Clean With Me 2019/Power Hour/ Relaxing Night time Speed cleaning

Jerry Heath


  1. I love cleaning at night! I think because I have the most uninterrupted time without kiddos! This was so motivating! Especially watching you do the dishes! I hate dishes! TFS! New subbie here! #467 😍💜

  2. Thanks for the cleaning motivation! I needed this during my son's nap! And yes to cleaning once everyone is asleep so it stays cleaner longer! haha Love seeing fellow YouTubers posting inspiring videos!

  3. I like the fall decor on ur table. Cleaning at night is relaxing. Just subbed…hopefully we can support each other❣️

  4. I always forget to wipe my kitchen window seal. And I agree with you that the house stays cleaner longer at night.😊

  5. This was very relaxing to watch! I try to wash the laundry and put them up all at once because if I dont they may sit for a day or 2!

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