Anxiety Stomach Problems – Meditation for DIGESTION

You hold a lot of tension in your stomach, often unknowingly. There is a direct link between the brain and the gut. So being stressed can play a role in stomach problems … and disturbances inside your gut can also be the cause of stress. This meditation will help you relax the grip on your stomach muscles and alleviate your digestive problems. It doesn’t matter how you lay your sit for this relaxation exercise. Whatever feels most comfortable for you is best. So let’s start by first focusing on your breath. Notice how when you take in a breath it expands your tummy and chest and when you breathe out the chest and tummy relax again. Give each breath your full attention. On your next inhale try to purposefully expand the belly and notice it relax on the exhale. One more time breathe in fully expanding your belly and on the out-breath squeeze out all the air from your lungs. And now go back to your normal breathing pattern. Allow your breath to become gentle and natural. With every breath you feel yourself becoming more centered. Now let’s focus your attention inward. The muscles in your belly are used by many important processes in the body, breathing, keeping you upright, your digestion. The muscles are connected to the back and hips. You probably give your tummy little love and attention. So let’s take this time to thank your hard-working muscle group and allow it to release the grip. Let’s start by focusing on the top area of your abdomen just below the chest. Invite your attention to the physical sensations in your upper abdomen. Allow yourself to give each sensation your full attention. If you can let go of any tension in these muscles. This top area is where the diaphragm lies which is important for your breath. Mindfully let go of the tension you may be holding there. Release the grip around your ribs. Allow your breath to fall into a natural rhythm and notice a peaceful feeling in your upper abdomen. Now move your attention to the area just above your belly button. We often unconsciously hold tension here. Notice if there are any sensations there. Look inward. If you can, feel the full relaxation in the tummy. Give yourself permission to let go of the natural instinct to pull in the tummy and feel the release. Let your tummy hang out, it’s safe to do so. The muscles can relax their grip and notice the difference between tension and relaxation. When your tummy is fully relaxed your whole body can feel the relaxation. Finally focus your attention on the lower part of your abdomen below your belly button. Look for any sensations in and around your lower abdomen. Try your best to focus on these sensations without judgement. Allow those sensations to be and relax. Feel full relaxation in your lower abdomen, midsection and upper abdomen. Release the tension. Feel the muscles loosen and any knots unravel. Let it all go. Even when you feel fully relaxed try to let go a little bit more. As you relax your stomach muscles it triggers a signal to your brain that you are safe and feel calm. It allows you to be more open and receptive to new challenges, stress and facing fears. Imagine now a golden light glowing inside your abdomen shining its healing light on everything inside your stomach area. Feel the soothing energy as it throws light on the inner organs and up through the muscles and skin. Feel that warmth spread. It releases the tightness. You find yourself not needing to hold on so tight, opening up. Space expanding. With relaxation everything flows more easily … your breath,your digestive system, your circulation, your thoughts. Allowing your body and mind to move freely. As we come to a close on this meditation please make a mental note throughout the day when you notice any stress creeping in take a moment to notice the sensations and release the hold you may have on your tummy muscles. With this technique you’re in control of your own body. Invite gratitude and love to your stomach area. Thank you for choosing to relax with Generation Calm today.

Jerry Heath

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