fingertips up overhead and exhale. Flow them down. Inhale, reach up over, and
exhale down. Last one. Inhale, deep breath, reach up, and exhale lower and release back
to center. Awesome. Cross the ankles, grab the outer edges of
the feet and we’re going to go for a little rock and roll back and forth, back and forth,
massaging the spine. When you feel satisfied, go ahead and rock all the way up and we’re
going to come to all fours. So, I have a little blanket here, you can pad the knees with a
towel or a blanket as we come to all fours. Take a couple of moments here and cat cow,
looping the shoulders, stretching the belly. Inhale, heart radiates forward, and exhale,
curling the tailbone under, chin to chest. Press into the earth, moving with your breath.
We’ll bring it back to center. Walk the palms out just slightly. Curl the toes under and
send it up and back downward facing dog. Take a couple of breaths here, warming up the body,
noticing how this pose evolves with regular practice and how our awareness expands each
day, each breath. Take one more deep breath in here, maybe find stillness. Bend the knees
and slowly lower back down to our tabletop position. Awesome. Take a second here to make
sure you’re not crashing into the wrists my friend, so really press up and out of the
earth. Wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the hip points. Inhale,
extend the right toes out. Allow the left fingertips to reach out. And we plug in here,
lowering that right hip and plugging in the left shoulder. Deep breath in. On an exhale,
nose to knee. Everything in. Inhale, expand. Exhale, soften and squeeze it in. So, inhale,
expand, soften through the skin of the face. Careful not to clench in any unnecessary places
while you squeeze the navel up and in. Yes. And inhale, one more time. And exhale, nose
to knee. Great. Release. Bring the two big toes together. Send the
knees nice and wide. Inhale, reach the right fingertips out. Bring them in and underneath
the bridge of the left arm as we come onto the right ear. Draw the navel up and we might
bring the left hand to the sacrum here as we breathe. Close the eyes here. Stay connected
through your fingertips and toes. We’ll slowly unravel and come back to our tabletop, walking
the knees underneath the hip points. This time I’m going to send the left toes
out, strong, and right fingertips reach forward to join. Take a second to plug that shoulder
and level that hip, and engage all your muscles. Deep breath in and then exhale nose to knee,
rounding inward. Inhale. Expand. Spread the fingertips and toes, grow tall. And exhale,
nose to knee. Inhale, expand, engage. And exhale, checking in with your core. Squeeze
it up. Let’s do one more. Inhale, expand, radiate energy through the fingertips and
toes, and exhale to center. Great. We’ll gently release, bring the two
big toes together. Send the left fingertips forward and then we’ll bring it in and underneath
the bridge of the right arm this time, coming into a twist, and maybe bringing the right
palm to the sacrum here and we breathe. Close your eyes. Find what feels good. Use your
breath. Nice. Then we’ll gently unravel back to center,
walk the knees underneath the hip points, walk the palms out, scroll the toes under,
and send it up, down dog. Breathe deep. Awesome. Slowly bending the knees, lowering back down
to our tabletop position. This time I’m going to keep the right knee bent as I lift the
right toes up. So again, careful not to crash into your wrists. Fists are also good options
here. I’m going to lift the right knee up. So, right toes are going up towards the sky.
I press away from the earth, so I’m not collapsing in my shoulders here. Breathing deep here,
breathing deep. No inhale, extend the left fingertips forward.
Exhale. I’m going to swim around to maybe catch my big toe here, maybe, or the arch
of my foot or the outer edge. So, to reach this own here, I’m going to go for the arch
here so I can open up through my left shoulder and find a gentle kick back through the right
foot. If you’re on a block here, this is great because you can lift the earth up to you,
or even fingertips is an option. So, find what feels good here and stay really mindful
of your foundation. So, pressing up and out of that back foot, finding that openness in
the heart. If this is not available for you today, then just work on both palms on the
earth and keeping this leg up as you find this open part of the side back here. So,
we have this option or we have this option right here. Take one more breath wherever
you are, remember your lower belly press into the top of that back foot and then gently
unravel and release. We will curl the toes under, drop to the elbows and send the sit
bones back for a rest. Walk the fingertips out, create a little space
in the side body. Breathe into the soles of your feet as you melt your heart down. Slowly
we’ll rise back up and come back to all fours. So, yield, find that pressing up and out of
the yoga mat or the earth here and then we will lift the left knee up. So, it’s very
easy to just kind of want to crash into this right hip, so keep that awareness on the mid-line
here as you lift the left knee up high. Then again, you might just stay right here, finding
that heart opener here as you drop the shoulders down and open the chest. Or you might reach
your right fingertips forward, swim them around to either grab that big toe or the arch of
the foot or the outer edge, now press away from the earth. Kick back with that left foot.
Press into the top of the right foot and open your chest and heart. You can come onto the
fingertips here no problem. Find your breath, welcome that heat, that Tapas, moving energy,
Prana throughout the body. One more breath here, find an extension through the crown.
And then exhale, hug it all in back towards center. Knees come together, we crawl the
toes under and we send it back. Take a rest. Awesome my friends. Slowly, we’ll rise back up to all fours, walk
the knees out hip width apart and send the sit bones up and back, down dog. Deep breath
in here and long breath out. If you have a towel or blanket you can move it to the side
now. We’re going to go for a slow walk up towards the front edge of the mat. So, take
your time. When you arrive, you know what to do. Find your bliss in Uttanasana, forward
fold. Stretch it out. After a couple of breaths, release the arms and inhale. Lift up to flat
back position. Take your time, pull your elbows back. Breathe in. And on your breath out,
fold it back down. Then we’ll tuck the chin into the chest and roll it all the way up
to mountain pose. Inhale, reaching the arms up and overhead. Exhale, diving forward. Then
we’ll slowly roll up into Uttanasana, drawing energy up from the earth, stacking the spine
and finding what feels good here. Standing nice and tall. Then, we’ll inhale, reach the arms up and
overhead, full body stretch and exhale. Follow your breath down to forward fold. Inhale.
Lift halfway, careful not to clench in the toes and then exhale back down, forward fold.
Plant the palms, step the toes back to your plank. And we’ll slowly lower the knees or
not as we lower all the way to the belly. Inhale. Open your chest and shoulders. Lift
your heart and cobra, and exhale to downward facing dog. Deep breath in through the nose
and let’s go ahead and exhale today out through the mouth here. Drop the left heel. Inhale.
Lift the right leg high. Squeeze that right knee all the way up in towards your heart
and then step it into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot and inhale. Rise up warrior
one. Deep breath in here. On an exhale, release the fingertips, interlace them behind the
tail. Draw the knuckles down and away as you open the chest and shoulders, particularly
lifting up through the armpit, chest here. So, lift, lift, lift up through the armpit,
chest here. Power through that back leg. Deep breath in. Then we release the fingertips
and come back to warrior one. Here for a couple breaths, pull the right hip crease back, find
your bliss. Then on an exhale release, come up off that back heel and return to our low
lunge. Great. Plant the palms and slowly we lower down all
the way to the belly, lifting up cobra. Exhale, release. Curl the toes under, send it to downward
facing dog. Inhale in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth. Drop the right
heel, inhale. Lift the left leg high. Bend the left knee, squeeze it up in towards your
heart and then step it up into your lunge. We pivot on the back foot and we rise up,
warrior one. Strong warrior one here. Lift the heart, lift the armpit, chest. Open up.
Now keep everything lifted as your bring the fingertips down. We interlace, maybe opposite
thumb comes on top and we open the chest. Knuckles draw down. Strong legs here. Release
the fingertips. Return fingertips up towards the sky, warrior one. Couple of breaths here.
Come into your full potential or create a little bit of movement, working out the kinks.
We’ll slowly release. Pivot on the back heel, so bring that back
heel up and we plant the palms and we come to a plank. This time walk the toes as wide
as the mat and fan your index finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky fingers off
the mat. So the thumbs are going to be the only finger on the mat. We’re really pressing
into the base of the palm here for some wide armed push-ups. What? Crazy! Let’s do it. Bending the elbows left to right we lower
all the way down, we press all the way back up. You might want to bring your index finger
on your mat too. It’s a little bit different for everyone. So, you just decide, index finger
and thumb or thumb. I want you to press into the base of the palm as the main point as
we lower down. You might do five of these here. You might sneak in ten. You might do
one. But we’re doing some wide-armed push up. Here we go. Lowering all the way down,
staying mindful of the neck. We’re not going to count here, we’re just going to see how
many we can do. Have a little fun. Smile. Wake up the backs of the legs as you press
up lower belly engaged. Wherever you are, do one more. You got this. Then we’ll send
it up and back to downward facing dog by walking the palms back in line with the shoulders
and downward dog never felt so good. Bend the knees generously, belly comes to
the tops of the thighs. We inhale, look forward and exhale, hop towards the front edge of
the mat. Take your forward fold here and then inhale, lift to flat back. Exhale, soften
and release back down. Inhale, reaching all the way up overhead. And exhale, hands to
the heart. Close your eyes and observe your breath. Notice how you feel.
We go a little deeper, connect. Bend the knees. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale. Forward fold.
Inhale, half way lift. Long, beautiful neck. And exhale release it down. Plant the palms.
Step or hop it back to plank. Slowly lower all the way down this time, cobra or upward
facing dog. On an exhale, we’ll take it to down dog. Take a deep breath in through the
nose, and long exhale out through the mouth. Great. This time walk your toes in just a bit. We’re
going to press in the left palm, anchor navel to spine, and then reach my right fingertips
to grab either the outer edge of my left thigh, or the outer edge of my left shin, or the
ankle. So, I’m here, here, here, and then nice downward dog twist. Look underneath your
left armpit, chest and breathe deep. Anchor down through the heels; if the heels are up
here that’s okay. Bend that right elbow in towards the center line and breathe. Press
away from your left palm. Inhale. Release back to center then take it to the other side. Bending left knee in towards the center line,
pressing away from the earth. Look underneath your right armpit, chest. Breathe deep. Nice
detoxifying breath here. Then I release back to center. Great. Bend the knees generously,
slowly look up towards the front edge of your mat, and on an exhale, bring your navel with
you. Floating up towards the front of the mat. Let’s give it a try, hopping up towards
the front edge. Inhale. Halfway lift. Then, exhale soften, and release back down. Inhale.
Bend the knees. Reach it all the way up towards the heavens. And exhale, release to mountain. Great. So, we’re going to bring the feet together
here now and really draw energy up from the earth. Palms come together at the heart. And
we lengthen the tailbone down. So, we find this stacking of head over heart, heart over
pelvis. Inhale. Lift your heart and begin to peel up through the right foot. Then I’m
going to interlace the fingertips and similar to how we went into tree pose together, I’m
going to catch my right knee here and just make sure that I’m not collapsed here, but
really pressing into that standing leg and finding this lift up. So, it’s an energetic
thing and it is challenging. Then I can just stay here working on my balance, particularly
if I’m brand new to the practice. This is a great place to work on balance. You can
also bring fingertips to a wall and we can work here. Even a hand on the waistline. To go a step further, I’m going to bring my
left thumb to my sternum, just to remind me to keep lifting up here. Then I’m going to
slide my right fingertips down to my right ankle. Keep the right knee hugging into the
center line. So it’s going to want to come out here, but I’m going to keep it carving
through the center as I begin to kick back through my right foot. Now, keep lifting the sternum up to the thumbs
here. Open up through your right armpit, chest. I can stay here now, working on balance, making
sure I have an awareness through all parts. And just really being in the moment, trying
not to rush it. Or to take it a step further, I can swim my fingertips to either grab the
inner arch or the inner ankle here and I begin to grow the pose. So, lifting up through the
right knee and maybe sending the left fingertips forward, finding this counter-balance of my
left palm and my right foot kicking back as I stand up nice and tall. Lift and lengthen
through the crown of the head. You can find a little Mudra here for fun.
Breathe deep and we lift the right toes up as we kick that foot out. Breathe deeply.
Inhale in and Exhale. Bring it back all the way through. Interlace the fingertips and
squeeze that right knee up towards your heart. Stand up nice and tall here and on an exhale,
let it go. Mountain pose, close your eyes. Just observe your body and your breath.
Pressing in all four corners of the feet, Find that upward current of energy in the
front body and this nice grounding through the back body. Then we’ll drop the chin to
the chest, open the eyes, and bring the feet together once again. All right, same thing on the other side. Let’s
see what happens. Drawing the palms together at the heart, lift your sternum up to your
thumb. Then shift your weight to your right foot. Peel your left foot up, try not to dump
all your weight into that hip which looks like this, but really keep that lift. So,
if you can imagine that ball and socket joint, it’s not kicking out to the right but it’s
staying pretty stacked as I collect energy and strength up through the mid-line. Then
interlace the fingertips. We’ll catch that left knee, not for dear life, because I have
already cultivated this energetic lift. I can really just place the hands there and
find my shape. I might just stay here again, either at a wall if I’m new to the balance
practice which does take time to cultivate and practice, or maybe I’m here breathing,
breathing. Or maybe I draw the right thumb to the sternum again. This is going to help
me to remember to keep this lifted and remind me to stay nice and tall as I build the posture,
sliding the left fingertips down to catch that left ankle, squeeze everything into the
mid-line, and then curve the line with your left knee back. Open up through the chest
and heart. Stay here. This is going to want to collapse as balance begins to get wary,
so keep that thumb there as a nice little reminder to lift, and lift, and lift. Now, we can stay here or we can flip the hand
to the inner arch. We can stay here, opening up through the left armpit, chest, extending
through the crown, or we can begin to send the heart forward. Maybe fingertips come out
and they begin to play, making sure that standing leg is not locked, but growing this posture
here. Find your breath. Kick the left leg up and out. Hug everything to the mid-line.
Take one more breath wherever you are. Then, exhale; see if you can release with control,
with grace. Hug everything in. If you fall, don’t worry, we’ll catch you. It’s all good,
but in time we are going to be able to release with control, with grace, interlace the fingertips.
Squeeze that left knee all the way up and then exhale to mountain. Awesome. Close your
eyes. Observe your breath. Nice work, my friend. Then on your next breath in, inhale. Reach
the arms up and overhead and exhale. Dive forward. Heel toe, heel toe. The feet as wide
as your mat and left your toes spill off this time as you lower the sit bones down into
our yogic squat. Notice where you are today, draw your palms together at the heart. Press
the arms into the legs and squeeze the legs into the arms as you find this Malasana variation.
Lifting the heart against sternum, lifting to the thumbs, we find a couple of quiet breaths
here. You can close your eyes and reconnect. Gently releasing the fingertips to the earth,
bring them behind you. Come to seated. We’ll send both legs out long and inhale. Reach
the arms up and overhead, exhale, forward fold. Two breaths here, Paschimottanasana.
Releasing the weight of the head over. Knees can be bent as generously as you like here.
Awesome. Then slowly roll it up, catch your left knee and bring it up with you. Outer
edge of the right arm is going to come to the outer edge of the left knee as I reach
up and overhead, find that extension, and then come into a twist. Left fingertips come
behind just to support, not to prop, but to really just connect. So, I’m lifting up all
through the spine, not cranking into a twist but letting it evolve with the breath. Then
release it back to center. Draw the right foot in, soles of the feet
come together for Baddha Konasana. We inhale in. Tops of the thigh bones draw down, heart
lifts up, and exhale maybe melting the heart forward. Elbows pressing back. Inhale, lifting
head over heart, heart over pelvis. Send both legs out. Inhale. Reach it up. Exhale, forward
fold. Knees bent as generously as you like here. Breathing into the back of the neck,
and then we’ll peel the right leg up this time, right knee comes up as we prepare for
our twist. Either hugging that right knee or finding the spine here nice and easy breezy.
Keep the heart lifted here, almost done. Then gently we’ll release back to center. Great. Draw that left knee up to meet the right.
We’re going to come into a little boat variation here, just checking in with this posture,
it’s been a while. Looping the shoulders, lifting the shins up towards the sky. So,
we might stay here again just really holding the weight of the legs. We might notice that
we might start to release a little bit of that grasp on the legs and come here, or we
might reach the fingertips forward. But in time, we just really have to build this strength
slowly but surely. So if you rush it, you might get too frustrated and want to quit.
So, give yourself time to be in whatever chill zone it is that you’re in today and I would
be here supported. Wherever you are, make sure that you’re maintaining that lift in
the heart that we’ve built so wonderfully. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you might
inhale in and on an exhale, lift your heart up as you extend your arms left to right and
your toes up and out. Inhale in, exhale. Check it out. Think about lifting your heart here. Inhale,
back to center. Exhale. Keep the heart lifting up. The only thing about the heart lifting
up to support that lower back as you extend through the limbs. And then one more time,
back to center. And exhale. Maybe reach the arms up and overhead, boat pose. And then
we release everything. Come to lie flat on your back. Hug your knees
into your chest. Creaky old floor. Awesome. Then we’ll bring the soles of the feet to
the mat and just interlace the fingertips, bringing them behind the head for a little
windshield wipers. So, I’m going to melt the knees to the left, breathing into the front
of the right hip crease, breathing into the belly. And then through center and to the left. You
also get a nice little booty massage here. Then we’ll come back up to center. We’ll release
the hands left to right and slide the feet down. Prepare for Shavasana here if you’re
craving a little bit more in your practice today, then you might practice a little inversion
before you settle in to corpse pose or of course anything else that your body is wanting.
Fulfill that and then we’ll come into a nice Shavasana to let go, to surrender, and be
still. Awesome work today, my friends. The light
in me honors the light in you, vows to enlighten you. Thank you.

Jerry Heath

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