Hey, It’s Eli aka Atlas. Today I will be reviewing COLORIST: Adult
Coloring Book, a Relaxation and Coloring app developed by NIKA ENTERTAINMENT. I was contacted middle of last month by Natalya,
the Product Manager at Nika Entertainment, who had seen one of my videos and wanted to
get my take on a few of their products. And she was kind enough to send me a promo
code to give it a try, so here we go! The app has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating with
over 300 reviews on the App Store currently, so the general consensus is that it’s a quality
product–so high expectations going in. Let’s see if it lives up to it. Firstly, what is COLORIST? If we go by the spiel on its download page,
COLORIST is a digital coloring book, thats sole mission is to unleash inner artistic
potential and calm down the negative influences of the world. One of the ways they do this is by updating
their picture database daily, supplying advanced drawing tools and effects and a active artistic
community to get inspired by and to inspire in return. PRESENTATION: Upon opening the app, you’ll
be greeted by a very solid and uncomplicated layout. There is a mass of line art on the front page,
but above those are a variety of categories to choose from, everything from food to nature
to Mandalas. There aren’t many settings per se (it isn’t
a game necessarily–more on that later) but it does feature Facebook connectivity, which
allows you to save your works and upload them to the app community or online to your social
medias. There’s also the option to control the sound
and music, which you *can* switch off through the app, but you can also just do it with
your phone’s volume control FEATURES: Once that’s out of the way, you
can either keep it simple and pick a drawing off the front page or browse until you find
one you like. They weren’t joking when they said they updated
often: if you allow this app to send notifications, you’ll get a few messages a day about newly
added images to the gallery–and there are already what feels like a million to pick
from. I picked an owl and a ethnic woman in a tradtional
sort of garb. If you do want to do something more complex,
there is an unlockable “STORY” Mode, where finishing images opens up a progression of
storyline-connected images. I won’t go into that for this review for but
I think it’s a pretty genius way to add more variety to the app. If you’re unsure where to start or how it
works, you can check out the INSPIRATION section and see what works and to get some ideas. CONTROLS: Once we get into the swing of things,
it runs pretty smooth. The controls are simple but effective. You select the colors you want with the palette
at the bottom of the screen and touch where you want to color. One of the more clever (and time saving) features
is that on most sections the app will auto-bulk color sections–meaning if you click on one
part 5 different places will get the same color. Really speeds things up. And as you do that, COLORIST offers you some
very Capcom-esque compliments as you string together color combinations and fill up the
Completion meter at the top of the screen. There’s also a SWIPE MODE with is like using
a brush as opposed to point-and-click; but you should be careful with it because you
might end up coloring too many things the wrong color. To avoid that you can zoom super color or
undo when you mess up–no stress. And finally once you’re done, it’ll give you
a few cool different finishing animations once you hit 100% Complete. Then you’re left to put finishing touches
on your newly minted art with Filters and Outlines and Effects–reminiscent of Photoshop’s
Filter Gallery. Then, You can manually share your own art
to the INSPIRATION section–although you can only do this 5 times in a day at max. CONS: Honestly it’s hard to bring up a problem
with this because it does what it says and does it well. Maybe–if I’m being super picky–I’d recommend
that NIKA adds some kind of a timed mode to add a little more of a challenge to it, but
that might undermine the whole relaxing bit. Or perhaps more indepth coloring tools to
add more highlights and cuts to the colors themselves. But that’s honestly not a necessity. FINAL SCORE: On Apple Store’s scale of 1 to
5, COLORIST: Adult Coloring Book gets a 5 from me. Overall, I would definitely recommend this
as a way to relax or kill time or to be a little creative with your free time. If you do go on the App Store you might see
some negative reviews –these seem to be complaining mostly about the way the APP keeps asking
for your credit card info to buy the full version. Hopefully NIKA takes steps to ease up on the
advertising, because the app has so much to offer to keep turning people away over something
like that. Again, a big thanks to Natalya of NIKA Entertainment
for giving me the opportunity to review some of their products. If you guys want more info about NIKA or to
purchase some of their apps as well, make sure you go to the app store or otherwise
their official website; links will be in the description as always. That wraps it up. If you liked the video, ETC. Make sure you tune in next Friday for a new
episode of For Future Reference and this Monday for either a new tutorial or speed
art. Social media, etc. Recommended reading, etc.

Jerry Heath

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