International Gathering
with Supreme Master Ching Hai Europe, Jul – Oct 2015 Share, share together. So the more we use water, the more… Inside. No problem, we have room. And this is very light. We’re like family here. Yes, Master. My secret. Hmm, looks so nice. It’s like a dream, Master. It’s like a dream? (Yes.) OK. Don’t wake up. We have guests in the house,
so we cook for everybody. Food’s ready. Yum, yum! Delicious. He ate already lunch and,
he ate his lunch already, He just likes to feel the love. OK, just a snack. All right? Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! One, two, three. What is that? I cut it anyway. I love you. Love you. (See you, Master.) Buddhist Stories: “A Certain Brahmin” &
“There Is No Fire Like Lust” September 23, 2015
Part 1 of 2 Then it’s good. It’s good. So how are you today? (OK.) Cold? Feel cold? No? (No, have blanket.) Have blanket, have everything? (Yes.) Tonight you’d better sleep inside.
I mean sit inside. You sleep anyway wherever.
But what I mean is, inside. Why do I have to yell at you? So that you do some meditation. Otherwise you just sit there,
I don’t know what you’ve meditated on. It doesn’t look like you meditate
on some Heaven, just something else. And then some are meditating
very rhythmically. And some meditate more quietly. On the neighbors’ shoulders, or on the tree. At night, the more you’re awake,
the better. You will hear things,
you’ll see things better. But you pass it all. You have it. You have it all, you let it all pass by. Because you’re not awake,
especially late at night time. Many things, you should know,
you should see, but you pass it all. And then you tell me,
“Master, I don’t see anything.” How can you see
when your eyes are closed? Physical and third eye
but all three closed. Because only your mouth’s open. Maybe you can see with your mouth. I don’t know. Some people can. It’s OK, I just feel sorry for you. Because you have very short time here. Very short time. Three, four days, right? You’d like to stay longer, right? No, you don’t.
No, just good time, right? One week is good time. Holiday. Do you take anything, supplement,
for your cancer stuff? After cancer? No. (No?) No. They just said Vitamin D to
bring my Vitamin D level up, and aspirin. But many other vitamin also. Multi as well. I was trying to get something for you,
but they say I don’t have it there. I don’t know where it is anymore,
maybe at the SMC Center. Are you here until when? Friday, Master. What day is today?
(Wednesday night, Master.) Wednesday, OK.
Maybe I can get it for you. Maybe. Thank you, Master. Just to reproduce new cells, because cancer eats up all the cells. But you look so healthy, I don’t know. When you first came, I saw you,
I thought you had cancers. But you look so healthy I thought,
“No, I talk nonsense. I think nonsense.” (Yes, yes.) That’s why I ask you to make sure. Sometimes stress also,
do bring ulcer or cancer. Stress. But you’re not a stressy person. You’re good. Just because over there
it’s a different energy and you got it bad. You worked in the other hospital
long years now, you had nothing. (No.) And you changed just a few months
and then you got beaten. (Yes.) Beaten up. (Indeed.) People do bring us trouble. Believe it, believe it. Some people are
categorized as disease. No, it’s not my word.
It’s Heaven’s category. I was surprised
when I first learned about it. I didn’t know people had labels. They label some people
like “dung.” (Right, right.) Dung means “Scheiße,”
excuse me. Dung. Some people are labeled as “disease.” Some people labeled as “garbage.” Some people labeled as “harmful,” some as “good,” some as “OK,” but rarely. People who are classified as “disease,”
they can affect you. Even affect the Master, too. I had it many times. So people who assist you,
who are next to you, who help you, don’t always mean
good for you. They can transmit
this kind of energy to you. Because even though
they are in a human body but they carry different energy
due to the former life or due to their insincerity. They don’t practice well,
don’t really practice inside. And they carry all this bad energy
and affect people. I was really surprised that
some humans are categorized as “dung,” D-U-N-G. Some are categorized as “evil,” even, or “demon” even though
they carry the human body. Just the outside. Inside, they are already deep in hell. And so it’s not for no reason
that your patients have cancer. And then you’re just too deep in it. Everywhere, it’s just a cancer hospital and you don’t have enough time
to wash, to recover and to meditate. You come home,
you’re busy with husband, children and many other homework
from the hospital as well. You don’t have enough time, right? Exactly, Master.
(And then you…) Basically you work,
10, 10 and a half, 11 hour days. Yes, yes. Doctors’ work is,
I’m telling you. I’m glad I’m not a doctor. I had a husband as a doctor, I knew. He worked sometimes non-stop
for two, three weeks. At night couldn’t sleep,
stay in the hospital. At home, on call. Anytime “beep, beep,”
then he has to run. Even weekend, holiday, doesn’t matter. Sometimes he doesn’t have enough energy
to even talk to his wife. So tired, you know. (Yes.) Too much demanded physically,
emotionally, mentally stressed in the hospital and cannot sleep. Emergency at night and it’s incredible. Doctors are really saints. That’s why I don’t know
why you have to study with me? You’re a saint already.
I can’t… And you go home, you meditate on the patient’s history
and future and present. You can’t just turn it off. I can’t turn it off here, either. If any problem,
it stays with me in the night. So sometimes I can’t sleep
because of that. Just different patients here. Yes, indeed. I was thinking that maybe
I have that kind of medicine. I will give it to you. I have some. I took half of it, not half,
just a few scoops. I still have some of it. I’ll give it to you if I can, I cannot find it.
(Thank you, Master.) So I’m not sure if I can find it. SMC. I will give it to you. It’s already opened.
(Thank you, Master.) But it’s still OK. It’s clean.
(Yes, Master.) Just scoop it out.
(Yes.) And I will tell you what to do. (Yes.) And then before you finish, you order it from Switzerland.
(From Switzerland.) Or even Singapore or maybe
in America as well. (Right.) You check online where they sell. (Right.) Thank you. And this one is to attack
some of the dead cells. Throw them out and renew,
make new cells. Supposed to. You try it.
(Thank you, Master.) If you feel better, then it’s good. If you don’t, it’s free. I don’t have time to take it, honestly. Right. Supposed to keep you
young and all that. They advertise a lot with
all the Miss World, Miss Hong Kong, Miss Singapore. They are all put in there. It’s for advertisement in the leaflet. I would like to be looking like that
but I have no time. I forgot. I forgot to even eat. I don’t know what I do, I cannot tell you. I give it to you to try.
(Thank you, Master.) If you feel more energetic
and better, that means it’s working. You can feel the effect right away. (OK.) It will have a signal right away. It’s just whether or not you have
enough time or care enough to continue to take it. At least six months. Thank you, Master. Thank you. You’re welcome. Enough for,
I cancel the cancer. (Thank you, Master.)
I’m so sorry, it’s not fun. I’m laughing but I know
it’s a big suffering for you. It has been. And apart from that,
your life is hanging in the balance. You don’t know,
if you’re going to die or not. Because you’re never sure
with this thing, cancer. Yes. People also give you sickness. Some people do. If you’re unlucky to have a wife
or a husband, I don’t mean your husband. He is a good guy. He’s a good one and you both are
good together and happy. It’s just that some people are
bringing bad energy, bad luck to you. Maybe a former enemy or also a low level. They bring you disease. They bring you disease in the long term. You don’t know it until it hits you. But you don’t know that
it’s your partner or your assistants or your driver or your housemate
or housekeeper. You don’t even know. That is the thing. Not everybody can know it. But sometimes you can sense it, can sense the contradicting energies. And it makes you sick, makes you ill,
makes you sad and angry and vexed. And then these things bring poison,
breed poison into your body. Inside your body, it produces poison
when you’re too angry, too sad, too vexed, too provoked, like yesterday. And in the long run, it seeps into you,
all over your cells, your system and destroys you, your body. It makes you sick. People can make you sick. Apart from making you angry
and all that, some people just quietly
make you sick. Because they carry this energy that
Heaven categorizes them like “disease.” A person is categorized as a disease. Meaning they carry this disease energy. And they affect other people
if they stay long with them. Understand? (Yes, Master.) I know too many. I just had to bear it for their sake, just to balance out the karma for them. But I suffer a lot. Some people are categorized as
“garbage.” Garbage. Rubbish. Look at you. You’re spoiled. You’re being loved. He likes to be loved. So Master you said that
love comes with a price. Love comes with a price. Yes. And is that only in this world? In other Heavenly worlds, does it come with a price as well
or is it mainly just here on Earth? Only here. Only here, baby, only here. Heaven, no. That’s why it’s called Heaven.
(That’s right.) Whatever the place
that’s categorized as Heaven, doesn’t have trouble like this. They enjoy. Even lower Heaven, they enjoy. Similar to here, it’s just manyfold
more pleasure and easy life. Like in Heaven, some heavens
they have nothing to do just go pluck flowers and
decorating themselves. Whatever they like to eat,
it just comes to them. (Right.) And they enjoy each other
like husband and wife stuff. Just they don’t have
this physical thing like us. But they do have close contact and they do have
emotional attachment to each other. Enjoy each other’s company. So actually if you want to, if you really love your husband and wife
then both should practice. And then wherever he goes, you go. You can make a choice. Anything else? And you said about the sixth race,
are they visible or invisible? Invisible. (Invisible as well.) Yes. (Right, OK.) But they have to protect themselves
if they live on this planet. That’s why they live
on the one new island. New continent. Invisible, but they can manifest themselves
sometimes to come out. To do some work, to help, to have fun. To check out for fun. They don’t need it. I’m just saying, fun the way, their fun. Not the way we have fun.
(Right, right.) But mostly they don’t need to be
in a physical body. What for? They don’t need to eat. They don’t need to couple. They don’t need to drive car. They don’t need airplane. They don’t need flashlight. They don’t need furniture. Whatever they need, they manifest
right there. But it’s very invisible. Visible to them, but not visible
to us. Thank God. Otherwise, do you think
everybody would go there, commercialize it or force to take it home. Because it will be too beautiful. Too beautiful. Their houses, their sparkling water, their bright walls and
their see-through roof. Their gold paved road
and their diamond studded bathroom, if they even have a bathroom. Ponds and lakes and stuff like that. Sparkling, like diamonds
and jewelry everywhere. If we only know it,
then it won’t last long. The jewelry will be gone in no time. Imagine. Fifty kilometer deep underground, they say dig it, dig it,
dig, dig, dig to get it up. How if just appears like that
on the Earth? On the surface of the Earth. You think we will leave it? Just looking, looking? Just checking, checking only. No. No touchy freely,
no, no, no takey grabby? We would do all that. Even we don’t take, but the curiosity alone would flood
the whole continent with tourists. And you know who else, even. And how would they be able to
live in peace? They already want to go to Mars. Such a very austere planet
and promises nothing, but they seem to see
something underground. And they want to come already. They’re already practicing,
planning, building a vehicle to go. So far like that
and so dangerous a journey, they still want to go. Not to talk about the Pacific. If the continent
manifested physically, oh. I told you already,
they’re even selling the Moon. They don’t even go there to live. Maybe they think, maybe one day
or just buy it for fun because they have the money. You said for us to practice diligently so that our consciousness
would sort of merge with what the Sixth Level beings
would bring down. Did I understand that correctly? No, they just came to bless us. (OK.) I don’t think any of you
can merge with the Sixth Level. Fifth is already a lot. He’s making friends with everybody. Good boy, good boy. You are a good boy. I am proud of you. Are you making friends
with me as well or not? Can I have a handshake now? Oh, that’s a TV. That’s my double. I love you. Yes. Thank you. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being my friend. You are my best friend. You’re beautiful. And you’re a good boy. You’re getting bigger all the time
or am I wrong? Bigger and taller. Only four years old and
had gone through so much suffering. That’s why I love him so much. Otherwise there are many dogs similar,
bigger even. But nobody is more beautiful than you. Don’t worry. I’ve seen 250 and I took you alone. You’re welcome. All right. Can you go and get me something
for him to eat? From there. And water and some
(vegan) bones from the chair. Do you need help?
(Bring some food?) Food from there. (Yes.) Can I have some of the (vegan) biscuits? We have some bowls in the kitchen,
empty bowls, does anybody know about it? No, no, bring the whole thing here. There is a bowl empty for him
somewhere or not? Nobody knows? Nobody knows. Oh you’re beautiful. There’s a water bowl next to his… Water bowl is different. (Different.) An empty bowl for the food
so he doesn’t have to eat on the ground. The ground is clean,
but I don’t want to dirty the carpet. Because you’re sitting on it. You want some of this? Say, “Yes.” Say, “Please.” Or say, “I love you.” Same language all the time. Everybody understood your language. OK, we’re going to have it. So every day you come here,
play the clown like this. Cheer up everybody. They sit all day, sleeping, and now they have to wake up
and laugh, right? That correct? Can you go and look if there’s a plastic bowl or something? Anything. Plastic bowl is also fine. Plastic container. That’s water. Empty one, good, good. That’s what I meant. Very good. There, baby. Enjoy. He likes this kind of food. He has his food but he didn’t eat much. Can you pour it? Don’t touch. Pour it. You’re done with my dogs? Can I begin now? Cannot stare at Master now, stare at dog. Master’s dog. Put it there. The (vegan) bone,
it’s not on the chair outside. What? No, no more (vegan) bone? (No.) No more bag? (No.) All finished? Oh. Should I ask inside? Never mind, OK. They also don’t know where I put it. Oh I put it inside
but maybe they don’t know. In the refrigerator. But you don’t know how. OK, you ask the girl. (Yes.) No, no never mind, I’ll call them. You stay. I forget, I could call. I forgot. Sorry, I have magic. This is your restaurant now? Every day come here for food. The other food is more nutritious. Hallo? You go to my place. You know what dogs’ veggie bones
look like, don’t you? There are several kinds in my fridge. The veggie bones
are inside a small plastic bag. Brown veggie bones, understand? Blue? Or brown? No. Inside of the blue bag
are brown veggie bones. Otherwise, take the other kind of smaller
one (veggie bone), the kind for Benny. There are two kinds there.
Whichever is fine. Bring it over to
the living room here, OK? (OK.) Bring it over here,
inside the gathering place. (OK.) Thank you, thank you. I read you the story. Buddha’s story. According to Buddhism
and the believers and the tradition, when you read sutra and all that, you have to put on incense, flowers, and bow to the sutra first, and thank all the Buddhas
and Bodhisattvas in ten directions all respectfully
before you read it. And then you cover the sutra also
with (vegan) silk or beautiful cloth. I just make it more popular,
more easy, simple. I apologize to all the Buddhas. I say, “If I have done something wrong according to the tradition, my heart is full of respect. It’s just that I cannot always do that. So please, all the sin, whatever I have done wrong, is all on me.” At least, other people,
when they hear the name of the Buddha, according to the sutra, they will get benefit. This story was given by, this instruction or story was given by
the teacher while he was residing, while he was in residence
or just while he resided at Jetavana in Savatthi
with reference to a certain Brahmin. He probably still likes one more. You open. Pour it down for him. He doesn’t eat his food, look at that. Sometimes he likes the other food but if he comes here
he just likes to eat this. Habit. You’re so big already, look at you. I’m glad there’s no more gathering soon. Otherwise he’ll get fat. He’s going to miss you guys. He’s going to come here and look,
look around and won’t see anybody. The story goes that early one morning
this Brahmin went out of the city, stopped at the place
where the monks put on their robes. OK. Yes, yes. Looks like James Bond. After. This is a big one. So big and thick. Normally he can only eat one
like this per day, but he ate many times. I can’t give him all this. It’s too big. Because he ate already the whole day. We give a little, a little. Otherwise it’s too much. It’s for teeth, actually. It’s not for food. This makes you fat, just tastes good
and they’re hooked on it. When you finish that,
wow, he likes the (vegan) biscuits. Gosh. After you’re gone, no we do have
some of this at home too. Sometimes just for a little snack. But here he eats it for dinner. You look at that, so enjoying.
My gosh. He enjoys the eating and pats. Because he didn’t eat his food that’s why. He just come here. No wonder you follow me
all the time come here. What, you’re done? No more. You eat the other food. It’s more nutritious. There you go. There. He can get it out and eat it. I know that’s the problem with him. This is not very interesting,
but I don’t know. We read all this already, right? Except the certain Brahmin. I’ve been thinking. The story goes, never mind. Did I read “A certain Brahmin,”
not yet? (No.) The one who made a road and all that. The story goes that
early one morning this Brahmin. Because I read already
so it looks familiar, I thought I read it to you. Went out of the city, stopped at the place
where the monks put on their robes and stood and watched them
as they put on their robes. Now in this place
there was thickly overgrown grass. As one of the monks put on his robe, the edge of the robe
dragged through the grass and became wet with drops of dew. Thought the Brahmin to himself, “The grass should be cleared away
from this place.” So on the following day
he took his mattock, went there, cleared the place and made it as
clean and smooth as a threshing floor. The day after, he went to that place again. As the monks put on their robes,
he observed that the edge of the robe of one of the monks dropped
to the ground and dragged in the dust. Thought the Brahmin,
“Sand should be sprinkled here.” So he brought sand
and sprinkled it on the ground. He’s doing good things for the monks. Now one day before breakfast
the heat was intense. On this occasion he noticed that
as the monks put on their robes, sweat poured from their bodies. It’s hot, no? Hot over there, cold here. You feel cold outside today? Yeah? No? It’s OK now. But evening cold. If you feel cold,
you must go inside. It’s not worth it to catch a cold. So on this occasion, he saw that
when the monks put on their robes because the weather was hot, so he thought
he saw the sweat pour from their bodies. So the Brahmin thought to himself, “Here I ought to make a shelter,
for the monks.” He’s a good boy. Accordingly he caused a shelter
to be erected. Again one day, early in the morning,
it rained on this occasion also. As the Brahmin watched the monks, he noticed that their robes were wetted
by the drops of rain. Thought the Brahmin, “Here I ought to cause a hall
to be erected.” So there he caused a hall to be erected. This is really an elaborate translation,
to the letter, except when they called him teacher
instead of Buddha. And instead of, “Thus I have heard,”
he just said, “This instruction was given
in such-and-such a place.” In English we would just simplify, we’d just say,
“Thus he built a hall.” Or “He asked someone to build a hall.” When the hall was finished,
he thought to himself, “Now I will hold a festival
in honor of the completion of the hall.” Accordingly, he invited
the order of monks presided over by the Buddha, seated the monks within and without
the hall and gave alms. Gave alms, gave food or offering clothes
or whatever the monks needed. At the conclusion of the meal,
he took the teacher’s bowl. Again meaning the teacher,
the Buddha’s going to talk. To let him to pronounce
the words of thanksgiving. The words of thanksgiving? What those words could be,
anybody know? Whatever, thanks giving. So the Westerner would understand it. “Reverend Sir,” said he,
“As I stood in this place when the monks were putting on
their robes and watched them, I saw this and that,
and I did this and that.” And at the beginning,
he told the Buddha the whole story. The Buddha listened to his words and said to him, “Brahmin,
a wise man by doing good works, time after time, little by little, gradually removes the stains
of his own evil deeds.” Set it next to him so he can eat, and the drink you can move
next to the bowl. Remove that one instead. That’s the wiser thing to do
than to remove his food. Put it next to him, please, next to. The food a little bit nearby. Come on, eat more. Eat more food and drink.
Good boy, you are. All right. So the Buddha saying that. And then he pronounce
the following stanza, “By gradual practice from time to time, little by little, let the sage blow off his own blemishes
just as a smith with silver.” Can he reach his food? Then push a little bit. OK now. This is another story. It was not a very interesting story. It’s about doing good work
and earning merit. “The Bondswoman Punna.” I think I read that to you, right? I remember that. “Treasurer Catfoot,” I read that already. “The Single Robe,” already. “The Naked Ascetic,” also already. “Coppertooth, the Thief-killer”
(“A Man Named Coppertooth”), already. Wow, I read a lot. “Husband Honorer,” we didn’t read. I even read to you the story
of the one who criticized everybody. The one who didn’t speak,
he criticized. The one who spoke in detail,
he criticized that it’s too long. The one who made it simplified,
he also criticized. So when he came to the Buddha,
the Buddha didn’t say anything anymore. He just said everybody
will be criticized anyway, some way or another. What happens now? You want to eat more? Or not? No more (vegan) bones until later. No. You had enough.
Maybe later. You eat your food.
It’s more nutritious. Don’t be so spoiled. Just (vegan) biscuits and (vegan) bone,
that’s not the way for the dog to grow. Who loves you, who loves, loves,
love you. So spoiled, look at you. Good boy, you look strong. You had enough (vegan) biscuits. You want to serve yourself. It’s not a self-service restaurant. Am I your waiter or something? Do I have a tip after that? You really like this. Oh, next time I don’t
let you come here anymore. You keep eating this.
It’s not too good. All right maybe it’s good, who knows? It’s good for you. Go eat it over there. Sit and eat. Sorry. I read it, but I forgot. He could eat this forever. He enjoys so much. But this is not real food, is it? So spoiled. Look at him,
he’s so big already. Look at that. Eating only this. It makes you fat. I read some of this,
but it’s not very interesting. Not like exciting
like those stories we read before. Right? Because maybe the translation also. Did I read you the story,
“The Certain Monk”? No. I don’t know, “The Lay Disciple Atulah,”
I read it to you already. This is not very interesting. I read some of them. Let me check. Maybe I should not read it first. OK, never mind, I’ll read this story. It’s a little bit more interesting. I read this one also already. If I did not read it,
then I will just read it to you, you see what I mean? I read it already
and I think it’s a little bit… maybe some other time. There’s a story about the five lay men. The title is, “There Is No Fire Like Lust.” This instruction was given by the Buddha
while he was in residence at Jetavana, with reference to five lay disciples. The story goes that these five men went to the monastery
desiring to hear the Dharma, the teaching from the Buddha. Did you feel any better? (Definitely.) You have to rub it,
a couple of times a day before you sleep and whenever
it has pain, it’s harmless. Just warm up a little bit
your circulation better. I guess you sit too long also. What happened? You can’t eat any more, baby,
you eat this. Push that there for him. He was eating it and then
somebody disturbed him. And then he remembers something else. If he’s eating and
something disturbs him, then he stops. He won’t eat again. Until maybe many, many hours later. And here because he saw this,
he remembered it so he doesn’t even want to go back there. Eat that, eat your food. Be good boy, don’t keep looking at me. I’m not giving you anything anymore,
even if you’re crying. And having saluted the teacher,
meaning the Buddha, sat down respectfully on one side. Now in the case of the Buddhas, no such thought ever enters their mind
as the following. No Buddha has a thought like this,
like the following: “This man is a Katya,
this man is a Brahmin, this is a rich man, this is a poor man. I will teach the Dharma to this man
in such a way as to exalt him. I will not do so,
however, in the case of this other man.” It matters not with reference to what subject the Buddhas teach
the Dharma. They place reverence for the Dharma
before all else and teach the Dharma as though they were bringing down
the Celestial river from the sky. Meaning the Buddha just taught them
if they came to him. Doesn’t matter
if this person is rich or poor, or less favorable than the other person. So here Buddha is teaching five persons
because they came and asked him. Maybe initiation or something. I said, “No.” N-O, no. What part of no you don’t understand? I love you,
it’s just it’s too much of that food. No good. No good. A kiss instead, kiss, kiss. All right, but though the Tathagata,
means the Buddha, taught the Dharma in this way to the five men
who sat about him, one of the five, even as he sat there,
fell asleep. Sound familiar, no? Another sat and dug the earth. No, nope. Can somebody put this up there for me? Put this up there. I’ll take some. That’s for later, in case. I really mean it this time. It’s not too good for you
to eat these things. A lot of fatty-fat. Another sat and dug the earth
with his finger, playing with dirt. Sit there and just dig,
digging the earth with his finger. Another sat and shook a tree. We have an olive tree outside. Another gazed at the sky. Wow. All sound familiar to me. Only one listened attentively
to the Dharma. So all four of them had issues. Only one was listening to the Buddha. You playing with this? Oh my God. Five persons came. Only one person really listened. How many of you are listening here? How many are listening to me? Even sat and shook the tree. What for they came to the Buddha
if they were just doing that? One was looking at the stars, the sky, one was shaking the tree and one was digging the earth
with the finger, playing. And one was falling asleep. We have it here, too, on some occasions. So as the elder monk,
the monk Ananda, stood there fanning the teacher. Oh now I know
he is fanning the teacher, the Buddha. Nobody told us
that he’s fanning the Buddha before. We just heard that
he’s the Buddha’s attendant but we never heard that
he’s fanning the Buddha like that. He observed the conduct of
the five men and said to the Buddha, “Reverend Sir.” Normally they would say,
“World Honored One” or “Tathagata.” Or “Dear Buddha.” “You are teaching the Dharma
even as thunders, the thunder which accompanies
a heavy rain. But even as you teach the Dharma
these men sit doing this and that.” So the Buddha said,
“Ananda, do you not know these men?” “No, Sir, I do not know them.” The Buddha said, “Of these five men, he that sits there
and is sound asleep was reborn as a snake
in 500 states of existence.” Means 500 lifetimes. “And in each of these states of existence
he laid his head in his coils and fell asleep. Therefore at the present time
also he is sound asleep.” Now you know.
If you snore then we call you a snake. Or ex-snake. Ex. Former snake. “Not a sound I make enters his ear.” I’m not surprised. “But Reverend Sir,”
means, “But World Honored One.” In many stories they say
“World Honored One,” they don’t say, “Reverend Sir.” Well I guess they say
like Master or something, but not Reverend Sir. “Tell me was this in successive states
of existence or at intervals?” “Ananda, at one time this man
was reborn as a human being. At another time as a god even.” Wow. “And at another time as a snake.” So that means he was not reborn
as a snake five hundred consecutive lives, but in meantime sometimes a human,
sometimes a god even. Probably lower god. Wow, even a god can be reborn
as a snake again. You watch it, watch it, watch it. Don’t feel too proud of your merit
or your state of spiritual practice. “Indeed it would be impossible
even with the knowledge of omniscience to determine exactly the number of times
he has undergone rebirth at intervals. But in 500 states of existence he was reborn as a snake, and fell asleep. Not even yet is he sated with sleep.” No! Go outside. Move. Out. Now. You make too much noise. Go! “The man who sits there scratching,
scratching the earth with his finger was reborn in 500 successive states
of existence as an earthworm and burrowed into the earth. Hence he digs the earth
at the present time also and fails to hear my voice.” “The man who sits there shaking a tree was reborn in 500 successive states
of existence as a monkey and from sheer force of habit
acquired in previous states of existence he still continues to shake a tree.” Hoping coconuts fall down, I think. He didn’t say what tree
but monkeys they do that. Then they climb up and get some coconut and just bang their butt
with coconut hoping it to open. Oh, I felt terrible. I saw it on TV. “So he still continues to shake a tree and the sound of my voice
does not enter his ears.” They did really want to come to
listen to the Buddha’s teaching but the sheer force of karma
from former lives made them do what they do. Doing what they did. So be careful,
what are you guys doing? I’m just checking. Anybody asleep? Then we know, 500 lifetimes, snakes. Did anybody shake
my olive trees outside? Leave them alone. They’ve done nothing wrong to you. Trees do have feelings. Anyone else is scratching
the earth today. Sitting there
and just digging or writing stuff. “The Brahmin who sits there
gazing at the sky was reborn in 500,” always 500, “successive states of existence
as a”… what? “Astrologer.” Looking at the stars. And therefore today also
he gazes at the sky just the same. Hey you don’t have to take all this off. Coughing is normal. Understand? Don’t make a lot of work for nothing. Even if I blow my nose, so what? I still look pretty
afterward or before that. People understand. I work hard so I get sick sometimes. You guys sometimes
bring presents, unwelcome presents. I told you I don’t take any gift,
but you still give. So I get sick sometimes, it’s normal. No problem. Don’t make me too wholesome
like I’m never sick, I’m never weak, I’m never ill. I am all that.
Because of… Us, disciples. How did you know? How could you guess? My God! Psychic power. I’m not very proud of it
but I don’t try to hide it. If you’re looking for Buddhas or a Master
who is never sick, who never laughs, who never cries, who never smiles,
who never shows any emotion or any human feelings,
then that is the one for you. He sits there. See that? You see the black Buddha there? That’s the one you should bow to. I don’t know
how I got that Buddha there. But I like Buddha statues. I don’t bow to him or anything,
it’s just respect for a great Master. So much sacrifice he made
in order to earn enough merit to be the Master of these idiots. Of those idiots. Not these, those idiots. As the story goes, you know it. The love of the Buddha
must be so immense that he undergoes all that again. To earn the merit in this physical world
so that he can teach physical beings and share the merit to save them. See what I mean? Because the Buddha, in some stories
he admits that he has been a Buddha eons or immeasurable times,
immeasurable eons ago. It’s not the first time he became a Buddha,
Shakyamuni under the Bodhi tree, No, he has been Buddha a long, long time. But in order to teach those,
I don’t know what they call again. Whoever, the one who digs the earth
and the one who shakes the tree and the one who gazes
and the one who snores. Maybe you don’t call them idiots,
what do you call them? Sorry if I offend anybody. But you are not
digging anything anyway. So I’m not offending you so it’s OK. I’m safe with you. It’s just that so much sacrifice. But I like the Buddha’s statues
because it’s very simple and peaceful. It represents simplicity and peace. It doesn’t look suffering. It reminds you that
we can all become peaceful like that, become Buddha. And it seems like a peaceful energy, a peaceful representative. Because if any others,… then you feel calm. Yes. Reminds you to meditate. Because most of the Buddha statues, either he’s sitting in meditation,
or he’s also sitting calmly or teaching with his hands. Or he’s reclining on the right side
and also very calm. Always, always kind of restful. Restful and peaceful. There is no symbol of vexation
or symbol of any violence or war about the Buddha statues. That’s why it is good to have it. If you want to. It doesn’t matter. To be continued.

Jerry Heath

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