– Good morning to you, my precious brothers
and sisters in the Lord. Listen, I’m very excited
about this broadcast as we talk about angels watching over you. You are never alone. You are never by yourself. Because God Himself has
assigned divine protection to watch over you, and listen, that’s what we are gonna talk about. We’re gonna dig into the Word of God, and I believe you are going
to be very encouraged, and strengthened through
this message on this morning. Angels watching over you. ♪ Awesome God, how great,
how great thou art, my God ♪ ♪ You are God, and mighty
are your miracles ♪ ♪ We stand in awe of Your holy name ♪ ♪ Lord we bow, ♪ ♪ Lord we bow and worship ♪ ♪ Awesome God, awesome God ♪ ♪ How great thou art ♪ ♪ You are God, and mighty
are Your miracles ♪ ♪ We stand in awe of Your holy name ♪ ♪ Lord we bow, Lord we bow and worship ♪ He is the King of kings
and the Lord of lords ♪ King of kings, Lord of
lords, everlasting King ♪ ♪ Savior, Redeemer, soon coming King ♪ ♪ King of kings, Lord of
lords, everlasting King ♪ ♪ Savior, Redeemer, He is awesome ♪ ♪ Awesome, mighty God ♪ ♪ Awesome, You are awesome ♪ ♪ Awesome, awesome ♪ ♪ You are awesome, awesome God ♪ ♪ Sing it, awesome God ♪ ♪ How great thou art ♪ ♪ You are God, and mighty
are Your miracles ♪ ♪ We stand in awe of Your holy name ♪ ♪ God we bow ♪ Father, as we are about to
go into the Word of God, minister to your people on this morning. Strengthen and encourage them. Let your people know on this morning that we have divine protection. That You have angels assigned
to every single one of us on this morning, God. Strengthen us from Your Word. Faith comes by hearing the Word. We want our lives to be changed forever in the name of Jesus we pray. Someone say a good amen right now. Listen, you know, it’s very important for you and I to remember
that we have angels that are assigned to us to watch over us. To watch over our family,
for divine protection. You are not in this by yourself. You have the Father, you have the Son, you have the Holy Ghost, you have the blood of
the Lord Jesus Christ, you have the Word of God. And also, God have angels
assigned to you and I. Listen to the Word of God. In the book of Psalm,
chapter 91, verse 11, listen to what God says. For He shall give His
angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. Listen to what David said right there, for He shall give His
angels charge over you. More than one. To keep you. That word keep means to guard,
to protect, to watch over. Angels are watching over you. Listen to this. In the book of Psalms,
chapter 34, verse seven. The angel of the Lord encamp
round about them that fear Him and delivers them. Oh, that’s shouting news right there. The word encampeth, listen, the Bible says the angel
of the Lord encampeth around about them that fear
Him, and delivereth them. That word encampeth means
that the angels of God live around us. They are assigned to you. They are assigned to me. They are assigned to our children. Angels are watching over me. They are watching over
you this very second. So you don’t have to be afraid, as if the enemy is about to wipe you out. Help me preach a minute here. I said angels are an assignment of, they are watching over you. That’s why the car wreck,
it did not kill you. That’s why the plane
crash, some of you survive. The food poisoning, you survived. Because God have angels on assignment. The gun bullet, it didn’t kill you. The stab wound, it didn’t take you out. Because angels are on assignment
to watch over you and I. Somebody shout it. We got divine protection in the house. Hey
(speaking in tongues) Hallelujah. My god the Word is sweet, now watch this. How about Daniel chapter six, verse 22. Remember Daniel was thrown
into the lion’s den. My god, and the hungry,
the hungry lions thought they were about to have them a nice meal. And the king ran down to
Daniel, to the lion’s den where Daniel was entrapped in
there, and thrown in there. And the king shouted out to Daniel, Oh Daniel, oh Daniel,
of the most high God. Did your God, whom you serve continually, was He able to deliver you? Listen to what Daniel said. In Daniel chapter six, verse 22, Daniel said, my God have sent His angel, and has shut the lion’s mouth,
that they have not hurt me. For as much as before Him
innocency was found in me. My God, He sent his angels, and shut the mouths of the lions. How about when Moses was
leading the children of Israel out of Egypt, the angel
of the Lord stood between the Egyptians and the Israelites. Somebody shout, I’ve
got divine protection. My god, hallelujah. Now watch this. Listen to this, what about
the temptation of Jesus, in the book of Matthew,
chapter four, verse 11, the Bible says, then
the devil leaveth him, and behold, angels came
and ministered unto Jesus. Now if Jesus, the King of
kings, and the Lord of lords, if God in the flesh needed angels to come and minister to Him, who do you think you are? Who do I think I am? We need the protection of God. We need everything that
God have assigned to us. The blood, the Word, the
Holy Ghost, the power of God. The Word of God. The angels of God. I don’t know about you, but
I welcome divine protection. I need every piece of, I need every trace of, of protection I can get
from God, my Father. So if God have angels watching over you, we oughta be grateful
that we are not in this by ourself. You and I, we on the winning team. We are on the winning side. We are more than conquerors,
through Jesus Christ, which love us, and gave Himself for us. The apostle Paul was caught
up in a severe storm. They thought that they were about to die. They were in the storm for
14 days, and 14 nights. And all of a sudden Paul got encouraged. Paul receive a word, Paul
receive a visitation. And Paul said unto the men on the boat, Paul said, you don’t have to be afraid. Get up and get something to eat. For God have sent His
angel to me this night. And have told me that we
all are gonna make it. We will survive the storm. And Paul said, I believe
God, that it’s gonna happen, exactly as God told me. The angels came and they warned Paul. What about Joseph and Mary? The angel warned Joseph through a dream that Herod was seeking the life of the young child, Jesus, to destroy Him. And the Bible says, being warned of God, through angels in a dream,
they left for Egypt, and they gonna shout, thank God the angels are watching over me. The devil can’t kill us. The devil can’t wipe us out. He can’t take us outta here. Until God is done with us. The apostle Paul said,
I’ve fought a good fight. I’ve finished my course. And there is laid up for me,
the crown of righteousness, which the Lord shall give, not only to me, but unto all them that love His appearing. We got divine protection. Somebody help me give Him a praise. The angels are watching,
they’re watching over me, they watching over you, they
watching over your children. They watching. Somebody give Him praise
(clapping) for divine protection. Hallelujah, my God. My God, my God, my God. The anthem. ♪ Hallelujah, You have
won, You have won, ♪ ♪ Your victory, ♪ ♪ Mighty God, ♪ ♪ Hallelujah, ♪ ♪ You have won it all for me ♪ ♪ Death cannot hold You down, ♪ You are the risen King, ♪ You are the risen King, ♪ ♪ You’re seated, you’re
seated in majesty, ♪ ♪ You are the risen King, ♪ Come on and sing it with me, Hallelujah, ♪ Hallelujah ♪ Listen, aren’t you glad we
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Jerry Heath

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