International Gathering
with Supreme Master Ching Hai Europe, Jul – Oct 2015 Every day I meditate a lot, a lot,
and with just one single attention: just to help with the higher energy
from the Original Universe. Every day I thank the Councils and
thank the power of God and the Cosmic for helping humankind to become more
enlightened, more loving and peaceful. Helping the needy
is really helping yourself. The reward is more than
anything you can imagine. You’re a good boy
and I love you forever, forever. You’re my best friend. It’s not how much you have,
it’s the best you give. Help yourself: cultivate, meditate, pray. You keep yourself in the same path,
in the straight area. Keep your mind clean and determined. God bless you. I love you. I just show you the way,
you just have to walk. That’s why the more positive,
the more meditation, the more your life changes. Positive, positive. Buddhist Stories: “The Merit of Charity
and Keeping the Five Precepts & Brahma Asks for the Dharma:
Short Stories” AUGUST 3, 2015
Part 2 of 3 According to Buddhism
and the believers and the tradition, when you read a sutra and all that, you have to put on incense, flowers, and bow to the sutra first, and thank all the Buddhas
and Bodhisattvas in ten directions respectfully
before you read it. And then you cover the sutra also
with (vegan) silk or beautiful cloth. I just make it more popular,
more easy, simple. I apologize to all the Buddhas. I say, “If I have done
something wrong according to the tradition, my heart is full of respect. It’s just that I cannot always do that. So please, all the sin, whatever I have done wrong,
is all on me.” At least, other people, when they
hear the name of the Buddha, according to the sutra,
they will get benefit. OK. There was another king. Name is Kaśapala. Wow. He also controlled, meaning ruled
over many countries, sub-countries. Also, 84,000 tribes, 20,000 wives and concubines,
and 10,000 court officials. This king was very, very gentle, very good, very loving and kind. He loved all equally and he never let his citizens
lack anything, like he did charity,
gave them what they needed. So all the citizens were very happy,
lived a happy life, and all the trees and the plants
were very lushful, growing plentiful. So all the citizens in his kingdom
regarded him like a father, like their own father, like a big father, good father, godfather, no I mean good father. We don’t want to talk that word because sometimes
they think it’s the movie. Bad movie. Master, is this a new story?
(What?) Is this a new story now? This is a new story. (New one.)
New one, OK. (Yeah.) What’s it called? It doesn’t say. Oh, it’s still part of the story. This continues (OK.) as the second story of
the Buddha’s past life. The first story’s already done. All the queens come back to life. The queen, children everything is OK. This is another country, another lifetime. OK, another past lifetime
(of the Buddha). Right. (OK. Thank you.) OK, Bodhisattva? (Yes.) Ça va? Got it? (Yes.) So, it just looks the same because it has 84,000 tribes,
21,000 wives. I told you it’s just a symbolic number. So, that’s why she is confused. Because she thought how can
every queen, king have the same? But it’s just the Buddha talk. He just tries to get it into drive, into the mind of the listeners
so that they won’t forget. If you just say have
so many queens, many sons, then they think OK, many, many. But if you say 84,000,
wow, that’s a lot. One day the king sat on his throne
and was thinking thus: “I attained this high position
in the world,” a very respectful, reverent position “because in the past life
I’ve probably done many good deeds. And now all my citizens enjoy
prosperity and happiness. Nevertheless, these are
only physical things, material comfort and satisfaction. Concerning physical comfort
and material satisfaction, one day it will disappear. Any material things will disappear
or kaput. It’s not a lasting happiness. So I would like for myself
and all beings to have lasting bliss and happiness. Then I really have to go
and find an enlightened master to teach me the Truth. Otherwise, it won’t work.” After thinking thus, he again
told all his subordinates to write this leaflet (Notice), notice, to write a notice, and plaster all over the country. “Whoever knows the Truth
come and teach me and then anything they want I will offer.” One time there was a póluómén, means a Brahmin. In India there were
four castes of people, four castes. The highest is the Brahmin,
the second is Kshatriya? Kshatriya The warriors. The warriors. The third. Vaishyas (merchant). What is that? Merchant. Merchant. The fourth are the lowest. The untouchables. Untouchables, yes. Means they are doing a lowly job, like (Laborers) laborers, yes. Or, scavengers and slavery or servants or, bringing human waste
to go out, throw out because in the old times
they don’t have toilets. These are the lowest ones
and nobody touches them because they believe, for example, if a Brahmin touches this lower class then his class also changes
into low class. So, and then wouldn’t that low class
change into Brahmin class then? Why only one-way street? Right? Why only one-way street? So one Brahmin person
came inside and came to the… his name is Raudrākṣa. He went to the palace and said, “I have this miraculous teaching. Go in and report it to your king.” So of course the gatekeeper
run, run, run inside and reported to the king. And the king was very happy, and put on his best appearance, the crown
and the best kingly outfit, came out to the gate and bowed to him, invited him in, like a god. And then he asked everyone to
prepare a very high magnificent dais and then invited the teacher
to sit on it, just like before. But they don’t say that this Brahmin
is ugly-looking or anything. So, this time the king has luck, better luck, at least
from the view, better view. Like when you buy a house, you have a good view
or no view. Last time was terrible view. This time better view. It gets better all the time. It’s getting better all the time. And then after the Brahmin sat on
the dais, high dais already, the king and all of his subordinates
kneeled down and bowed to him, and requested him, saying,
“Great Honorable, Great Master, it is such an honor and happiness
for us today to receive you. Today, you have such compassion
to come to us. Please show your mercy and teach us the Truth that you know.” In the old time, they’re so polite. Even the king was really
well brought up. Good manners. Good boy. And Raudrākṣa, the Brahmin said, “I have acquired this wisdom with a lot of labor and work
and diligence and…. a lot, a lot of work and suffering, I go through a lot in order to obtain it. And now from a faraway area,
it’s not so easy. And also I have to practice it,
and to continue practice. It is not so easy like you said to
come here and just teach you.” So the king said,
“Oh, please, Your Honored One, Great Master, tell us what we should do so that we do it properly, according to the tradition.” And the Brahmin said, “If you want to hear the teaching,
the true teaching, then you have to bore,” right? Bore, boring? The hole, to bore a hole, right? “Bore 1,000 holes on your body.” Woah! It’s getting worse all the time.
I told you. I told you, I’m telling you, I warned you. You still want to hear? (Yes.) The worst already you heard, whether or not you continue
is the same, right? All the holes get filled up at the end. We continue. “And then after you bore 1,000 holes
in your body, you have to fill it with oil and put timber,” or not… Something to burn it. Coal? What? Ash, coal? Put wick, wick, right? Wax? No, put something. (Burn.) No, like a cloth to put it in, so that…. Wick, right? Wick, yeah. So, and then burn it. Oh my goodness. “Then, doing that as an offering to me,
to make offering to me, then I will tell you the teaching.” Oh, the king was very happy. So glad, so glad,
he accepted right away. But he said,
“Please give me seven days.” Seven. “After seven days
then I’ll do that.” And the Brahmin said:
“Why, you are scared or something? You try to run away or something?” The king said, “No, no, I want
to tell all my citizens to come so that they will also be able
to benefit from your teaching.” So, he told them
to write a notice again that all the citizens in this country
should know that in seven days the King Kasapala
because of requesting the Truth, will bore 1,000 holes on this body and burn it as an offering to the teacher. Whoever wants to hear
the teaching as well, please come at such and such date,
at the palace court, courtyard. At that time all the smaller kings and all the citizens of all these countries felt so sad, so sorrowful, so painful. So they all, they came with each other, gathered with each other and came
in front of the king and said, “Your Majesty, all of us, and the citizens rely on your merit
and blessing for thousands of lifetimes so we became very peaceful
and prosperous up to now. If Your Majesty bores 1,000 holes
in your body to make light to offer,
and if you die, then of course you will die,”
they said. “Then whom are we relying on? Who can we depend on? We will be like the children
without parents. Please reconsider. Do not do this, sacrifice this
just for one person’s crazy request.” Everyone would think like that,
right? Yes. And then after that, the 20,000 wives
and 500 princes and princesses, and 10,000 court officials, they all came and kneeled
in front of the king and said the same thing, tried to stop him
to do such a sacrifice. But the king was displeased.
He talked very loud. He raised his voice and said, “You do not try to obstruct me. This is the great thing
that I have an opportunity to do. I sacrifice my body just to listen
to one sentence of Truth, then in the future if I become Buddha I will rescue all of you first,
liberate all of you first.” Because all of them saw the way the king expressed himself, truthfully and decisively like that, they continued crying and crying but the king didn’t change his mind. After seven days he came
in front of the teacher, the Brahmin, prostrated in front of him
as a student to a teacher and then said, “Please, Great Master, with all sincerity we will follow what the teacher requests. And then now I will begin
to bore holes in the body to make light to offer to you.” And then he asked his subordinate
to bore holes in his body. Nobody dared to do it. And then there was one of
the lowest class persons, the king wanted to award him
something so he dared come in. After he bored all the holes,
he just threw the knife and left. He did not even take the reward. He just had to do it just to help the king because nobody else wanted to do it. And even the king
let the lowest class touch him, not just touch him
but bore holes, 1,000 holes. How can you continue to live like that? Everyone saw this. They all trembled with fear and sorrow. And then the king
humbly said to the Brahmin, “Please, Great Master,
tell us the teaching first because after burning the light,
burning the oil, maybe I will die before I could
even hear the Truth. So please say it first
and then we can burn after.” So the Brahmin read a quatrain like this, “Whatever exists will disappear. If something from high
then they will fall low one day.” Didn’t you know? “If there is a union
then there will be separation.” Didn’t you know that also? You didn’t? Then you must make
1,000 holes on your body. “If being born, then will die.” What a truth
for 1,000 holes in the body. And then after the king heard already, he told them to copy
and then give to people and then he asked people to, he asked his subordinate to light
the lamp on his body. When the flames came up
very high all over his body, his face was still very pacified. He didn’t complain. He did not, he just was as normal. He didn’t change his attitude
or appearance. And then he vowed to say,
he said in front of everyone, “I have suffered like this for the Truth,
to request the Truth. I vow to use this merit
for the Buddhahood. After I become a Buddha,
I will use this bright wisdom to destroy all the darkness
in this world for all beings to benefit.” After he said that, after he sincerely
made a vow like that, the whole heavens and earth
were shaken, shaken violently, up to very, very high heaven. One of the high heavens,
not very high, high at that time. And then all the heavenly beings
were surprised. Fancy the heavens didn’t
even know anything! Only when the whole earth shook, then the heavens shook,
then they’re surprised. I thought that gods
would know everything, even small gods. No, they don’t know. Told you. That’s why the Master
has to come down, otherwise what for? All the gods would do everything
for you? They don’t really care. They are too happy, just like rich people. They don’t realize
how poor people will suffer. Like Marie Antoinette
of France. They said to her, “People, our citizens,
don’t have bread to eat.” She said, “Then give them cakes.” Did you understand,
that’s a very famous saying of the Queen Marie Antoinette
of France? She didn’t realize, she didn’t understand
what it means no bread. She couldn’t imagine anyone
who has no bread to eat, meaning no food, hungry. But she did not capiche. She said, “Then give them cakes.” So this is the problem
when we are so rich, so powerful then we indulge in all this luxury, and we could not remember
other people who suffer. Yes, so maybe now and again
we should be reminded of that. There was a film called
My Housemaid is a Millionaire, Or billionaire? (Yes.) Yes. There was a son of a billionaire that in his tradition, family tradition even though they’re very rich
and powerful but every family member has to go
and do two weeks’ labor work, like everyone else so that
they don’t lose touch with reality. You have respect for money
and the labor of other people, appreciate life. Remember that, the film? Then after he became the housekeeper of that woman
who’s in another company which she doesn’t know, he’s not allowed to tell her, and he does all the household work and then he falls in love with her and then later they both get married
and that’s the end of the story. After married, then the story ends. But it’s funny. She has already three children and divorced or separated
from her husband. Her husband left her
with the three children. Already older than him and
he still was in love with her. Some people like elderly women
so we have hope. You and I. You and I. We three have hope. You just have to dye your hair
a little bit blacker. It’s too platinum. It shows your age. OK. Where were we? After he said that,
he vowed so sincerely so all the heavens and earth
were trembling, so all the Buddhas, all the gods
and small gods and citizen gods looked down on earth and said,
“What is this? A Bodhisattva burn himself as lamps to make offering to the teacher just to hear
one short sentence of the Truth.” Probably it’s an initiation as well I think.
It’s not just, I’m not sure, I’m not sure. “It is so frightening.” So all of them flew down
from heaven and were standing, all over the firmament, full of them. They filled the firmament with
their beings, all the heavenly people. So they were very, very so touched,
so moved that some of the heavenly beings cried. Because they cry, but they cry
not like we cry just a few drops, they cry and it becomes rain. And then they also threw down
a lot of flowers to make offering to the king,
the Bodhisattva king. And then the Śakra god, he must come at this time
and still asked the king, “You suffer so much,
do you feel some regret?” Imagine. Imagine. Just nothing better to do
than poking fun at people even at such stage of suffering already, still sitting there and asks a question. Typical Asura.
Do you understand me? King of Asura, Śakra,
has a lot of power and magic and whatever he has, always goes down
and tests people, already bored thousand holes
and burning light already, all the heavens and earth
are crying and he still comes down, “You are regretting or not?” Oh my God. What a god. I would tell him, “Get lost. None of your business.” And the king still said,
“No, I do not regret.” And the Śakra still said,
“But you tremble like that.” Who would not? Wouldn’t he tremble
if he bore 1,000 in his body, the Śakra god? “But you’re trembling like that. How do, and you say you don’t regret? How would I know? What… how can you prove it?” Imagine! People suffer like that already, still asks for proof. How can, he’s just a mortal.
Understand? Oh, this kind of god! And then the Śakra had asked like that and the king vowed, like
to all the Buddhas or whoever, he said. “If my heart truly
does not regret from beginning
to the end, is all sincere, then please let all the holes
on my body disappear and my body regains
the normal shape like before.” Because he was so sincere, so pure, his sincerity moved ten directions
of all the saints and sages and Buddha and gods. Then suddenly all his holes,
burning holes disappeared and he regained
his beautiful body again but it was even better than before. His body was even
more bright with light, I guess, and he said,
“World Honored One, Buddha, the king who bore 1,000 holes to burn as light to offer
for the Truth at that time, it was you. You suffered so much to ask,
to request the Truth, to search for the Truth. Today you already have it all. Why you don’t come out and teach us, and lecture to us,
give lectures so that… Why do you want to go to Nirvana and let all beings
lose the lamp of the world, the light of the world, and lost the eyes of wisdom?” OK, so he continued to remember
many more lives but I think I’ll let you go. There are more, many more lives, almost as scary as that. Nobody could ever do this
the way the Buddha did. Master, Siddhartha? Yeah. Buddha, the Buddha Shakyamuni in the past life. That’s what he did. Many things. In another one he’s a king,
another king again and then also probably the same, also had 84,000, (20,000) 20,000 wives
and concubines and 500 princes
and 10,000 court officials, and he was also very kind,
very loving etc., etc. But then he loved his subjects
as much as he loved his children, just as his children. But one day he also thought
all this is ephemeral. “I would like to search for
the Buddha status, the Tathāgata status, the enlightened state of Buddhahood.” So he also posted notices everywhere,
notices everywhere saying whoever knows the Truth,
come teach me and I will reward richly,
whatever that person wants. So after a long time, there was
a Brahmin who came again. A Brahmin. It’s the same? Same Raudrākṣa? No. Check it out. Maybe they all have the same name just like in Spain
all the Jose, Mary, Joseph. Same. Similar. Just, I thought I saw Raudrākṣa before. Yes, this is Raudrākṣa. So there’s another one? Probably all the Brahmins have
similar names. Raudrākṣa, another Raudrākṣa maybe. So he came to the king’s palace and said, “I am the one
who has been practicing and knowing deeply the Truth of
the Dharma, Buddha’s Dharma,” meaning enlightened saints,
Buddha, Dharma. “Go inside and tell the king
that I will teach him.” So blah blah blah blah, the king was happy, went out, invited him in, sincerely, humbly, and made a dais
and invited him up. And then all the king, and officials
and all the people came and prostrated in front of him
and requested. You know that. Similar. With all this humility
and sincerity he asked, and then the Brahmin Raudrākṣa said, “According to my knowledge,
do you know it is very, very difficult? I have been practicing,
accumulating the Truth through a lot, a lot of
diligent work and sacrifice, from very many, faraway,
thousands of miles away in order to gather all this knowledge. You, the king, look at this
like a cheap and simple thing.” He looked down upon
the king’s sincerity, all these prostrations mean
nothing to him. So he said that the king was not
respectful enough, not sincere enough. And the king sweated.
Oh, this is a different thing. Before, we didn’t see
any king sweat before. He was sweating like scared,
feeling a little bit scared. He said, “Oh please, Great Master,
so how could we do it? How, what kind of ceremony
or …” Help? Ritual. What? Festivity, ritual. Festivity. What kind of…
(Ritual.) In which way, in what rules,
in what… (Conditions.) Conditions. What manner he could do… Manner of festivity,
or request that we should do in order to do it properly,
please teach us. And then there’s another one here. This is another shock. And the teacher, the Brahmin said, “If you nail 10,000 nails on your body,
then I will teach you.” And the king said,
“Oh yes, yes sir, I will do that. I will obey your command. But please give me (Seven days.) seven days.” You have magical power. You know things in advance,
clairvoyance. OK, good, good. At least you have good memory. “After that then I will, because I want to report
to all my citizens so that they can come and also
benefit from your teaching.” And also to say goodbye.” Because after 10,000 nails on your body I don’t think you will live, no? Maybe you can try and tell me. How do you know if you didn’t try? But in India, many yogis they tried it. They practice. They practice asceticism. They lay on the nail bed to sleep or at least for a while, really nails, pointed nails, sharp,
they lie on it. There’s one that
they cut through the skin, too. Yes, yes. Some.
They just do all kinds of things in order to, to gain wisdom, to gain a higher level of enlightenment. All they have to do is just come
to the Supreme Master Ching Hai, like you, right? (Yes.) I don’t know. I don’t know, how do you
get this enlightenment? Did you secretly nail your body
at home, pray for it or vow? Probably we do other things. Yes? Do other things? We don’t do those things. What did you do, baby? I mean big baby. It’s a long story. Long story?
Maybe one day you tell us. Write a book. Write a book. She said write a book. When we have a better place
or I stay longer, then maybe you can come and go, and then you will have more time
and then you can tell. Right now, I don’t know how long
you stay this weekend. Maybe you‘re going home soon
so I just try to remind you of things first, from the Buddha. And after seven days, everybody heard about that and they all came to the capital city. And then many of the representatives, probably lower representatives
of the Parliament people come and requested the king like before: “We represent the whole citizens
of this country and request you, no, come here to congratulate you and wish you a long life,
10,000 years, because we know that
due to your merit that our countries are blessed
with peace and prosperity. So please do not leave us, forsake the nailing stuff so that we have someone
to rely on, to depend on, you’re like father to us.” Etc, etc.
All similar. And then the 20,000 wives
and concubine came out to say the same thing like before. Do I have to…? Do I have to continue? I don’t have to repeat the same thing, you know everything already. He knows. OK. The Buddha’s sacrifice, suffering
and we’re laughing. We are terrible people. We truly repent. Don’t we? We do, no? Sorry about that. My disciples, they just make me laugh. I am so sorry, forgive us. He’s a Buddha already,
he doesn’t care anyway. That was a past life. Anyway, it’s just a story. And then the concubines
and then the official court, and everybody came and asked him to abolish
this decision of nailing. And the king said,
“I have observed that life after life, so many countless lifetimes…” she’s still laughing. Please don’t do it! You’ll infect me. Let me read this serious story, please. This chocolate, she keep laughing. She’s hiding and laughing. I see it. Look at her. You can laugh openly and finish. OK? Just openly laugh and finish it so I can finish the job. Because there are many more lifetimes, not only one. The Brahmin king, he definitely
wanted to remind the Buddha of what it is all about, why he wanted to become Buddha. So he kept telling all this story
as if the Buddha didn’t remember. And then he said, “I observe,” the king said, “I observe
that many lifetimes, life after life, so countless lifetimes, I myself was also running around
in the cycle of life and death, all the time, and drowning in this kind of existence. This kind of body has been lost
countless times, countless times already. And then all that kind, all the bodies that have been lost
have also been running after greed and anger and ignorance
and sensual pleasure only. If we can count all the body’s bones that have been rotten from life after life then myself, my body’s bones
would have been higher than the Everest, Mount Everest.”
For example. He said Tu Di (Mt. Sumeru), I don’t know where that country, where that mountain is. For us Everest is highest
so I say Everest. It didn’t say Everest here. So that you understand. I’m just like the Buddha.
It has to be solid, has to have a number
or a position or location so that you remember. “The head has been rolling. The blood has been flowing, it would have been,
gathered together, it would have been like
five, six rivers already. And tears have been flowing,
could fill many of the…” No, he has a number here. “The tears would have been
more than four oceans.” Before the blood flowed,
more than five rivers, and this one more than four oceans. I told you it must have the number. “So all these lives and the body has
been reborn and died, reborn and died, it was a waste,
waste of time, waste of body. It has not been offered to seek the Truth,
to attain enlightenment. Therefore all these bodies
have been such a waste. So this time I want to nail my body to offer to the master
to search for Buddhahood. So at this time, I do this to offer my body
in order to become Buddha. To use this merit toward Buddhahood. So do not stop me because I do this also for you,
for all of you. When I become Buddha, I will liberate you first,
enlighten you first. This is a very great merit. It’s a very great cause. So do not try to deter me.” After that everyone kept quiet and didn’t say anything anymore because they knew he was determined
to offer himself. And then the king went
in front of the master and said, “Please can you teach us first? Because after I nail myself
thousand nails then maybe I will die already
without knowing the teaching.” So the master said something
like this again,a quatrain, “Everything is impermanent.” You can tell the rest. “Being born means…” (You will die.) Having suffering or to die, yes. “Everything that appears here
in the world has no ownership. So nothing you could own.” Everything belongs to nothing. You also belong to nothing. That’s true, no? That’s it. Four stanzas, and then after that, the king was very happy,
told everybody, copied and gave it to everybody. Every day had to remind themselves
to recite it all the time. And then the king
told them to nail him. Every king of the smaller kingdoms, and all the officials, all the wives,
concubines, children, they all threw themselves
on the ground and crying and yelling, lamenting and the whole Heaven and Earth shook, shook so much, waking all the gods up again and they were surprised, woke up,
looked down, and then they felt such a
rare phenomena, a rare sacrifice. So they were so very touched, they threw all the flowers down, and the heavenly flowers, too, to offer. And then the Śakra god
came down again. Isn’t this guy… “Mind your own business,” I would say. He came down and asked, not saying, “OK, I feel sorry for you,”
or, “Are you in pain?” or anything. “You sacrifice so much, suffer so much. What do you want to be? You want to be a Brahma god? You want to be the king of the wheel?” I don’t know if there’s a such a thing, I don’t know what king of the wheel is, what it’s supposed to be. “Or you want to be a Śakra god or you want to be Maya, etc.?” He’s worried that this king
would take his kingdom, take his throne, more merit,
you see what I mean? It happened. It could happen. Jealous. I’m the jealous god, that’s what it is. So the king replied, “Reverent god,
I forsake my own body just to request for the Truth, the enlightened Truth so that I can help all beings
to be liberated like myself but I do not
request any merit from this heavens or earth merit
or to become rich or god or anything like that.” And then the Śakra god,
he’s the god of the Astral, the chief god of 33 levels
of Astral Level, of Astral spiritual level. He’s the chief of the 33 heavens, chief of all the gods
of the 33 heavens in the Astral area. He asked, “But I saw you
suffering not peacefully.” Of course. Peacefully! How can he? How can, I ask. Nail yourself a thousand times
on your body and have to quietly suffer. What the heck he wants? Why doesn’t he do it himself,
then he’d know how he can suffer quietly. That reminded me of the story that one of the Zen masters,
the Zen story. One of the Zen master
had a disciple. He doubted whether
his master was really enlightened or had any attainment or not. So one day he waited for
his Zen master to sleep, he came in and pulled his leg
and twisted it around. And the master woke up
and, “Ow, ow, ow!” Of course. And the disciple asked,
“You’re in pain, Master?” He said, “Of course I’m in pain.” Then he said, “If you still feel pain, then you are not enlightened, are you?” I’m telling you. Teaching a dog is easier. Fetch! Sit! So the Śakra god asked him, “Do you feel regretful
of what you’ve done?” So the king said, “No, I have no regret.” “But you say that, it’s only lips, from the lips.” “How can I prove it?” “How can you prove it to me?” Oh God. So the king has to vow again, swear like,
not swear, is it? In all heaven that if, like he vowed
to all the 10 direction Buddhas, saying, “If my heart really
has no regret, then please be witness because I only want to seek
the Truth, the liberating truth. I don’t want any of the godly
or earthly fruit of merit. So if it is true like that, let my body
regain its normal appearance.” And immediately, yes, all the nails, how do you say?
(Popped.) Disappeared. (What?) He said, “Popped out.” Popped out, all the nails popped out. And then his body became as normal but much brighter than before. And at that time, all the heavens
and earth and humans and all beings have seen such a sincerity of his heart. They were all clapping
and happy and dancing. “World Honored One, the king that has nailed his own body
at that time is you now. Your heart as great as the ocean,
as wide as the sky, has destroyed
many of the beings’ wrong concepts about spiritual practice because they are just like
drowning in mud, this quicksand, and suffocating, don’t know how to help themselves. Please do not leave
these pitiful children of yours, your children, beautiful children
and go into Nirvana.” And then he continued
remembering another story, I don’t know how many more stories. You want to listen more
or you want to go sleep now? Tell me the truth. Whatever you want to do, Master. I don’t mind,
I don’t mind, whatever. Because I don’t know
when you can come again. If you don’t ask me
to bore holes in my body, I’ll do anything else. I’ll do anything else, it’s OK, rather. Compared to
the Buddha’s sacrifice, I am sitting here,
reading you a story is nothing. All right. How many? But I don’t know. You sit there,
are you comfy still? (Yes.) Tell me the truth. If you want to go sleep,
I don’t mind, whatever. I’m here just for you. You see? Not for me. Tell me. If you do this to please us, it’s our honor to please you
and listen to you. OK. Good. Wow. (Yes!) Have you been a diplomat
or something? … in a past life. Have you been, like,
ambassador of some country? Read the book and find out. He knows how to talk. He wants to be a Buddha… Probably he’s learning from
all this ancient talk. I just… sorry,
but I have just one question. Yes. It’s something which is common
from all these true stories. What? The story that you just told. (Tell?) Are they true, or not true? No, no, no. There is something which is
common to all the same things. The same lesson. Similar lesson, different lifetime. Just the Brahmin god
wanted to tell the Buddha that in countless lifetimes, he had to do…
unimaginable sacrifice. Because sacrificing money
or wife or children is not as difficult as sacrificing your own body
and suffering slowly like that, not like a quick death. So the Brahmin wanted to
remind the Buddha of the reason why he wanted to become Buddha, and so much sacrifice he has done. So now he attained Buddhahood, he should not have forgotten
what he wanted to do, liberate other beings,
even though difficult. Yes, so at least he should try. And the Brahmin saw that there are some numbers of beings
who are ready for this teaching, can be taught,
can be saved, so please don’t look at others,
the ignorant group, but teach these who are ready to hear, so he kept repeating
the sacrifice of Buddha. So he said, “I prostrate to you. I remember one more time
or another lifetime.” This is the Brahmin still speaking. That story’s already gone
and now this is a new story. He said, “One more,
another, I remember another eon, it was a very long time in the past, also on this earth, there was a king.” He always became king. No, probably he only told the king stories but the Buddha has sacrificed
also as animals, or as normal men also
in many other life stories. It’s just when the king himself, in such a high position
of power and has everything and still humbly requests just one
or two stanzas of the Truth like that, then it’s more magnificent. That’s why he just told the king stories. And then another king,
his name is Brahmādeva. The king, the earthly king
named Brahmādeva. He was not a Brahmin. He had a son, named Dharmagaveṣī. The prince had great intelligence but he liked to stay in quiet
and remote areas. He didn’t like luxury
or this sensual pleasure. He loved to request the teaching
of the elderly, of whoever he could. He loved to go to listen
to the teaching of any teacher, or he even dispatched
his subordinate to go everywhere, to collect or to tell wherever
there is a good master, then he would come and listen, or copy the teaching,
bring it back to him so that he could study
in every direction. But many, many times,
many years like that, he hadn’t found anyone who had this, the way
to liberation. In the meantime he was very unhappy. He’d always think about that, and then the Śakra god,
for God’s sake, this guy. Not again. He came again. He’s so near us and he has nothing to do. So the Śakra god knew
the sincerity of the prince. So he changed himself, he used magical power to
make himself into a Brahmin person. He went to the capital, went to the very crowded area
to pronounce, “All of you should know I am the one who knows about
the Buddha’s teaching, the Truth, the liberating method, yes. Any of you want to listen, I’ll tell you.” So then of course they came and told the prince after they heard that. One of them came to tell the prince. They said, “Outside the city,
outside the wall, the palace wall, there is a person who proclaims
that he knows the Truth.” So, the prince was very happy, the liberating method,
Quan Yin Method maybe. So he wore his best clothes, came out and brought his subordinate with him, greeting him, welcomed the teacher and bringing him in the home
and prostrate to him and do all the necessary ceremony
for the teacher. In the old time, it’s like that. If you want to accept somebody
as a teacher, you bring something. Like in China, you bring some tea,
good tea, some food, and some money
in a red envelope, etc. Whatever you have, you can, and then go and prostrate
to your master three times. And if he accepts all that then he accepts you as a student. And nowadays people
don’t do that anymore. Nowadays the master prostrates
in front of the students, “Please accept me. I have cookies. I have blessed food. I have cakes.” After he treated him like a god, offered him food and drink,
all the best from the palace and then when the sun just rose up, they are describing the beautiful sunrise and the sun shining all over the planet, and everything. And then at that time
the weather was so fine, and the energy was very peaceful. And the prince asked his people
to make a high dais and then asked the teacher humbly,
respectfully, to step up, to tell them the Truth, the teaching. The teacher, the Brahmin, came up,
the Śakra god in the form of Brahmin came up
and sat quietly, peacefully. And then the prince came
in front of him, prostrated to him as a teacher and then kneeled there in front of him and put his palms together, and requested,
“Reverend Master, Great Master,” not just a Master, Great Master, “We are covered with
the walls of ignorance and greed and sensual force
so many, many lifetimes because we did not have
the chance to know the real teaching of Buddha,
of an enlightened saint. Today, we are lucky to meet you,
who knows the Truth. We very sincerely, humbly request
you to please mercifully teach us so that all of us here and others
will bathe in the blessing and become more
enlightened.” Etc., etc. And then the teacher’s face
became very stern, like this. His nose is up, maybe like that, “To learn the Truth is not
an easy thing.” Maybe he said like that or maybe, “To learn the truth
is not an easy thing!” I don’t know, I don’t know
how he said that. But it cannot be a normal voice. Kind of haughty and
self-confident, self-con…, how you say? Self-esteem. (Self-confident.) Self what? Esteem. Self-esteem, kind of. Self (authority) boasting
and self-aggrand… Aggrandizing Aggrandizing, whatever that was. “I have spent a lifetime, years of,
diligent quest and practice and went through a lot of
hardship and trouble in order to know something. You have not even sweat a little bit and you want to learn it? You have done nothing worth it.” So the prince said,
“Oh, sorry. Sorry, Master, please teach us how to do it
so that we can serve you properly. Whatever you want from me,
from my wife, from my children, just tell us. Just teach me and we will never
go against your order.” And the great master said, “If you want to hear the teaching, you have to dig a very, very,
very deep hole in the earth about mười trượng,
I don’t know how much, maybe 10 meters, something like that. And then at the bottom of this hole have to have burning coals
until it’s red, flaming, and then you jump into
that flaming hole, then I will teach you.” Every time it’s a different invention. I tell you, these gods,
they have nothing to do but to come here to trouble people. What sin has the prince done? The only sin he committed
was to want to know the Truth. And he would offer anything
that he asked even. No, had to ask his own life and in such a way,
a suffering way. It’s not like, OK, chop your head
and die quickly even, but there’s one time
they also asked to chop his head too. And he did that
but I shouldn’t have told you in advance. And the prince said,
“Yes, I will obey your command.” And then after the prince asked some of his subordinates
to dig the hole already, then the king heard about it. This is different, a little bit different. A little to pique your interest. And then from the king to
all the royal household, everybody was so vexed,
so unhappy, so scared and they all came and tried to stop him. But the prince really wanted
to offer his body, he didn’t care about his body, so that he could know the Truth, so he didn’t listen to
any of their advice. Afterward, the king and all the royal
household came to the master and said, “Please, great master,
have mercy on us and erase this order, delete this order, forget this order. Don’t make the prince jump
into the burning hole. Anything else you want
we offer it all to you.” But the master said,
“It’s up to him. If he doesn’t want it,
then he doesn’t have to do it. I can go.” He knew, he knew the prince
would not, would want it. So the king and everybody saw that this great master was not to reason with, so they also shook their heads, bowed to him and then all went home. Didn’t say anything anymore. And then when he came to the palace,
he put notes everywhere, saying, “All the citizens should know,
in seven days the prince will jump into
the burning fire hole in order to sacrifice himself
for the Truth. If anyone wants to come
and share this event, you can come.” Everybody came, and felt so sorry. The representative of the people
came up and also tried to stop the prince, saying, “Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, we know, we heard that you, because of the Truth want to
jump into the burning hole. We don’t see any merit
or useful things that happened yet but we can already imagine the sorrow of the whole country
and the king, and everyone. So please forsake this idea
and stay with us so that all of the citizens have
peace in their mind.” And the Prince said,
“You please listen to me, harmful or benefit, it is not the way we think. Since time immemorial,
how many times do we die, and born and die, and born
and become this and that, in heaven and hell, in the world,
in the human world we can never count. It’s too much to count
so just to say in the human world because of greed and pleasure
and physical pleasure indulging, like killing each other in countless lives. And even in Heaven
after their merits run down, even the gods have to be reborn again. And in hell, beings are
being burned day and night and many other kinds of torture.
It’s terrifying. In a day they’ll be tortured
to die and be reborn, die and reborn how many times
to endure the suffering, so many suffering,”
they say all kind of things like they have been shot at with the 10,000 arrows of
poison arrows, for example like that. Or have to plow the field
like an animal with the great burden on the back. This is a hell scenery, etc., etc. Or have to give their body
to someone else to eat, to repay the karma. So many, etc., etc. he said, “All this kind of death or torture
are just a waste, did not even bring any merit
to self or to anyone. So today I do this with the intention
to search for Buddhahood, that is a very noble cause
and noble reason. Whenever I become Buddha, I will teach you the Truth
and liberate you as well.” Everybody after hearing him
saying all this from heaven to hell like that
they were all quiet, couldn’t say anything anymore. They didn’t dare say anything anymore because they knew it’s the truth. But before he jumped into
the hole of burning fire, he asked, requested the teacher to
please tell him first because if he died, he could not hear. So the teacher read
some paragraph like this, “Often you have to follow
the loving heart.” Not Loving Hut! Loving heart. No, I said loving heart. Heart, heart. “And erase all the illusionary thinking or the anger and the harmful action. Show your compassion,
great compassion to all beings because when you see them suffer, you would shed tears. You must practice the great heart, the great loving heart
and great tolerance so that one day you will attain
Buddhahood. And to do charity
but by the Truth teaching, giving teaching,
instead of money or stuff. That is to give all beings
the true teaching. That is the real Bodhisattva’s way.” Well, this time it’s better, yes? (Yes.) Getting better all the time. You couldn’t guess, could you? And before he jumped into the fire,
the Śakra, I don’t want to mention
this guy’s name again, Śakra god came down again, and held his hand,
the prince’s hand and asked him, “Oh please, tarry,
I want to talk to you first. If the king has
good merit and loving kindness, then all the citizens will also prosper
and enjoy peace. We observed that the prince,
you, Prince, are full of merits, and this is really good for the people. And also the king has you
as a successor, then he feels also very peaceful. Why because of such a stanza,
such a small, short stanza, then forsake all beings in your country? I think you should not do that. You should not be so stubborn.”
He said that. So the prince said… The Śakra god came also
with a retinue of a lot of smaller gods, his entourage. So he said, “Reverent are all the gods. I have observed also that many people only know
when they’re happy, they don’t worry about the next day,
maybe have trouble or disaster.” He knows today, alive but he doesn’t know
if the next day, dead. “I sacrifice this body thus, because I want to have this happiness, lasting happiness
and bliss for myself and for all others. It’s not because I don’t love my parents
or don’t love them, all beings, all the citizens.” “Please do not, all of you,
please do not try to stop me because this is a great cause,” and then he immediately jumped
into the fire, the fire hole. This teacher! Isn’t just a burning fire enough,
why have to dig the hole? And put fire at the bottom? Can’t get out. So he cannot get out, right? Oh God. Jesus Christ,
what a mind. You know everything! I’m going through that. He wrote the story. You’re going through that? (I did.) You did? You burned, you jumped into the hole? No, no, no. A lesson, a lesson. You read all that, you mean? (No.) Oh, lesson, OK.
One day you tell us. OK. He said he went through all that. How deep was the hole? Sometimes it was so deep
that I could not see the end. What? You don’t even see
the end, so deep? Oh God. You went to hell or something? Um… You were forced to? I almost was forced to (Just to learn.) Somehow I (Escaped?) come here. Somehow I… what was that? Come here. Come here, OK. You were rescued? Yes. (OK.) Many times. All right. So he jumped into the fire, and then all the heavens
and earth trembled again and everybody was so touched. Everyone was crying and some cried very loud. And at the time that everyone
was so sorrowful and frightened, suddenly the whole fire turned
into a lotus, a lotus pond. All the beautiful fragrance come
and come into people’s nose, and they were happy, happy. And then a lot of flowers from heaven
just rained down, rained down, rained down on him. Even Śakra god and Brahmin god
had to praise the prince, “Oh precious, precious,
to search for the Truth like you, you will become Buddha.” “World Honored One, the king at that time is
your father king in this lifetime. And your mother is now is
the Maya Queen, your mother at this time. And the prince who jumped
into the fire hole was you. At that time because of love
for all beings that you sacrificed thus. Now you have attained
the great Buddhahood, please stay and teach all beings so that they will sail through
the suffering sea with a guide, with an enlightened guide.” And then he told more stories
but I think we stop. Bravo. What? Bravo. This is at least for once
the gods are merciful and humble. The rest just go around, testing,
making trouble and making people suffer, so this Brahmin this time is good. He’s almost dying also, he want to know the Truth
before he lost his kingdom. So next time maybe we can continue. He’s really determined to stop
the Buddha from going to Nirvana. He’s really determined
to keep the Buddha here. So he would keep telling all this sacrifice to remind the Buddha
the purpose of his Buddhahood. Without this Brahmin,
the Buddha would have gone to Nirvana and we wouldn’t have Buddhism. We wouldn’t have all these stories. Nobody would tell all these stories
and other stories. No Ananda, nothing. So we also have to thank
the Brahmin god at that time. Yes. We thank you. Thank you, Master. I sit here to do my job so that you can see me
a little bit more, understand? (Yes.) Otherwise I could go in the office
and do it. OK. Wow. There was an airport for sale,
you heard that last night, on sale and it’s not very expensive but I don’t know, I was thinking airport. (Airport?)
This is in the middle, airport. It’s a big one
and in the middle of the land, Spain,
it’s not near the sea or anything. There’s a little pond or lake nearby
but I don’t know. It probably has no trees
and stuff like that, just concrete, cement. I’m not sure if we will feel well in it
even though it is cheap. Big land, has all facilities,
all working condition. We can have Supreme Master island? What? We can have Supreme Master island. A Supreme Master island,
you all dream. You’re dreamers. I also am a dreamer
but life taught me to be real. The dream is different. You imagine everything. It’s good to imagine positively but in practical real life,
it’s a lot of work for me, responsibility
and sometimes stress and everybody looks up to me
and expects things from me. I’m not even the king
in one of these stories. I don’t have subordinates. I don’t have 20,000 wives. I don’t have 10,000 court officials. I don’t have 84,000 tribes to control, to rule, or to ask for help. Do not cheat yourself above all. You have to be honest with yourself. It’s not like I discourage you
to become monks or nuns. To let someone become monk
or nun is immense merit, according to Buddhism. You let your servant become
a monk or nun, immense merit. You let your brother, sister
become monks, immense, immeasurable merit, life after life. The Buddha said even if you build the whole big citadel
of seven precious stones or fill the ocean with gold the merit still cannot compare to someone who himself, herself
want to be a renunciate, or lets somebody in your power
to become a nun or a monk. So I am not here,
not trying to stop you, you see. I wouldn’t dare to do that. I just want you to know that
it’s not an easy way. It’s OK, you don’t have to
be monks and nuns to be enlightened. You are already enlightened. If you want to be monks
and nuns, it’s fine but you have to be sincere. Otherwise you make trouble for me and defeat your purpose. OK, yes?
Think about that. Thank you, Master. Thank you, all of you for listening. I know, you don’t say
but I know you love me, even if you don’t say it. I didn’t do it, anything, I didn’t bore holes, no. Who knows? Maybe you ask Brahmin if I did it, because I don’t remember. Even if I did.
(This life you sacrifice.) Yeah, yeah, this life maybe, but it’s different kind of sacrifice, it doesn’t have to be
so visible or recognizable. Good boys, good girls,
I see you later. Thank you, Master.
We love you, Master. Yeah. I love you and I feel very bad that
time’s always too short, you blink your eyes
and then it’s morning, blink your eyes, it’s evening, blink your eyes, midnight already. And if we don’t remember it’s midnight,
the neighbor will remember. Remember the story? The one friend
who visited another friend and he saw a big gong in his doorway. He said, “What are you
putting that there for?” He said, “That’s my clock.” He said, “What do you mean, clock?” He said, “OK, I’ll show you.” And he came bang, bang, bang and then downstairs was knocking
at the door, “It’s two o’clock in the morning!” I love you all so much. We love you, Master. I couldn’t do enough for you. It’s just… (You do a lot.)
the body is always kind of limited. Master, you’ve done a lot for us. I don’t know what I have done, really. Initiation, yes,
but everything else it’s… not really. Yes, Master, the planet,
you saved the planet, you gave us an opportunity
to serve people. Save the planet, yes,
just only one sister saw it. Saved the universes. Yes, OK. You’ve really done a lot for us. I don’t feel like I’ve done
anything much, really. If you say so, it’s OK. Thank you, thank you, Master. Don’t keep reminding me! I might remember all the holes
in the body, then the Brahmin would come down and remind me
of all these horrible things. Remember, hold on to the rail. Yes, we will. I’m not talking too much. It’s really helpful. Take care of yourself. Thank you, Master. Thanks for everything. I could stay with you forever, honestly. Just it’s not possible on this planet. Maybe if we have a better place,
then I stay longer, then you can come and go. (Yes.) Every weekend I will appear at least.
(Yes.) From now on if I’m, if not here, then other place,
every weekend, at least the weekend you can see me.
OK? Wow! I will try, I will try to stay. If I can’t, then I’ll tell you. As long as I can
because sometimes just because of spiritual reasons
I have to leave. But I’m trying to, this time
I’m trying to organize it. (Yes.) Like, instead of going there,
I just draw it here. Yes! In some places can,
some places cannot. Some places sometimes
I have to go there one time, at least one time
in order to make the connection and then draw it where
I need to, some place. Nowadays can, up to now, can, recently can up to now, recently can up to now, but I’m not sure about the future. The Brahmin and the Śakra,
they don’t let me see the future so easily. Thank you. Goodbye!
(Goodbye!) (I love you.) I understand. I love you so much. I don’t want to leave. I go down to see
your brothers and sisters. I am coming down to see you
including down there and outside. Not like finish job yet. Oh, man. What kind of people
who don’t ever have enough? One person, not like
I’m a movie star or anything. Why you sitting there? I just came.
I just came a while ago. Oh, you just come now? Did you have things to eat or no? Thank you Master. Did they have some extra food
all the time? I told them yesterday. Some late coming people have
something to calm their stomach. Doesn’t have to be luxury or anything. Just something to calm the stomach. Because too much gastric,
especially after travelling. Your stomach don’t feel well. If you don’t eat something,
then it’s very sour inside and could cause trouble. Not because we really care
too much about food. But travelling causes
the stomach trouble. Eat something before you sleep. OK? Eat something after this. Hey! Here’s your Momma. Was it good, the story? Yes. I tell you, all the gods are very naughty. Naughty, naughty gods. Only Master is good, like me, a Master. What is all that down there? Cake? Cake. This I can have a look
and then offer, make offering. Before you make me
bore holes in my body. Take the cakes, please. I love you so much.
( I love you so much.) We just cannot always see each other. We cannot. Have a seat, Master. Is it working? (Yes.) Hallo! OK. I love you very much. I want to spend a lot, a lot,
a lot of time with you, all the time. Just the condition in this world
is not always possible. You understand everything I say? Yes. I’m sorry for me, also. Not just you. Close the door. Otherwise.
Come in here. Otherwise the neighbors will come
and tell us what time it is. Even though we all have clock already. We all have telephone.
We all know what time. But he will come and remind us, “It’s two o’clock in the morning.” “It’s twelve.” Something like that. You guys are comfy, not comfy? Yes. Sit so squeezy like this. You are really good. I mean, at least apparently good. In heaven,
we can be together all the time. It’s more sure, more sure. Over there, there’s no time limit. And each one can have
one Master to take home. Put in your pocket and it will come home to love
to care for, to have company. Here, even if the Master manifested
many bodies, you don’t even see. And the physical body of you is so big, she can’t put it in pocket to take home. Physical body is really different from
the heavenly body that we have. OK, we make the best
out of our situation. I’m coming home now, checking out all the possibilities
of a better, bigger lands. But today we have some, but it’s not always
as good as we want it. Just the place has to be suitable
in many different ways. Have to have at least trees,
many trees. We’re practitioners, we like nature. So even though, for example, the airport is very cheap
and have all the facilities and it’s affordable. But what do we do
with all the cement? I don’t know if we’ll feel well in it. I imagine it and I thought
maybe we don’t feel well already. Even though we sit there,
but we have nothing around it. I don’t see any trees around. Do you? Yes, there’s none. It’s really concrete. I’m not sure
if you would feel well in it. Maybe you feel well anywhere,
of course. Anywhere Master’s coming, trees or not is OK. Yeah, but Master won’t feel well there. That is the problem. I’m used to with trees.
I like it. I like oxygen from the trees,
I like to see greenery. You don’t know it, but it affects you a lot. Yes. There is some experiment
in some school. They have two schools. One with a lot of greenery
and one with nothing. There’s a big difference
between the students of two schools. They’re healthier,
they’re more intelligent, more concentrated, easy to learn. Their concentration span is longer. They don’t get distracted so easily. And they’re more peaceful. That’s why we have to
protect the environment because it protects us. Yes. All the trees, they don’t say anything. But they quietly radiate
their peacefulness. And the oxygen from them is
helping us to calm our mind. Imagine if you don’t have
enough oxygen? I don’t know, I just,
scientifically speaking it’s like that. But before I knew
all the scientific research, I already feel that
trees are good for me. I just feel good, being under them. Even my dogs, they try to find a tree to scratch a little their neck
or something. Or lay under the tree.
See what I mean? It’s cooler,
and it just feels peaceful. So even though I’m very tempted
to buy the airport, with all the facilities
and big room and everything, I’m not sure if we’d like it. Besides, I’m not sure
how long we can bear it. And if I have to live there,
day in, day out, waiting for you. It’s probably too dry.
Suffocating. So there’s another place nearby here. It’s not very big,
but it’s big enough for us to use. If we don’t have retreat, like many thousands people
come at once. Then it’s OK.
And you come every weekend. Whenever you have time. Whoever has time,
they come on weekend. Then it’s probably just
several hundred at a time. Then it’s very nice. But we have to make more facilities. There’s only houses,
some houses there, apartments. Maybe four or five bathrooms,
maximum. So every place has something. Of course there are islands and all that. But they’re 50 million euros,
100,000 million euros. Of course maybe we could
put our money together and buy it. But I’m not sure if it’s all worth it. I’m not sure. I’m not sure. I’m not sure of anything. Also, have to feel good,
feel good in it. Feel good that we go there,
we will feel happy. We have no rush. Maybe I just take the one nearby here, and very near the beach,
and have some trees. Right? It look like it have some trees. Did they have a video coming back? Yes. He’s working on it, tomorrow morning. Working on it. OK. Why? Why has to work on it? He has to digitalize it and… Ah, OK. But I think the toilet is no problem. We can rent them immediately. It’s OK then. But I also am not sure. Because so many people,
maybe they’re not used to it. It’s a camping area. Maybe, but nobody ever camp there,
they only stay in the rooms. Right? Not too many people camping. So they are not used to
this influx of so many people. And especially all this kind of face. Slit eyes, and from where. It’s not only Formosa (Taiwan). It’s China, Thailand, Au Lac (Vietnam),
Burma, Mongolia, Japan. They all look similar. All eat so much rice
that the face, the eyes look like rice. Rice grain. Maybe it’s OK. One second. I have to work here, but at least you can see me. Wow. OK. Wow, good. Wow! Wow! Wow! No, they have neighbor. But she said the neighbors are nice. They don’t feel bothered, even party until three o’clock
in the morning in comparison to this one. But that’s what the owner says. But we don’t know yet
until we get there. She doesn’t understand
what kind of party we will have. When people laugh at one time,
she doesn’t understand. That’s good, it’s good. OK, it’s OK. We can wait. September, until it’s clear. If we buy, then she won’t book again,
she won’t book anymore then. Six bathrooms,
that’s all we have over there. So I reckon each one of you
wait about three hours. You know, to take turns. It’s similar to Thailand. Now your dream broken. “Aw!” Before, “Oh,” and now, “Aw!” I thought she said 800,
between friends. Are we friends or we’re not friends? It says one million again. OK, it’s OK. Water drainage. Less taxes.
We keep the place as farm. It’s OK to keep the place as farm place, with 10,000 people come and we say, “Well, they’re just customers
to come pluck blueberries. Or harvest the olives.” This place is taxable
as a farm land, understand? When they see
all these farmers coming, all kinds of nationality farmers. Don’t know what they’re planting. They just come to harvest. And I don’t see any olive trees there. So I don’t know
what kind of excuse we have To keep this land as a farm land. I don’t know.
We don’t know until we try. OK? Wait until the neighbor, the quiet neighbor
who don’t mind the party until 3 o’clock in the morning
see all of you coming. Then we will see the test. Even Śakra god will not come down test us. He say, “Forget this group.” They’re too powerful,
overwhelming with population. We overwhelm him with manpower. Dare him come down here,
test any of us. We will test him instead. We’ll buy the neighbor’s. We’ll buy the neighbor’s property. What? Then there’s no neighbors. OK. Wood oven and gas. 3,000 square meters. The orchard is 3,000,
and the next big place is 4,000. It’s not like the whole place. And then (one) thousand of people
can sit under fruit trees. I don’t see any fruit trees there.
Oh, in the garden. Only a thousand people? Oh, man. There’s a hill also available. How can we use it,
if it’s a hill sitting up-side-down. We can sit and have an umbrella
next to us. Greenhouse, 2000.
That we can use that one. 2,800 square meters. How many people can sit in it?
2,800 right? One square meter for one person.
Is that correct? You all have to go on diet. OK? You have to slim down. The house next door also small. Normally one square meter
for each person. But now I reduce it
to half a square meter. So all of you go on diet. No more eating for one week. Don’t complain
if there’s no food in the kitchen. My God, eating vegetarian
and it’s like that. I guess we could manage
if we don’t have a retreat. If we don’t have a big influx
of people coming at the same time. Then it’s no problem. Whatever place is always good. It’s just that
we don’t have room to move if we want to have like a festival
where everybody can come together. And like Mother’s Day,
Christmas or something. And then it will be “knapp”
[German, “short”], be short. Every place has something
that I don’t like. And I like. Good and bad. Especially only six toilets. But this we can rent it. It’s OK. We can make a quick,
temporary bath shelter. Just put a canvas and divide it,
and then take a shower inside. And then we can make,
like, a free water system. A big pipe,
and then put some buckets under, and then everyone has a tap. And you can clean your teeth there
and talk at the same time. “Your teeth real?” “What are you talking about? It’s real. Mind your own teeth.” Otherwise, we will never have
enough bathrooms for all of you. I will stretch a pipe,
a water pipe, a long water hose. And then either make water tap on it
or just dig holes. And then just get one control tap. “Six o’clock. Everybody… come stand in front of your hole. Your name on it. Now I’m going to open the tap. Begin. Quickly brush your teeth. You have three seconds.” Everybody stand in line. No time to chat. That’ll be fun. I’m telling you. Dreaming cost nothing. We will buy some places
but we can’t always use it. And it depends also on your big karma
as well, collective karma. It’s not only me. So if we can have this,
then it’s good. If we cannot, then it’s OK. Just don’t come all together
at one time, then it’s OK. I will try to stay long, and every weekend you can come. I don’t mind,
just more comfortable for you. I have my hut and my own bathroom.
I don’t care. Why are you laughing? We are OK, Master. Huh? We are OK. What? We are OK. We’re “ow”kay? I was thinking, “We are ow, ow. I wonder what kind of language. What he mean is “ow”kay. I’m “ow”kay, too. Chinese English. What? Chinese English. Chinglish, Chinglish. It would be good
if we had a big hall, then everyone can sit in. And then I just sit in one place,
and everybody could see me. That would be the best. But if not, then at the moment, that place is probably
bigger than this one. Just don’t have enough bathroom. Oh, I don’t know. Probably I have to go and have a look. If I look at the TV,
maybe I see it, the video. When it be ready? Tomorrow morning? Tomorrow morning. Maybe we can move there. Also, very little facility. But it has water, lake, so nice. There’s a long walk around the lake. You can walk, exercise. Very nice. It’s just, also, very small, 2,000 square meters,
two kilometers square. And I don’t know how long it lasts. Because right now, maybe enough. But more people come,
then not enough. And we have even
the storeroom nearby. Can sit about 6,000 people,
but we can’t use. Cannot use. When I bought it, they didn’t tell me
about the oil problem. The oil tank on the ground. The government says
we have to move it, remove it and the ex-owner didn’t want to. Keep delaying, delaying. So I tell them, tell disciples
just to remove it ourselves and pay for it.
But it still don’t work. In the government they have rules,
like what to do with what. There is no room for us. There’s only room
for commercial, for money, business, anything except spiritual area. If we belong to any “ism,”
then we’re OK. Then we have a permit to build
as big church as we want. Do many things,
with the tax payer money or donation. But if we do it ourselves
with our own money, then it’s not legal. Sometimes like that. In the Kingdom of God,
we are somebody. Here we are nobody. I’m a nobody. What is? What is that? You worry too much.
We only want to be with Master. Oh, you want to pamper me. OK, thank you very much. We want to see Master. I hardly have time for that. I do makeup very quick, very quick. I don’t have time for pampering,
massage, or anything. No, no, no. There’s something
to talk about the land. The land? What do? I can’t talk now. You cannot talk now? (No.) You have a land? No, then what are you doing? I have something to say with Master. Then tell me now. I can’t. I see Master worry too much. If you don’t tell me,
I worry more now. I worry what is she going to say? I feel… You feel what, love? I feel… Master… Tell me, quietly. Come here and tell me in my ears. No? No tell? OK. Now I cannot sleep. Thanks to you. OK, it doesn’t matter. Thank you anyway for your love. Give me another telephone,
so I can have a flashlight. It’s the magical power
of the earth kingdom. Look at this. See? Nowadays plenty of magical power,
it’s so common. If it’s a hundred years ago,
even, this is a miracle. Right? That I can talk to you
with this machine. Incredible. Bye bye, Master. We love you. We love you. I really love you. Physical world is so difficult. Go home. Thank you. Sleep well. To be continued…

Jerry Heath

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