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  1. I love chrono trigger way more then croos recently found out about you're channel already subbed keep it up

  2. Everything you need is in the description, take a look 😊

    Tracklist for mobile users:

    00:00 – Secret of the Forest

    02:46 – Presentiment

    03:19 – Chrono Trigger

    05:32 – Schala's Theme

    08:04 – Wind Scene

    11:05 – To Good Friends

    13:37 – Brink of Time

    16:17 – Peaceful Days

    18:29 – Corridors of Time

    21:29 – Frog's Theme

    24:18 – At the Bottom of Night

    26:57 – To Far Away Times

    Thank you for listening!

  3. today is one of those days where nothing matters, just listening to this beautiful compilation

    thank you tempers

  4. Didnt known this game and thanks to you I can say that only by the soundtrack I love it! Keep it man, I love your playlists while preparing a big exam for March!

  5. Such a soothing playlist… Piano + Chrono Trigger is a great combo to study to, thank you Tempers !

  6. I listened to all kinds of versions of chronotrigger soundtracks, this one with tender piano is by far the best one !

  7. Je n'ai jamais entendu parler de ce jeu ! 😮 Mais les musiques sont magnifiques… Ça me donne vraiment envie de m'y intéresser, merci pour la vidéo ! 🙏

  8. just started to play this game recently and the music is very calm in some parts. it all just feels special to me, and it gives me a nostalgic feeling of when i used to live in new york, and all the memeories i had there. might even make a video about that soon. but im just rambling again..

  9. I completely forgot how much i love the soundtrack in chrono trigger but i never forget how much i love the game.

  10. Secrets of the Forest and Peaceful Days are my favorite Chrono Trigger songs. Thank you so much for including them Tenpers.

  11. To be honest, I'll never be able to find music from this game relaxing. I just get goosebumps every single time throughout every single track.

  12. So… you basically just reuploaded TPR's album with a different picture and cut out some of the best tracks. I love the album, for sure, but you should've at least credited him in the title so people knew you weren't just taking credit for other people's work, as many people don't read the description.

  13. all of this music is an easy subscribe, have you considered doing this for phantasy star online music?

  14. This is perfect except for the fact that it's not longer! 🙂 I love it so much, thank you!!! <3

  15. I never liked "different" renditions of Corridors of Time, since it's a perfect piece.
    This one, I do like a lot.

  16. Emile: Hey Everybody is Chugga-
    ''Phone Rings''
    Emile: Hello
    Emile's Mom: We have A Family Emergency come to the Airport at 3 AM
    Emile: oh no ok im coming

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