International Gathering
with Supreme Master Ching Hai Europe, Jul – Oct 2015 Every day I meditate a lot, a lot,
and with just one single attention: just to help with the higher energy
from the Original Universe. Every day I thank the Councils and
thank the power of God and the Cosmic for helping humankind to become more
enlightened, more loving and peaceful. Helping the needy
is really helping yourself. The reward is more than
anything you can imagine. You’re a good boy
and I love you forever, forever. You’re my best friend. It’s not how much you have,
it’s the best you give. Help yourself: cultivate, meditate, pray. You keep yourself in the same path,
in the straight area. Keep your mind clean and determined. God bless you. I love you. I just show you the way,
you just have to walk. That’s why the more positive,
the more meditation, the more your life changes. Positive, positive. BUDDHIST STORIES: “The Merit of Charity
and Keeping the Five Precepts” & “Brahma Asks for the Dharma:
Short Stories” AUGUST 3, 2015
Part 1 of 3 You’re watching television
already today, why do I have to come here then? OK, yeah? Try to listen. Take turn, all right? Yes? These days you were outside? Right? And now you come in. Right? What to do? We’ll leave tomorrow, so they let us in. Don’t want to leave? No, we’ll leave tomorrow,
so they let us in. OK. That’s very good. Very fair. You will leave tomorrow. I am so sorry. It’s the same no matter
which country I stay. Yes. All Chinese? All speak Mandarin? Most are Chinese. Au Lac. Au Lac. I don’t understand.
What are you? It’s the same no matter
which country I stay. We all have to come and go. Maybe we have to build up something. What mountain did you
tell me earlier today? Mount Zion. Mount Zion. Is there really such a place? Truly? Yes. How could they build it? Where is the person who told me this? Maybe the information is not right. Formosa is quite a small island. Where can you find
such a big land to build? Is Mount Zion huge? Does anyone know about it? Did you talk to me about it? Yes. Does anyone belong to Mount Zion? (pronounced like) Cleaning the dirty. No. Mount Zion. No one belongs to there,
but you all know it. How big is it? Is it big enough for us? Not enough. (Enough.) As big as this place? It’s a mountain. A mountain. A mountain? A mountain. Only a mountain.
That’s not enough. Yes, enough, big enough. Mountain is just some piles
here and there. How could it be enough? Is there other space available? (Yes.) But it won’t be enough. Maybe it’s only enough for now. We can take action first. We’ll go back home tomorrow. Huh? We’ll go back home tomorrow. Go back where? Go back, go back… What? The white thing is on your shoulder.
Tuck it inside your shirt, Master. So what? I didn’t pull it enough, right? I want Master to be beautiful. They’re video taping. Never mind. Never mind. People will know
I’m wearing something inside, so they’ll say it’s not transparent. I also have it here. We’ll go home tomorrow. If I wear, it’s not OK. If I don’t, they also complain. What? Where do you go back to? America? Germany… Germany, America. Austria, Master. Austria. Netherlands, Master. Netherlands. Yes. Czech. It’s not very far. It’s not very far.
But we still miss you. Then you come back later. OK? Yes. Come back later. My God.
Never enough, never enough. No matter how much, you’re not satisfied. How are you? All good? OK. I’m good, I’m good. So many room. Why don’t let more? If they don’t need translation,
can always come, OK? Maybe better.
Or older people or something. If they don’t want translation,
they don’t need translation. Elderly people, if they want to come. If they don’t want, then young people. OK, take care. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. What is it? Oh I try to look, you know,
it’s like Barbara Streisand? She said, “I’m not beautiful but I know how to
make myself beautiful. Yes, it’s pleasant
to see beautiful things, huh? That’s why we put flowers and stuff
and I just blend in. Decoration and everything. It’s a pity if an old woman
sitting here and all these beautiful things. It won’t match. So I try to color my life,
because of you. Otherwise, we don’t really need all this. Also, I’m too pale, too pale. Suppose somebody sees me so pale they’ll think, “Wow,
vegetarian! No good! They don’t know about karma. They don’t know why,
why I’m pale sometimes. OK. What is this? Oh, I have to see again. My God, everybody wants me
to go to their country. And I’m only one. The transcendental body
can go everywhere. It’s this, the physical body
that is difficult. Oh man. I forgot my glasses. I remembered the dog’s vegan bone but I forgot my glasses! Dog’s bone, vegan bone,
I remember, but my stuff I don’t. OK. You want some? Blessed food? It’s all the same. You also want it for your dogs but I don’t have enough
vegan bones here. These are from Formosa (Taiwan),
from my company. So we just
brought some for them. Look at Happy and Benny’s smiling. You know, right? You know this? They are really smiling their way,
their way up to Heaven. Wonderful, huh? Hey, look at them.
Happy, happy people. Yes, so beautiful. So, how is the food today?
Everybody has enough? Yes, yes. Good. Even if not enough, for one
or two days you won’t die, I promise. And if you die, well,
that’s what you wanted, no? This is the method to teach you
how to die, no? Yeah. Originally
Quan Yin Method is like that — how to die properly, how to die every day. Practice dying so that when you die,
you don’t feel terrible. And you are used to it. What is another day of dying?
But this time maybe real! According to Buddhism
and the believers and the tradition, when you read sutra and all that, you have to put on incense, flowers, and bow to the sutra first, and thank all the Buddhas
and Bodhisattvas in ten directions respectfully
before you read it. And then you cover the sutra also
with (vegan) silk or beautiful cloth. I just make it more popular,
more easy, simple. I apologize to all the Buddhas. I say,
“If I have done something wrong according to the tradition, my heart is full of respect. It’s just that I cannot always do that. So please, all the sin, whatever I have done wrong,
is all on me.” At least, other people,
when they hear the name of the Buddha, according to the sutra,
they will get benefit. OK. There is the story about
another person here, similar. OK, I told you already. I promised you to talk about the fish. OK. Thus I have heard,
this is from Ananda again. Once the Buddha was
in the Sravasti country, in the golden garden
of the billionaire named Anathapindika and the prince Jeta. At that time, there was a rich person. He’s very, very rich
but he has no son. So both of them,
husband and wife went all over every possible worshipping area
to plea for a son. Because of their sincerity,
she gave birth to a son finally. And then one time both of them
went out into near the river, playing and having picnic
and then because they are happy, so they are tossing their child
up and down, up and down. This is the thing
you should not do. When we had the King and Co.,
they put that scene on, the prince keep like rocking the baby
next to the water like that, above the bridge. That is the thing you should not
do with babies because you might lose your hand and then you might get loose,
your grip and then the baby might fall down. You don’t do that on the balcony. You don’t do that next to the river
or anywhere. Except maybe in the bed
when you just cradle him a little bit then it’s OK on the bed,
big bed or on the floor, carpet floor, then OK. Now, so, and then they were… the mother keep throwing
the baby in the air, and then catch him,
some people do that, keep doing that. Then she was so happy, and distracted by the joy and then the baby fell into the water. Oh my God! She screamed for help
and you know jumping around and then a lot of people went
inside the river going into the deep bottom
but cannot find him again. So of course, the mother collapsed
from pain and sorrow, blaming herself. For a long time she was unconscious
until people helped her to put ointment and medicine,
then she regained her consciousness. At the end of this river,
there was a little village and there there was also a very rich family
and the rich father also has no son. And he also went
different worshipping areas, wherever they think
is very successful, he kept praying everywhere
but didn’t get any, didn’t get any son. One day he told one of his servants to go out to catch some fish
with a net at the river. And then he caught one big, big fish
and brought home. And when they opened the stomach
of the fish the baby comes out still alive. And it’s even a son. Oh, they’re so very happy, this family. And then they bathe him,
keep, make him clean everything and then bring him to the boss. Oh, the boss was so beyond himself
with happiness. He think, “Wow, up to now
we’ve been praying for a son, so this is the Heaven reward
for our sincerity. This is a miracle.
This is truly Heaven-sent.” He believed that of course. Would you, no? You would. OK. And then of course
they take care of this child very well and give him everything he needs. And then the other rich person heard
that at the end of the river, one person caught a fish,
and inside the fish was a boy. Huh! So both of them, husband and wife
went there and had a look. Oh when they saw:
“Hey, this is my boy. Exactly he’s my boy. Because the other day
my wife was playing with him and then so he dropped into the river. Unfortunately,
but this is so so good, so good. Thanks all the God that you caught him and now we can have our son back.” And then the other one,
the other rich person said, “You are talking what?
This is my son! God gives it to me.
I’ve been praying all these years. So this son just suddenly came,
that is truly God’s will. I’ll not give you nowhere. I give you nothing.
This is my son, I keep.” Oh, so then both of them,
the husband and wife, were saying, “Oh, we love our son so much and we have been in pain and sorrow
all these days because we lost our son. Please, please have mercy,
return our son to us. Anything you want we give.” The other man said, “I want nothing. I’m rich, powerful.
What do I want from you? This is my son so you please leave.” And so back and forth,
back and forth, back and forth, so they could not decide what to do and then they both families
brought the son to the king to… so that he can judge what to do,
can tell what to do. So they came up
and the one who lost the son said, “Your Majesty, this is really my son. The other day my wife was playing
with him next to the river and he fell into the river.
So this is really my son. Please be fair.
And help us to regain our son.” So the other one, the one who,
who become the son… (Capture.) Who… Not capture. (Caught the fish.)
Huh? Who caught the fish. The one who… (Discovered…) Huh? (Discovered it.) Found. (Caught the fish.) Who found the son.
Also say, “Your Majesty, it’s my servant
caught the fish, and then inside the fish is this son. It’s not from this family.
This is from the fish.” So the king said, “Oh my God! Only one child
and two families claim him.” So he thinks,
the king thought that, he said that, “OK. This child,
both the families can raise him, take turns to raise him. And when he grows up,
each family found a wife for him. And whichever family has a son,
then that son will belong to that family.” Understand that?
Two wives and two families. Which wife have, bear the next son
then this belong to that family. So both of them thanked the king
and thought that’s OK, this is not too bad solution. They want to obey the king’s decision. So day after day and
days turn to months and years, and both the families raise him up
and both possessions belong to him. And each family marry him a wife. And one time he has to
go to another area, another city to do something. But it seems like
it’s a great affinity. So when he finished his business,
he saw the Buddha by the way when he was going around
preaching in different places. And he saw the Buddha so bright,
so much light around him and he looked very,
very significant a person. And a lot of people follow him
and became his disciples. So he felt suddenly
very, very respectful, he felt like he found something
that he wanted, so he went in front of the Buddha,
prostrate to him and then sit at one side to
listen to the Buddha’s lecture. After a while, after hearing the Buddha, he felt like he’s a dry dead tree
became alive again, like springtime again
after a long winter. And then, also there are rain
coming down and then make all the buds come back. When he left
to go home that day, he was so happy, happy and excited, and then he wanted to
become a renunciate under the Buddha’s protection. Everybody see the Buddha just want
to become a monk and nuns. Even though,
it’s like an iron will in him, like nothing will move him now,
nothing will change that. Even though both families
give him a lot of luxury, money and everything he needs. But he doesn’t feel satisfied with that. He feels like
all this possession and richness, it’s just like the cloud in the sky. If a little wind blows
and then nothing is there, or as is like the foam at the ocean
when the waves come in, there’s some foam
but after a while nothing. That’s what he felt
about the possessions and the existence of this life. So he wanted really to
become a Buddha, to become a monk. So he told his desire
to both family parents. He said that, “Beloved parents, when I was born
I already had this accident that the fish swallowed me up. But luckily I’m still alive
or else I would have died already. I would have lost my life anyway. So, I think about that
and I feel that nothing in this life is really permanent, nothing is really solid and lasting. Even I have beautiful wives
or high position in the society or a lot of possessions, I don’t feel,
I feel this is all impermanent. So I would like to
only become a monk and then practice the Truth. Then it would be the best,
the lasting happiness, the true happiness for me.
Please let me go.” Then, both the families feel
suddenly also enlightened, opened their heart
and said to him, “It’s all right if that’s what you want.” So both parents OK for him
to go to become a monk. That’s rare, huh?
Normally one parent’s already difficult, it’s two parents
and also two wives as well. Oh, these are really,
he’s really lucky. Don’t you think? Yes. Even just to go on retreat it’s already very difficult
with the wives or the husband, not to talk about both parents,
both wives and all the friends; everybody let him just go like that.
Lucky guy, my God! Wouldn’t you like to be like that? OK. And then after that
he went to the Buddha’s residence and he prostrated or bowed
in front of the Buddha and said, “World Honored One,
a human body is difficult to attain. A physical life,
is like an illusionary dream. So I sincerely want to
leave it all behind and come here humbly, beg you to
accept me with your merciful heart, merciful compassion,
to be one of your monks disciple.” So the Buddha said,
“Welcome. Welcome, monk.” And then he became a monk.
So simple, huh? And then all his hair maybe gone off and then his body change into
the monk robe, monk’s clothes. And he give him the Dharma name
Trùng Tín [Two Families] and he was very diligent
and concentrated in his new life. And then after a while, not too long,
he attained Arahant position. Seeing thus, I, Ananda
asked the Buddha, not I, I wasn’t there. I meaning Ananda, Ananda knelt down
and begged the Buddha to explain, “How come, what kind of merit
did this monk, Trùng Tín has sown in the former life so that he even went through
the fish mouth into the fish body so long
and did not even die, not even from suffocation or the acid, acidity from the fish stomach;
you know, they digest anything. And then, even then he has
the fortune of two families, and then now even can come here
and be one of your disciple monk. So the Buddha said, “Ananda, listen. Long, long, long time ago,
long, long, there was a Buddha appear
on this planet also, his name is Vipasyin. One time, one day, he was
preaching to the great assembly and there was a rich man
went there to listen to the Buddha talk, and then at that time the Buddha
was talking about the merit of charity, and also the merit
of keeping the Five Precepts. And then he was so happy, very glad to have the faith
in the Buddha. He was very, very happy and very suddenly his faith
in the Buddha, born in his heart, so he asked the Buddha
to accept him as the lay disciple, to take refuge in the Three Jewels, meaning the Buddha, the Sangha
and the Dharma, the teaching. Buddha, the Sangha means monks
and the Dharma means the teaching. And then after, of course
he also takes the vow not to kill, not to kill and not to harm. Ahimsa,
our first Precept, right? (Yes.) Oh my God! It’s like I’m another person. English runs away from me. All right. And after that, after taking refuge
in the Three Jewels, he takes out one, one golden coin
and gives it to the Buddha, offers it to the Buddha. Because of that, so life after life,
his merit is immeasurable. In this world not many people
can compare to him, in richness
and merit and health and all the good things as he has. Ananda, that rich person
at that time, this now is Trùng Tín, monk, Bhiksu. Bhiksu means a high monk already. Sramanera means lower monk,
just novice. Novice, right?
Or novice? Huh? (Novice.) Novice, yes, yes. So he’s already Bhiksu,
meaning high monk, high priest. From then on, from that time until now Trùng Tín has enjoyed
richness and honor for ninety-one eons. Imagine! Just a number
but meaning a lot, a lot, a lot, yes. Because you will see that
Buddha always mention that if somebody has a lot, a lot of merit,
he will say ninety-one eons. Buddha love, love numbers. The Eight Noble Paths, the Four Noble Truths, the Twelve Affinities. (The Three Jewels.) Huh? (The Three Jewels.)
The Three Jewels etc. etc. And eighty-four thousand means
to enlightenment, eighteen arahants,
five hundred Bhiksus, whatever that is.
He likes numbers. Just to make sure that
the assembly understands. Because without the concrete number maybe people cannot grasp it very well, just say, “Oh it’s a numerous life times.” Numerous? How, how long is numerous
they kept thinking. So he just has to give them
a number. Yes. And the Five Precepts,
the Ten Good Merit Ways and all that, everything he has a number, so make sure everybody
cannot argue anymore. Like do only four is good enough
or not. No, five! OK? And then because, because of that
nowadays he could have, he could enjoy both prosperity
and richness from both families. And because he always keeps
the First Precept very, very sincerely, the non-killing, the ahimsa,
the non-harming others, therefore even the fish cannot
digest him, cannot kill him. Swallow him but cannot
do anything about it. And because he also takes refuge
in the Three Jewels, that is the, therefore today
he has a chance to meet me, to bathe in the Truth Dharma,
and attain arahant position, free from life and death
in the Three Realms. After hearing all this, I, Ananda,
and all the people there so happy and their faith is multiplied
and they sincerely want to continue practice and they bow or prostrate
to the Buddha and then left. OK, good? This is also, that is another short story. Any question? You see, keeping just even
the Five Precepts. Specially the non-violent precept,
no killing, then you live forever. You can try jump into
the stomach of the fish and then tell me if the Buddha
says the thing correct or not. The Buddha don’t tell lie.
He’s a Buddha already. Life after life he sacrificed a lot,
therefore he became a Buddha. That is for ordinary sentient beings. Ordinary person can attain
Buddhahood by being sincere, morally stable, keep the Precepts
and sacrifice for others. But the Buddhas were very extreme. I tell you one story, OK? One story, one of the sacrifices, otherwise if I read all of these sacrifices, it takes forever, but one day,
if we have more time I will read it. It’s a lot and you know my talent
of translation nowadays is terrible. So I read a short story.
(Master, you do it in a charming way.) What? The translation is very charming,
so sweet, very adorable. Charming, thank you. Thank you. Typical. She always praises me. She always makes me feel good.
Thank you. OK. So I couldn’t find the other one so I just read one, one of these;
it’s similar. A little bit extreme also. The Buddha, he sacrifices everything so that one day he will become Buddha. Whenever he sacrifices something, he vowed that from this merit
I just want to be Buddha, I don’t want to be the Brahma, I don’t want to be Vishnu, I don’t want to be the king of
the Three World or nothing, I just want to be Buddha,
means enlightened Master, so that I can help others,
enlighten and lessen their suffering. That’s why, but life after life, countless lifetimes that
he sacrificed a lot. That’s why I told you
I don’t want to be a Buddha. I don’t want to come back
and be a Buddha. If it has to be so many lifetimes like that, I just practice Quan Yin Method. Oh well. Because before many lifetimes he was even king,
and queen, and all that. What time is it now?
Maybe we could do it. It’s five to 11, Master. Are you sleepy? No, no. OK, then I try to read this one, maybe just half and tomorrow
another half, OK? Just to let you know why I said
I don’t want to become a Buddha. This chapter title,
“Brahma Asks for Dharma.” The Truth, the teaching. Thus I have heard: one time
the Buddha in the Sravasti country, in Thiện Thắng Ashram. Yes, another ashram. People keep offering different ashrams, so he can come and go
and stay with his monks. Because of compassion, sincere compassion to
save sentient beings, so in order to save
all sentient beings and all that, he has sacrificed
and worked very hard life after life, so many lifetimes, very, very tiring
and suffering a lot to become a Buddha. When he first
attained Buddhahood, he felt like this is so difficult
for anyone on this planet to aspire to Buddhahood. But because he has been doing
so much sacrifice and suffering life after life,
he can look back and see, so he thought no one can do this. So he thought to himself,
“It’s too difficult, too difficult. All the sentient beings,
their ignorance is so deep, so profound. And this ignorance is like poison
into their system, into their minds and their soul, their heart. So their mind, their heart is
very chaotic, it’s not stable, not in good condition, and their concept is very narrow.
Their wisdom is zero. Mostly they follow the not correct way
of teaching, the incorrect way of teaching, so difficult, so difficult to now,
to teach them the Truth and to bring them into the right path.” So he was shaking his head, he said, “Even so, in this case
even if I continue to stay in this life, in this life it’s useless, no use, no use. It is better maybe I go to
the emptiness of nirvana. It’s better.” And then the Brahma, the king
of the Third World, Third Level. He looked down,
and he heard the Buddha’s thought so he flew from his throne,
from the Third Level down; in front of the Buddha. He greeted the Buddha,
very respectfully, humbly and then he knelt down
with his palms together respectfully, said to the Buddha, “I prostrate to you,
World Honored One, just now I receive your thought that all beings on this planet
are so difficult to teach, and then you want to enter nirvana. Because of that, I came here
and beg you to stay on this planet to give the teaching to all beings.” Actually this word spreading the dharma meaning like initiation, kind of. So that the light of the Truth
will spread all over the world as well as in Heaven, so all beings will bathe in your merit
and your blessing and then they will be liberated
from life and death, and from the lower birth of animals,
or devils, ghosts, hungry ghosts and in hell, etc. etc. And they will be peaceful
in Buddha’s Land. Please be… please, please,
please be compassionate and open your mercy to receive,
to accept my request. This is very difficult. They have the old type of writing. Very, very respectful and a lot of prostration to you
and this and that; it’s very difficult for me to translate
into modern language. Even if they don’t prostrate,
they would say “I prostrate,” meaning very respectful or maybe they touch the Buddha
with their head, or maybe not, or they would just say
very humbly like that as if they prostrate. So the Buddha said, “Oh, you have such a good heart
and pleading for all beings. OK, then it’s not so bad. But I observed
that all beings are so covered with the ignorance dust of life and they only running after,
like sensual pleasures, high position,
name and fame, and richness, and they just eat and sleep, indulge in physical pleasure,
in anger, and in hatred. And their hearts are so, so blackened,
has no wisdom in it. So I think even if I stay here
on this planet, it’s useless. It’s a waste of time and energy; therefore I want to go to nirvana,
enjoy better.” So the Brahma king,
the Brahma God said again, “I prostrate to you, Honored One,” just a saying,
may not be that he prostrated physically, it’s just a very respectful talk,
like I bow to you. “World Honored One,
please have mercy toward me and all others in the Heavens
as well as on Earth because we’re all covered by
the ignorance veil life after life; they don’t know where to go. Day and night, they are just festered. Fester, right? No. Like… (Fettered.) Huh? (Fettered.) Fettered
in this kind of bondage, don’t even know when they can be free
so please have mercy.” They say it better than this
but I just make it shorter. Even he begged for Heavens as well,
heavenly beings. In the Three Worlds,
not just the humans are ignorant, heavenly beings also. After their merit is finished,
their flower on their head, the light on their head would be dim
and withered and then they die, either be born again in human’s world
or in animals’ world even, if there’s no enlightened Master
been teaching them since they were on Earth already. Then even in Heaven
nobody teach them. They had no master,
they belong nowhere. They just enjoy
the heavenly pleasure for a while, depends on how much merit they had
and then they die like everyone else. And then they are very sad
before they die because they know
exactly they are dying. It’s not like us even. We don’t even know
so boom, we die, OK fine. It’s quicker. You don’t have to spend days
or months or weeks worrying about you’re dying,
and knowing where you are going, down, lower level, knowing already. And there’s nothing you can even do. With all your power
in Heaven, nothing you can do. The Brahma said to the Buddha,
“Right now, it seems like the Dharma will be
elevated, will be spread out. It’s a good time to teach other beings. I have seen that there are many,
many beings will be enlightened, will be saved by your blessing,
by your teaching. So please stay, please stay here
and help whoever you can. Because I remember in so,
so many countless lifetimes, countless kalpas, countless eons,
because of us all beings that you have gathered, even just
one stanza of the Truth or one… (paragraph) quadrant, paragraph,
quadrant of the Truth. Because you wanted to
know the Truth so much. So even you sacrificed your own life. You forsake your wife and children.
You sacrificed for the Truth. Very scary, very frightening way,
so no one can even compare, no one can even do
what you did all these lifetimes. Because of that, because of all this
and now you have become Buddha, because of us that you wanted
to become Buddha, and because of us that
you sacrificed so many lifetimes, so now you have become Buddha,
please don’t forsake us.” I feel goose bumps too, I feel very touched too,
for what he said. “Now that World Honored One
has already attained the ultimate goal of your life
that you wanted, but all of us are still like
grass on the ground, covered by thick fog.
Fog, right? Dew? Dew. Fog. Yeah, yeah, fog. So many many, many, many lifetimes and waiting for the sun
to dispel all this covering so that we can see,
we can see the light and can bud into flowers,
and beautiful, beautiful beings. I prostrate to you, I beg you,
please do not forsake us and go into nirvana,
not so soon,” he said. And I remember another time,
it’s a very long time ago there was a king named Surūpa
also on this planet. He ruled over
84,000 smaller countries. Oh he’s told you numbers; it has to be 84,000;
many times he mentioned that, even it’s not this king, but the other king
also ruled over 84,000 and have 10,000 great officials
in the court, in his court, etc. And then he has 6,000,
no, 60,000 mountains and rivers, meaning this country’s big.
It has to be a number. It’s more visualizing.
It’s more concrete, right? If he say, oh
a lot of mountains and rivers, we cannot grasp, the mind,
so he used numbers all the time. It has to be 60,000 mountains and rivers. And then he has 800,000 smaller,
what is it like in Africa stuff… Tribe, tribe. Huh?
(Religions and tribes.) Yes, yes, those are tribals. And then he has 20,000 wives and he had 10,000 great officials,
court officials. In the old time, they have wife,
and they have concubines and they have ladies-in-waiting, servants and all that,
and all included because once in a former life,
in a former time, even not, even recently like Qianlong Dynasty
or some like that, not far ago, not long ago,
the king always have a lot of ladies, he has one wife
and two second wives, two second and third wives
in case the first wife cannot bear a son, then the second wife or the third wife, or maybe the first wife is in a bad mood then he go to the others. So, it’s convenient, no need to wait
or beg her to reconcile thing like that. He’s the king, he can’t just say,
“Sorry, honey, come back.” She went back to mother and then he went to the second
or the third. He’s the king, and then apart from that,
he has concubines which he probably never touched,
never seen, but he must have. It’s for his dignity.
I don’t know why they do that. So, all these virgin maidens,
had to offer themselves to the king either voluntarily or forced,
by force. And then they would never, ever
marry again, marry anyone else. They belong to the king. Even though the king
probably never saw them, never have anything to do with them but they have to be there for him
in case he ever wanted. And then they are not allowed
to marry anyone else. If they have kind of a side affair
with anyone and caught, dead! That is chopped head, both the boy and the girl. And all the boys are useless anyway,
they’re all eunuchs. You know what I mean? All cut, chop, chop. They’re useless, so… that’s why. He has a lot of wives, he wants to make sure
all the boys are chop, chop. Chop off you know where! Right? So, they cannot mess up
with his 2,000 wives, 20,000 wives. My God, what can the king do
with 20,000 wives, I’m telling you. Even one wife
is a big headache already. What does he do with 20,000? But this is a tradition like that. Kings have a lot of wives. They take any, he take any he want, any of the concubine
or maybe he doesn’t, but it’s there for him all the time.
Understand? And then they do something else, then maybe they serve the queens,
they do something. Just to pass time
or play with the eunuch. OK. I’m talking a lot.
It’s not Buddha’s stuff. Just in case you don’t know, just in case you wonder
why the king had 20,000 wives, that’s just the way it is. Yes, the way it was. OK. And nowadays, if you have second wife, trouble, trouble with the law
or whatever, you know what I mean? (Still exists.) What love? (It still is.) It still exists? Where? In Arab? Maybe in some countries,
some smaller countries. (Kings.) Kings or maybe. Yeah, not only the king in the old time
have many wives, the court officials or any rich person, any rich man
he has seven, ten, twenty wives, no problem or more. And then whoever is not caught
by his blue eyes then they become like
more or less their servant, doing things in the house,
serving the big wife or doing anything, but whoever be among them
bear a son, then the elevated status, become the third,
the fourth or fifth wife, whatever. Had to be son, OK. We women are nada in the former time,
we are nothing, always men; maybe that’s why God made me
come into this human woman body just to show them, just to show them
that we women can do some. It does affect… It has some effect, yes? Nowadays, we have many
prime minister women, president women,
thank God, thank God, and high officials also women. The high banking official woman, like Christine Lagarde
for example. They’re all powerful now.
They are powerful, powerful. Even Indian,
India have female president. Before.
(Yeah, Indira Gandhi.) Maybe still there? Not Indira Gandhi, recently,
a new one, president. Not Indira Gandhi, no, no, now.
(That was Pakistan.) A few months ago.
(Pratibha Patil.) Yeah. No, she was the president No, Pakistan is another one. What did you say? Pratibha Patil. Yeah, yeah. She’s a president
or prime minister? She was president. She was president, see, told you? You India, you don’t know nothing. She’s the president of India. You are what? What did you say? She’s the president. Yeah, you are good, good.
Now you know. OK. Just so rare to have a president
and you forgot? This is the thing that
you should never forget. Right? So rare. So rare. What? I’m also Indian. You are Indian? Oh, you look like Indian to me,
blond hair and all! Blond hair and fair skin. We are Zoroastrians in India,
the Parsees. Oh yeah? (Yeah, yeah.) Good for you, good for you. See, women we know more than you.
Look at that. What kind of Indian is he? Just eating curry, and doing nothing, and don’t even read the newspaper,
don’t watch the television. What you’ve been doing
all this time in your life? OK. I don’t understand
this kind of man. Do you? No. OK. Now. Where else, where were we? OK. I remember the Brahma? Brahma god,
the god of the Third World, the highest level in the Third, in our physical spiritual dimension. Lower, physical spiritual dimension, even Brahma came and begged
the Buddha, the enlightened Master to teach, to enlighten him
and all his heavenly beings, not just the humans,
not just this physical level. Because Brahma also one day kaput; when his time gone,
his world also dissolved just like our planet one time,
or not. You see? So he said he came
and begged the Buddha. Also now he said, “I also remember
Your World Honored One,” “World Honored One” is one of
the titles, respected title that people address the Buddha. He has many like,
World Honored One, Arahant, Enlightened One, Buddha. Like that or also Heaven
and Earth Master, also many names like that. It’s just honorary title, honored title. He has ten honored titles
but I don’t remember all. That’s enough for you anyway.
Ten, also ten. We can’t run away
from numbers with him. Long time ago, there was a king named Surūpa,
also on this planet. He has already saved
many thousands already, and then at that time
his morals, his fame and his power no one can compare at that time. He’s absolute,
the Master of all the kings, because all his subjects
and all the sub-subjects rely on his merit, his moral store of merit so all of the country is very
prosperous, happy, and peaceful. So everyone is very, very glad
and they worship him but one time, one day
he was thinking to himself: “Concerning material possession
and comfort, I lack nothing, but concerning spiritual practice, to be able to liberate others,
I don’t have.” If a human just lives with
material gain only or following sexual desire,
things like that, physical desire, then the heart is just like trees
and wood, or pebbles and stones, and then to invite four disasters
to come into his life; that is, being born, painful when you’re born, painful. It is said that when the…
because we say why, why is the Buddha including
being born as one of the disasters for the human being, because according to scientists
when the baby’s born, their skin was like many of
the very painful, sore and a lot of radicals and bacteria
attack them right away. If they have not been protected
by somehow by themselves or by the mother’s DNA
or with the mother breast; that’s why they always recommend that the mother should breastfeed
their babies because the mother’s milk from
her own breast will give the baby more protection than
any other medicine can afford. So, it’s very lucky for any baby who’s a breastfed
by his own mother. So he included. At that time there’s no
scientific proof, but the Buddha already knows
being born is a pain. You see, the four pains,
the four disasters of human life are being born, getting old,
getting sick and die. So, it’s the Four Noble Truths, he said. How noble that can be? Born, die, and sick, but he call it
the Four Noble Truths. OK, fine. All right then. So, it is not different than
any animals; just eat and sleep,
and even laying on top of the poo, on the dung
and don’t feel anything, just to pass time. “It is my fault,” the king thought,
“I have to find a way. It is my duty to find a way
to liberate them,” to liberate all these ignoramus
that he mentioned above. After thinking thus, he posted,
“Yết thị hả?” Help! (Flyers?) Flyers! Yeah, OK. Notice/post. He posted the… (Notice.) Huh? (Messages.) Yeah, he post messages,
flyers everywhere, taping on the walls everywhere and asking all the people under the sun, “Anyone who knows about
the Truth of enlightened saints, to liberate other beings,
can come and teach me. And then whatever that person wants,
I will give without reservation.” He probably thinking just
all the store of jewels, and money and even his kingdom
or even his throne. OK. So, oh there was a god again, the lower god from Astral Level
hear about that, see that, so he want to come down
and test the king. Oh, this, this boring god, that has nothing better to do
than making trouble. Story after story you will see
all this kind of gods keep coming down making trouble
for the Buddha, the poor Buddha,
I mean the poor Buddha-to-be. He’s just a mortal, right?
He has no power, nothing. He has only sincere desire to
liberate other beings, his subjects, for example. And then they have to
come down and make trouble. You will see what trouble he make.
You will see. You will see and you cannot love them. Thank God we are not going there.
We pass by. Hallo and sayonara. Pass by the Astral Level,
but be respectful, otherwise, he’ll come and test you
and then I don’t know what to do. OK. This god called Vaisravana, he’s one of the king
in the probably Astral Level, he came down. He changed himself,
he used magical power, to change himself into a vampire. The face is very, very blue and green,
no, green and blue Yaksha… mean this glowing green
kind of, ugly green. And his eyes are so red like blood and his teeth are as big as the banana and is protruded out like fangs, banana, banana, banana. Probably his mouth would look like
a bunch of bananas. Must be scary. And then his hair is growing upward,
standing up, probably used some kind of spray, gel, hair gel, probably bought it from supermarket, and take it up like those chunk
nowadays punky people, hair all stood up. And his mouth, the fire
comes out from his mouth. I guess he has some oil inside and then pull out like those people and then you know
these circus people? (Yes.) They can do that,
probably that’s what he does. No, he’s not. He’s just making trouble. He’s just making himself
look like a trouble already. And then he came in front of the palace, torn away, tear away the flyer,
and then said to the gatekeeper, “You, go inside.
Tell the king I know the truth. I will teach him. Let me in quickly. If he wants, I will teach him.” OK, the gatekeeper was
quickly, quickly go inside and said, “Your Majesty, outside there is a…
there is a, I don’t know, a being or person or whatever is. His appearance is terrifying. But he said, he professed that
he know the Buddha’s teaching. The Truth, enlightened teaching so he wants to come in and teach you. Please tell me what to do.” So the king was very happy. Oh, he put on his hat,
his crown, wear his majestic clothes,
the best appearance, and come out to the gate and greet
that person and invited him in. And then he even
let that terrifying being sit on his throne as a sign of respect, just to show how much he’s thirsty
for the Truth knowledge, and how humble he was. How sincere he was in this matter.
That’s what it is. He wants to show that.
Probably that’s what he felt, oh so rare,
so rare to have the Truth. And then he treats him like God,
of course, right. And in the next morning,
he prepared a very high dais, beautifully decorated,
maybe similar to this. OK, or better. And then he served him
meals and drinks and then he asked all his musicians
in the court, playing music, singing song, welcoming
and dancing and all that, welcoming the teacher on the dais, on the dais, on the platform. And then all the court officials, and the citizens in front of him,
in front of the teacher, and the king comes out,
greets the teacher, and kneels down, prostrates in front of him,
of this terrifying person. Imagine? Imagine.
He must be really, really sincere. And he prostrated in front of the teacher this terrifying, vampire-looking, and requested,
pleaded for the true teaching. So the vampire said to him, “You know, King, to learn
the Truth is a very difficult thing. You want to hear it is not easy.
I’m warning you.” OK, not teaching yet, just warning and the king said very humbly, “Please Sir, please have mercy
and compassion on us.” “We are ignorant, we don’t know how to request
properly and respectfully. Please teach us how to do it
so that we can hear the teaching.” And the teacher,
the vampire teacher said, “If you bring your wife and children
here for me to eat, then I’ll teach you.” (Wow!) I told you he’s scary. I told you I wouldn’t want to
be Buddha like that. OK. All right. So after the king heard that,
he obeyed him and said he will obey and do that,
what he wished. So he came back to the palace,
called his wife and children. He said, “I have to tell you this. Husband, wife, parents,
children loving each other, clinging to each other but it’s only in the cycle of life
and death, of impermanence. Even so much love
one day must separate. Even so much attachment
one day must cut asunder, by death or disaster or sickness,
anything, anything. Anything in this world is not real,
is not permanent. So because I want to find
a real way, the Truth in order to liberate myself also and for you also,
meaning the wife and the children, therefore I want you to offer
your life to the teacher because that’s what he wanted so that I can learn
how to become Buddha. What do you think about this?” The wife, not you. The wife. I’m still telling the story. If I don’t I would warn you in advance, what do you think the wife said? You’re crazy. Huh? Do it. Do it. You must be crazy. What? You’re crazy? Anyone else?
Any idea what the wife would say? She will agree. Yes. She will agree. To agree? Anyone else? Yes. You are mad, you are crazy, no? No. So, they agree. They kneel down in front of the king. Say, “We will obey your command.” Just like that. Probably at that time the wife must
absolutely obey the husband, the children also. But maybe because they also know
this is for good cause. You see, probably the king is
such a Truth seeker, sincerely Truth seeker and so the wife and the son
already knew that. And also be used to it,
became used to it, his idea and his way of
searching already. (… Master.) Huh? Abraham. Abraham? (Yes.) Yeah. He also sacrificed his son but then finally the god didn’t kill his son. But he killed the goat.
What kind of god? Maybe it’s just symbolic. He probably won’t kill
the goat either. What kind of god would need
to eat the goat anyway. Then I won’t worship him. But the Buddha was so desperate,
he was so sincere, and so sincere, so pure in his heart that he doesn’t doubt one second
this kind of teacher, who even asked to eat human flesh
before he even teach the Truth. Nowadays, even you would say,
“I won’t do it.” Probably I also say I won’t do it. But he was so pure, so sincere,
so desperate, so they do that. After having obtained the agreement
from his wife and children he brought them in front of the teacher, of the vampire-looking teacher
and give them to him. And then the teacher in front of
the whole assembly take them one by one, eat them. I’m telling you, in a blink of an eye
he finished them alive. Everybody, sticking his tongue out
and shake their head and you know what I mean.
God! Everybody was so scared,
so frightened and so disgusted. I would be too.
We would be. At that time all the court officials
and the citizens saw that the king doing such thing, they don’t like,
they don’t agree to that, they don’t feel satisfied with that, and then they feel that
the king is too superstitious, too stupid, too crazy
in his belief. But they do not know truly
that the king do all that, that other being,
other human could never do because he truly want to find
a way to liberate others. So he sacrificed. The officials
and the citizens they were just like,
they compare it just like those frogs that lay in the bottom of the well, doesn’t see anything else
except the well’s little sky, in the well’s mouth. After he said, “To be able to see far and know wider things,
wider knowledge, not every mortal can understand.” So nobody understand the king,
that’s what that mean. Now after eating all the beings there,
the wife of the king, the queen and the princes,
he read this stanza. It’s stanza right? Four, four sentence is
a stanza or is a quatrain? (Quatrain.)
Quatrain, OK. He read this to the king,
he said, “Everything is impermanent.” Don’t we know that? “If you’re born, then you suffer.
You have to suffer.” Meaning if you have a human life
then you suffer. Don’t we know that? (Yes.) If the king just came to us
even you can tell him, right? No need to offer the wife
and the children. So, everything is impermanent. “If you are born
then you will have to suffer. The five senses have no real substance. I and everything I possess
is all illusion.” That is the first stanza
that he give to the king. And then after the king heard this, oh he was so happy,
so happy, so happy. What kind of king who doesn’t
even know these things? I guess it’s different
when you spoken from somebody with authority and enlightenment. Heaven authority instead of
anybody who just say, or read the book.
It’s different. Maybe that’s why, just like initiation is different
from being from the Master or just reading whatever,
saying enlighten is good, we all have Buddha inside. And we all can become Buddha,
blah blah blah. And then after that he told all of
his subordinates to copy these stanzas and give it to everyone in
his kingdoms and the sub-kingdom. And then after the god
in the form of a vampire saw that the king was really pacified
and have no moving, not moved because of losing the wife and be the wife and children
being eaten like that, so he changed himself back
into the glorious god again and said to the king, “Wow, precious, precious,
you are really. Your Majesty really respects the Truth, so therefore it’s not long after
you will become Buddha. It won’t be long
until you become Buddha.” And then after that, after he spoke thus, the Queen and all the princes
return back to normal. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay.
What a test! Goosebumps. I’m telling you. Just as normal, alive. So, “World Honored One, the King Surūpa at that time is you. It was you. Buddha. It was you. In such a long time before,
you sacrificed so much for the Truth. How come you want,
how come you have the heart now to forsake us and go to nirvana?” Then he said, “World Honored One,
I also remember another eon, long, long time ago in the past,
also on this planet, there was a king; this is
many lifetime of the Buddha. It was just one already scary,
you want to listen more? (Yes.) Yes? OK. (If you are not tired, Master.)
No, no, I’m fine. It’s just that it’s rarely that
you have time to come here. I also have to take time for you, even though I also have
other work to do. It’s not like I don’t have
but I’m also glad to see you and I perceive your sincerity,
and your pure heart so I also have to do my best for you. It’s just that body is different
from mind, you see, sometimes I drive my body crazy. So I got sick and I got trouble,
but what to do? If I have another person like me
then I would take turns. Or maybe seven, then Monday, Tuesday. Monday I work, Tuesday I work.
You all understood, right? (Yes.) Choco, you have? OK. No need translation round here, no? Never mind, if you don’t understand
just laugh, and later ask the neighbor. To be continued…

Jerry Heath

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