ASMR Sudoku Session #2 – For Sleep, Relaxation, and Focus

Professor ASMR Hello fellow Tinglectuals! Welcome to a class where
it’s okay to fall asleep! We hope you all
are doing GREAT! If not, we hope this video
will help in some way. Welcome to… Sudoku Session #2 If you would like
to play along We’ve included a PDF of the
puzzle in the description below Let’s see how fast you can
solve the puzzle! Comment below how long
it takes you to complete it Good luck 🙂 And don’t forget- The numbers are columns! Let’s begin! Relaxation is in Session! Thank you all for attending class! We hope that if you are going
through something unpleasant That things get better. Please consider subscribing
for more relaxing videos and hit the bell… So you don’t miss a thing! And check out our other
social media platforms! Linked in the description below. Wishing you well! Professor ASMR

Jerry Heath


  1. I used to do so much Sudoku when I was younger. Not anymore. I have no skills now. 😁

  2. Stoku Session for Rest and Concentration
    It's a good video.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great in mathematics. This is an awesome! Nice video, thumbs up 3. Watching from FRANCE.

  4. Great video. Thank for share. Likee 5. Sudoku is best of the best game I played 💙.

  5. Hello dear 🤗🤗🤗I’m your 92 new friend ✅already done everything 👍🔔🔔very nice video my friend 💖💖💖keep going~ I hope you can do the same🤗🤗🤗

  6. Hi my friend.👋 I want to play, I am enjoyable And enjoying the sound of a pencil ..I like this game..thank you for sharing.🙏🙏💋💕

  7. Keep up with your channel! Your videos are so interesting and unique! Your subscribers are gonna grow so much more 🙂

  8. Great idea for mind, I am artist , like and subscribe your channel friend

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