Jerry Heath


  1. Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

  2. Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

  3. Anointe me lord.give your sonTb Joshua the power to rebuke this spirit.

  4. Lord Jesus Christ, heal me i pray oh Lord! Hear my cry and heal me Lord🙇

  5. Whatever way Satan might have use to connect me to himself i break the connection and i disconnect myself from all his activities, in Jesus Name Amen

  6. Jesus,You hold the keys to my life..sin power has no control over me

  7. I disconnected my self from all evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ name Amen and Amen

  8. I disconnect all evil acts Satan used to connect to me in Jesus mighty name Amen

  9. Jesus Mighty name. Mighty is your name. I am free from all bondage. I disconnect in Jesus name. Amen!

  10. I dis conect my self in the ñame of jesus plese pray for my salvetion


  12. Am so connected prophet this prayer has taught me and given me anew language of prayer in Jesus Name, it's 2019 may but it's powerful prayer, Amen Amen Amen

  13. Jesus loves me
    ln Him There is on sickness . disease. affliction

  14. Lord please deliver me from all infirmities and lies associated with the enemy. I have my papers now so I need to pick myself up in your Mighty Name. Please give me another chance and let peace prevail in my life

  15. My mum Virginia Waithera you are healed if alcers in Jesus Christ name

  16. Help us God changes all things that is not nescessary to us bring back the love to my family specially my husband ..please God restore our family and relationship let my husband see the light you create to us…in Jesus name i pray..!!

  17. Lord Jesus save me from my addictions and willingness to sin against God. Let this prayer with prophet tb Joshuas work in my life… in Jesus name, Amen

  18. I disconnect myself from Satan in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen

  19. Oh prophet tb joshua breakthrough ze generational curse in my familly restore my life im connected to u oh prophet tb joshua

  20. I pray for a breakthrough in Jesus name and I declare blessing for our home. I disconnect from the hold of satan in Jesus name!!!

  21. Defeat and failure are things of the past in my family, business, children and my relatives

  22. In the mighty name of Jesus father I pray my documents should be favor where ever the are and I pray my work permit and employment visa should be approve in Jesus name I pray. .Amen

  23. l Break the connection of allspirits in Jesus Name thorough the smoke and in my dreams Lord my God free me Am Jesus egent sat an ldisconećt my self AMEN

  24. I'm bless in tha name of jesus..and i'm heal in the name of jesus amen.

  25. I'm agree with you prayer always Man of God may God bless you always amen glory be to God hallelujah God might I'm disconnected from all evil from Satan from my enemy in Jesus name

  26. I disconnect from anything the devil used to connect myself to him in the name of Jesus.

  27. I am an my family ar delivered an free by our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen an Amen🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏻🙏🏻✌🏻 victory in Christ Jesus AMEN

  28. As am typing and listening the prayer,satan knows that am disturbing him so from now me and him we are not gonna rest we are in battle

  29. Amen i connect an my family in Jesus name Amen
    Am released i an my family in Jesus name
    Deat an failure are things of the pass

  30. Thank You Lord for disconnecting me from what ever means satan might have connected me to himself, Thank You JESUS!!!! Thank You Prophet TB Joshua God bless You!!!

  31. God give me a tongues language to deafit, stop, the dimons in the name of Jesus Christ

  32. I disconnect my self from delayed delivery of pregnancy in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  33. Praise your name Lord Jesus…please deliver me and my family. Lord restore our relationship as family Lord have mercy on us😢😢😢 only you Lord can help us…

  34. I receive the mother of all testimonies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ 🙏🏾

  35. Dear bro please pray for us .I am straight forward, God's fear in my heart.but Mr laksmi Kant, thangabalu, jayanthi, chellakuma r this group spoiled my family name, my name, my business, my social life.ple please pray for us, lot of money problem, worries,l want salvation

  36. I disconnect from every spirit in the name of Jesus Christ
    Get out of my life
    I break it in the name of Jesus Christ

  37. God is reliable and dependable!!, I love you Jesus for showing me how much you love and care for me. Indeed, God is great!!!!….

  38. Thanks you lord Jesus I am disconnected,help me lord as am looking for job I put my trust in Jesus

  39. What ever way devil Satan have use to connect me let it be disconnect in Jesus Name Amen

  40. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen, Amen. 🙌🏽🙏🏽👏🏼

  41. Bro. Joshua, I am 65 years old lady from India. I am having Diabetics, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis and both shoulder are paining. Please pray for me. Deliver my Husband, two sons and me from the generation curses, sicknesses and financial help in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you.

  42. whatever way Satan might are be use to connect me nd my wife nd my children to himself I disconnect that connection in Jesus Christ name amen

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