ASMR You will be on top… of relaxation 😜

I know you’re here. Today, you and me, we will be in the same bed. And I know it seems a little bit strange but I believe it may bring you completely new sensations. And maybe it will be even exciting for you. Who knows? Anyway, let’s try it. And firstly, I want you breathe with me and relax a little bit. Take a deep breath and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Try to calm your feelings. Try to remember about something pleasant and good and try to enjoy fresh air. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. And I will prepare my fingers for massaging you. I want to make them warm like this if you don’t mind. Ah, don’t forget to breathe! And I want to start with gentle face massage. I want to touch your face, your neck, your chest, and let’s start with your forehead, okay? Let’s start with your forehead. Let’s massage, massage, massage, massage, massage. Let’s massage you and your temples. I hope you don’t have a headache tonight, but if you have – if you have, it can help you. Gentle temple massage. Touch, touch, touch, touch, gentle temple massage like this. Let me massage your nose. Just touch it. Cutie nose! Your cheeks. Your pretty, pretty, pretty cheeks. Your neck. Your neck, your neck. Neck, neck, neck, neck. And your chest, your chest, chest, chest, chest, chest. Chest, chest, chest, okay. Guess what I have! Feather, feather, feather, feather, feather. Let me caress you with feather. Your forehead. Your cheeks. Your nose, nose. Your neck and your chest. Chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest. I hope you can feel the warmth from the feather. I want to warm the feather for you, you know. Is it warm? Okay, very good. Good. Guess what I have! Yes. Yes. Big Mama! Let me warm Big Mama for you. Okay. Let’s caress your forehead with Big Mama. On this side, this side and and here and your nose and your neck, your neck and your chest, chest. I think she’s perfect, isn’t it? Okay. I like sound of fabric, fabric and my hair. I hope you’re comfortable in your pillow. Little scratching sounds. Little scratching sounds like this. And again, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze it. I want to continue with scalp massage. Okay. I think it’s warm. So, let me massage, massage, massage, massage your scalp. And massage on this side too. And on this side, this side too. On the top. On the top. Okay. And near the temples. And on this side too near your temples. Okay, very good. Let’s continue with special massager. Okay. I’m so relaxed already but I can’t sleep right now. It’s so noisy tonight, by the way. Don’t you mind? Noisy! Let’s use – use; let’s use special massager. Do you know – Did you notice I have everything very very special? Special brushes for you, special feathers for you, special massagers for you. So – But this massager is really satisfying, I think. Let’s massage you on this side like this. And on the top. And on this side. And again here. And on the top. Okay. So, I think I have spoiled your hairstyle. So, let me, let me brush it. Okay, like this. Ready? Okay, brush your hair. Okay. I like you don’t have split ends and your hair looks so healthy and it’s so shiny. What shampoo do you use? Because, I know I have some problem – some problems with my hair. So, I want to know your secret. Okay, and here and let’s brush on the top and do this side on the top here. Perfect. I hope you enjoyed that evening – this evening with me in one bed. So, if you want, you can come closer and hug me. Come to me.

Jerry Heath

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