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– What’s up party people? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today
we have a practice that’s gonna help
gear you up for Crow. So I see it all the time, people wanting to
get into Bakasana or variations of Bakasana,
and that’s really, really great, and it’s a really,
really fun posture, and I really do
think you should try it, but it’s also really
important to make sure that your body is warmed
up, and that we’re working on building
strength and stability so that we can feel
good in our flying Crow. So hop into something comfy,
and let’s play around. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s begin lying down. Come to your back,
and take a moment to just take the deepest
breath you’ve taken in all day, my friend. And as you exhale,
relax your shoulders, and really just settle
in to this moment. Whatever shape your
body’s in right now, just take a second to look
away from the video and look up at whatever sky or ceiling,
or whatever’s going on. And just feel what it is like to be alive today. When I do that, I kind of
tap into a little inner smile that helps me feel alive
and present and good. (deep breathing) And then just
continue this practice of just noticing what it
feels like to be alive today, and what it feels like to be
present, and use your breath. So, start to notice your breath, and nice and slow, we’ll
give ourself a big hug, just feeling the
ground underneath us. And as you squeeze your
knees up towards your chest, and maybe snuggle the
shoulder blades down. Continue to breathe here,
maybe waking up the feet. Rotating the ankles. And then know you can
come here at any time, and Child’s pose as well,
but coming here to just feel supported
by the earth, so nice and therapeutic
for the back body, especially if you’re not used
to coming low to the ground. Sweet, and then open the
knees wide, super wide, nice and slow here, and
we’re gonna slide the hands either to the shins,
to the ankles, or all the way to
the arches of the feet. Keep the shoulders relaxed,
the neck nice and long, and continue to
breathe deep here. You might stay here or
you might slowly kick one foot up, then the other. Now, navel draws down here,
hug the lower ribs in. Inhale in, and as you exhale, we’re gonna lift the head,
the neck stays nice and long, and then we hover here
for five, four, three, engaging through the
abdominal wall, two, and one. Beautiful, slowly release. Interlace the fingertips,
bring them behind the head, elbows nice and wide. Knees are gonna
stack over the hip points or maybe even slightly in
front, up towards your chin so that your
lower back can become nice and flush with the mat. Inhale in. Exhale, again lifting the
head, the neck, the shoulders, engaging the core. This time really
scooping the tailbone up. We’re creating that active,
active, active belly or active core center
here as we send the elbows left to right. Look up at the ceiling,
and then slightly back so the neck is
nice and long here. Inhale in. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift. Squeeze, exhale, lower. Inhale, lift and squeeze. Keep the elbows wide. And exhale, lower. Again, inhale, lift. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift,
tailbone scoops up. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift. And one more time, you got this. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift. This time
straightening the legs. You don’t have to straighten
through both knees, but bring the
arches of the feet together. You can keep
the knees bent here, and we’re gonna
squeeze and lift. Lift the chin towards the sky. Lift the tailbone up to
the backs of the knees, backs of the knees
up towards the heels. We’re here for five, four,
breathing deep, three, two, and one. Awesome, release, hands come
to the backs of the thighs. Great work everyone. Warming up through
our core muscles. We’re gonna begin
to rock front to back, front to back here,
massaging through the spine, and then we’re gonna
make our way all the way to Downward Facing Dog, so
take your time getting there. You can come through all fours. Coming to our Downward Dog. Try to stay connected to the
muscles of the abdominal wall that you just opened up,
I mean that you just warmed up. (laughing) And open up. And then when you’re ready,
keep the chest nice and open. As you send the hips up high, and we start to
pedal it out here. Nice, long, smooth deep breaths. (deep breathing) Then anchor
through the left heel. As you inhale,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose. Really rounding
through the spine here. Chin to chest. Breathing deep here, press
away from your yoga mat. And then step the right foot
all the way up into your lunge. Lower the back knee. And let’s start to open
up through the chest here, opening up through the hips. You can walk the right
foot out a little bit so you’re not on
a tight rope here. Breathing deep. And then inhale, find length,
open through the chest. Exhale, curl the
back toes under, and lift the back knee. Then placing the
left palm on the ground, we’ll inhale,
reach the right fingertips all the way up towards
the sky, big twist here. As you pull the
right hip crease back, find length in all four
sides of the torso. And then exhale, release. Plant the palms. Step the right toes
back to plank. Alright, so here we are,
pressing away from the yoga mat, really rooting into that
index finger and thumb. Tops of the shoulders draw
away from the ears here, and I’m reaching my heels back. Lighting up a fire in the
belly, sending awareness up and down the spine. Gaze straight down now for five. Breathe deep, four. Three, two, and one. Send it all the way up and
back, Downward Facing Dog. Awesome work. Deep breath in. Long breath out here. Now anchoring
through the right heel, inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose,
really rounding through the upper back body here. Press away from your yoga mat. Nice and strong here, you
might feel a little shake, a little tremble, breathe deep. And then stepping it all
the way up into your lunge. Lower that right knee down. And inhale,
open through the chest. So as we begin
to build strength, can you remember
to use your breath, to find a softness to balance
the effort with the ease. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, curl the
back toes under. Lift that back knee,
nice, low lunge. Inhale,
broaden through the chest. Reach the right heel back, and then we’ll place the
right hand on the earth and come into our twist, lifting up through
that center channel, lifting up from the pelvic
floor as you open up left side. Inhale in, find length. Side body is nice and
long and active here. Big breath, and then exhale
to release back down. Plant the palms, root the
index finger and thumb here like so, and then press
away from your yoga mat as you step the left toes back. So, if you’re collapsing in
the upper back body here, press away from the yoga mat, so that you can send the shoulder blades
left to right here. Again, creating more space
in the upper back body. Gaze straight down. Draw the navel up. And Downward Facing Dog. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Inhale in. Exhale out. Beautiful,
anchor the left heel down. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose. This time try to touch your
right heel to your right glute, and again, send the shoulder
blades left to right here, creating space in the upper
back body, not collapsing. One more breath here,
you got it. And then step it all the
way up into your lunge. Great, pivot on the back foot. And nice and slow,
when you’re ready, coming up to Warrior One. Hands can stay on the
waistline if you’re new to the practice, or
maybe you send fingertips all the way up right away. Big breath in here,
wherever you are. Open up through the chest. And then exhale,
Warrior Two to the left. Pull the pinkies back. Strong bend in that front leg. Front knee over front ankle. Lengthen tailbone down. Side body nice and long. Inhale in as you create length, draw energy up through
the center channel. And then exhale,
straighten that front leg. Send the hips back. And we’re gonna slowly
reach forward for Triangle. Keep breathing here, right
fingertips come down. And we open up
through the chest. Nice long line from the
crown to the tail here. Inhale in deeply. And exhale completely. Slowly bending
through that front leg back to your Warrior Two. Inhaling deeply. Exhale, maybe you
sink a little lower into that front knee. Strong connection in
the core here, inhale. Exhale, bending right
elbow, coming to the top of that right thigh for nice,
long extended side angle. So take the left fingertips
down to come up today. So down as you
open up towards the front. Feel the power of that
back foot as you reach through the left fingertips. Maybe you bring the right
fingertips down, maybe not. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Take one more inhale here. Welcome that heat, you got this. And stay connected to your core. Draw your navel in, as you
exhale, we’re gonna release. Come to Skandasana. So we’re gonna send the
fingertips to the ground to help guide us. Left toes turn out. Right toes can turn in
or up towards the sky, as we slowly sink the hips down. Now you can use the
fingertips here to help you, and maybe, this is just a
really awesome foot stretch. Maybe the heel
doesn’t come down. So we’re here breathing. Opening up the hips,
connecting to the core. One more deep
breath in here, you got it. And then exhale, use your
fingertips to help you crawl all the way back
to the front edge. Nice, low lunge. Awesome, inhale,
look forward, smile. Exhale, plant the palms,
step it back to plank. So nice and strong
in the shoulders here. Tops of the
shoulders rotate out. Root down through your
index finger and thumb. Breathing deep,
so no vinyasas today. Just nice, strong, building
strength and stability. (deep breathing) One more breath, lift up
from the inner thighs. And then send it back,
Downward Facing Dog. Awesome work. Take a moment
to refocus, to pause. Reconnect with your breath. And then we’ll anchor
the right heel down. Lift the left leg up high
on your next breath in. Exhale, knee to nose. Press away from your yoga mat, rounding through
the upper back body. Try to touch your
left heel to your left glute, building strength. You got this. And release. Left foot steps up. And we slowly
come through our lunge. And then up to Warrior One
whenever you’re ready. Take your time. Reconnect with your breath. Head over heart,
heart or pelvis here. Hands on the waistline
or all the way up. Deep breath in. As you find expansion,
press into the outer edge of that back foot strong. And then Warrior Two
to the right. Get down nice and low. Finding places to lift,
places to ground. You got this, strong focus. (deep breathing) Inhale, create length. And exhale,
relax the shoulders down. And keep pressing into the
outer edge of that back foot strong as you begin to straighten through
the front leg, and keep that energy
connected through the back foot as you send the
hips back and reach the left fingertips
forward for Triangle. Taking your time here. Staying connected
in your center. Eventually right fingertips
might come all the way up, or they might just come to
the waistline here, breathing. Inhale. And exhale. One more breath, inhale. And exhale,
move from the middle. Navel draws in, Uddiyana Bandha. Strong core here as we come
back to Warrior Two, you got it. Sink down nice and low. Front knee over
front ankle, inhale. And exhale, extended side angle. Left elbow to
the top of the left thigh. Again, fingertips are
gonna come down to come up, so right fingertips go down, and then we open up,
pressing into the knife edge of that back foot. Hug the lower ribs in,
you got this. Inhale, maybe you open out. And exhale, we release. Fingertips are gonna come
slowly to the ground. We’re gonna walk
it all the way back. Right toes turn out. Left toes turn in or up. And we’re here, breathing. Again, you can use the
fingertips on the earth. You can also have
the heel up, no prob. So lots of variations here. Try to keep your center lifted,
one more breath, you got it. And then use
your hands, your fingers to walk it all the
way back to your lunge. Inhale, look forward. And exhale, plant the palms. Step it to plank. Just here for five. Press away from your yoga mat. Four, three, smile, two, and then slowly lowering
the knees to the earth, and sending the fingertips all
the way back, Child’s pose. Forehead comes to the mat. Take a moment
to close your eyes. Refocus on your breath. So as you rest the
forehead on the earth, allow the eyes to close,
and the fingertips to reach towards the toes, and then take a moment
to allow the shoulders to relax and just
feel that spaciousness in the upper back body. Coming back to your breath. (deep breathing) Then start to
wiggle your fingertips. Take a deep breath in. And reach them all
the way back up towards the front edge of your mat. We’ll plant the
palms into the earth to come back to all fours. Curl the toes under, and then
use the palms on the earth to come back into a little
squat here, knees nice and wide. So we’re just coming into a
little Froggy pose at first, really nice opening
for the feet. And you might
just stay here today, working on
connecting to your center. Coming into your perch with the
toes slowly coming together. And so the knees
are nice and wide, the toes are together,
and we become more and more
aware of the spine, maybe even coming to a
balancing posture here with the hands on
the tops of the thighs. And this would be a
nice, fun place to work, and you can also
come to hands at heart. Right, coming back,
forth, back, forth. And just working
here on connecting from the toes all the
way up through the crown. If you’re ready to take
it a little further, we’re going to plant the palms nice and slowly and mindfully. Spreading the
fingers super wide. So, I’m trying to slow this
down here just a little bit. And then the wrists come
underneath the shoulders. And then we shift
our weight forward so that we’re creating nice
stacking of the bones here. Now for some,
we’re still needing to work so much in the feet
that this might be it. And some of us working on
balance and core stability, core strength, this might be it. But if you’re wanting to
play a little bit more, we’ll bring the tops
of the shoulder heads away from the ears,
and again, rooting down through the index thumb,
we’re gonna just start to lift the hips up. Now we’ve opened
the hips nice and wide, so you might start to
walk the knees all the way up to the armpit, and then
you’re just gonna come here onto the tippy tip toes. Soft bend in the elbows. Gaze straight down and
then slightly forward. So, there’s a
tendency for the gaze to come in here, and you’re
gonna do a little somersault here, so gaze straight forward. And we have a whole
foundations video of Crow. You can go learn all the
foundations of Crow here. So you might stay here. Again, just a reminder,
drishti is out not in. And you might just come
onto the toes here, and then come back. And then onto the toes. And then back. And so we’re slowly
but surely working to get the knees right up
into that armpit chest. There’s tons of
variations for Bakasana, so this is a practice
that’s just gonna lead you up to
a little playtime here. So I pass it along
to you now to play. Just try to stick
with your breath. Stay focused on the breath,
and explore. Maybe you lift one toe
up, and then the other. Maybe you’re working
to straighten the arms. Maybe you’re working to
lift the toes a little higher. Breathing deep. So there’s all kinds of
variations here. Your practice thus far
has led you to this moment to just be present and play. Keep a nice sense of humor. Taking breaks when you need to. (deep breathing) Maybe you’re working on
hopping back or stepping back. Maybe you’re working
on Side Crow today. As your friend, as your guide,
I encourage you to remember to marry the
effort with the ease, the strength with the grace. Wherever you are, begin to
wrap it up nice and slow, giving thanks for your
body and your breath. Maybe you’re celebrating. Maybe you’re giggling. Just remind you to stay
present, and be loving. When you come up, go ahead
and walk to the front edge of your mat,
and we’re gonna bring the feet as wide
as the yoga mat, and come in to a
nice yogic squat here for just a five count. Palms come together. Breathing deep, you can be
up on the toes here too. Take one more breath
wherever you are. And then stay
connected to your core. Use the fingertips on the earth, and stay rooted through your
feet to protect the knees as you come all the way
through to seated. Come to Boat pose here
with the knees bent, shins parallel to the
ceiling as you reach forward. Inhale in, lift your
heart, and then exhale, relaxing all the way down. Fabulous, take a second to
center yourself on your mat. And then we’ll lift one
knee up, then the other. Palms come down for stability. One knee up, then the other. And just nice and easy, so
from the feet on the ground, so we’re not coming
into reclined twist, different follow up here. Soles of the feet on the mat, and we’re gonna just allow the
knees to shift to one side. And some will
still be playing here, so catch up when you need to. Palms on the earth. Knees fall to one side. And then we just
might take one ankle and cross it over the leg here. So I’m on my left side,
so left ankle’s gonna come and cross over just to
get a deeper stretch here. Breathing deep. Starting to cool it off. And then releasing the top foot, coming back through,
windshield wiper the knees all the way back through center, and take it to the other side. For me, it’s the right side. Should get a nice,
soft glute massage here. And I’ll cross maybe
right ankle over the top of the left thigh for a
little deeper stretch. This is optional here. Again, we’re getting a nice,
little release in the glute, relaxing through the shoulders. Take one more
big breath in here. Fabulous, and through, one
more time to each side. If you want to just
rock back and forth too for that glute stretch,
that release there, that’s a good idea. (deep breathing) And coming through center. Last side. And then
releasing through center, sending one leg out long,
then the other. And then we’re actually gonna
take a full body stretch here. As you inhale,
sweep the fingertips all the way up and overhead. Point and flex the
feet when you get here. Wiggle the fingertips. Rotate a little
bit in the torso, maybe moving the tailbone
down and then up, playing with the pelvis here. Whatever feels awesome. And then inhale, expand,
spread the fingertips and toes. And then exhale,
turning the toes, letting them fall out,
bending the elbows, coming to your Shavasana. If there’s anything
else you’re craving, maybe it’s another round at
Crow, maybe it’s something else, now would be the
time to tend to it. Otherwise, I’ll guide us
to our final posture here. We’re just taking
a second to reflect, and then let it all go. Be still, total surrender. We’re so lucky to be able
to have the opportunity to connect to our bodies,
to deepen the breath, to celebrate who we are
and where we are today, and there’s nothin’
like a Crow practice to just kind of bring
you into the moment. Awesome work, thanks for sharing
your yoga practice with me. Leave questions, comments below. Be sure to check out that
Foundations of Crow video if you wanna go
deeper into the posture, or if you’re new and
wanna learn the basics. And I’ll see ya next time. Take good care. Namaste. (upbeat music)

Jerry Heath

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