Jerry Heath


  1. 10 min in: just me me me me women women women ..self-absorbed, victimhood, me-too, bla. they really don't seem to get tired of this!!? what a waste of space, time and energy.

  2. Perhaps we could get some women fixing power lines when the electricity goes out during a storm? Or maybe we could get women iron workers on high rise buildings? Hey, how about some women in construction, working in the extreme heat, cold, wind, mud, and dirt? How about we get some women on the battlefield, not just the tiny few that "wants" to be there, but some women to join the men who both don't want to be there? How about that? Every been driving late at night in February in the North on the East Coast, traffic is slow because they're working on the road, as you drive slowly, do you see any women out there on the freezing cold road? Let them advocate for this, get some women out there in the freezing cold in the dark.

    Some privileged women want to bark about being bold in the nice clean indoor safe jobs, but none of these barking complainers advocate strongly for women to be in harms way in the same way men do.

    Charlotte is so full of false assumptions. Charlotte will die unhappy ill informed victim.

    Charlotte talks at Google where the work force is 90 percent male. Oh, the irony.

    Charlotte is an Art History major. Charlotte will never work in tech, but probably her moms fault for not buying her any boy toys as she was growing up.

    If Charlotte is straight, she always be single, deep down she like alpha types, but only betas show interest, she'll never attract the alpha who she wants to pound her into the mattress during love making, she leaves the bed unsatisfied since the betas she attracts are afraid of her, so afraid, they would never pound her like she so desires.

  3. Charlotte says she is angry … yep that's what I was thinking all the way through this "talk" … anger and sadness rules this woman, she needs a counselor to avoid suicide.

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