An Emotional Metta World Peace Reflects On His Relationship With Kobe Bryant | MSNBC

Jerry Heath


  1. MWP was the Dennis Rodman of his generation. Coulda, woulda, shoulda been a great.

  2. "Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition" . Abraham Lincoln

  3. Terible with Kube Anan but why UN Spy Hellicopper fly looking at USA? PRECIDENT TRUMP MUST INVISTAGATE!!!

  4. 😶 there was nine people plus luggage on that helicopter too much weight what did you expect

  5. Kobe tweet:
    A POTUS whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred, can't possibly "Make America Great Again"
    — Kobe Bryant, Sep 23, 2017

  6. The “energy” or “power” associated with sacrificial ritual is called “the second attention”. The first attention is our ordinary everyday state of mind. When we pay attention to something, like an idol, or an elaborate building with stained glass windows, we “stop” perceiving in the usual survival mode and begin to daydream. The second attention begins with dreaming. Those guide-stones not only hook our ordinary attention – they hook our dream-like second attention. We are pulled into that world by the second-attention of those evil men who built those goofy monuments. We become curious about why – why would anyone make a human sacrifice? The answer is simple – to gain power OVER people for material gain. So how do you stay free? By having a non-material aim at the core of your being. If you are not interested in having power and wealth over others, your dreams will not get hooked on monuments, pyramids, guide-stones or rituals.
    Your dreams are your second attention. Visions are second attention. Inner silence is the path to the second attention.

  7. I noticed that Nadler did NOT enter the Senate Chamber, until AFTER the Pledge of Allegiance was finished. For real!

  8. Jane Fonda was married to Deep State Ted Turner. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion was a Honey Trap.
    These were blackmail traps from stars to politicians. The FBI went to his Mansion and confiscated all the tapes/videos/pictures etc. in his possession. Can’t even imagine just how much dirt he had on soo many people

  9. Hey are the far left racist trash at msnbc allowed to continue spew their hate?

  10. Did MSNBCannibals make an example of KOBE for not being onboard the ANTITRUMP bumrush by Hollywood elitist pigs and their MSNBCannibal partners in crime? I think so.

  11. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that there were three children who lost their lives as well. 🙁

  12. Here's DONALD J TRUMP'S take down of California's trees / Camp Fires.
    >>>> https://youtu.be/4f7nlQIkQ9Q

  13. Let's talk about allison's racist statement because i have never heard of the Los Angeles "N*gg***" but apparently she has. But to say something like that you obviously think like that. If y'all don't fire her then y'all must think that way too.

  14. The number 13 is being worn by the freemasons that sacrificed this brother.

    Passed in scoring against the 76ers (7 + 6 = 13)
    Kobe died on the 26th. 13 + 13 = 26
    Kobe was the 13th pick.
    Kobe’s daughter was 13.
    A show named Chamberlain Heights predited his death. 13 was Wilt Chamberlain’s number, Wilt was also the youngest MVP to die before Kobe and he also played for the 76ers.

  15. Even if it was a "mistake", she refuses to take responsibility for it. She be punished for mispronunciation at a sensitive time. It can also be seen as poor reporting (which is a violation that can not be ignored). She and msnbc have yet to issue an official apology for this, and at least a respectful one.

  16. Soooo sad that the poor children were sacrificed….. for just a stupid basket ball player …. sick world we live in.

  17. Kobe Bryant a man seemingly so comfortable in his own skin. For the average person that is what many strive for. Kobe has left us multiple legacies. Listen to some of his interviews. Positive vibes all the way. Job well done. Your mark is etched and lives on beyond us.

  18. He even sounds like Dennis Rodman in this interview. Ron Artest was always Kobe's Denis Rodman. One of the best combos ever along with Pau Gasol, Kobe's Scottie Pippen.

  19. Can we get a final death count. Abc says all kobes family were killed. Msnbbc said 2 killed cbs said all survived. How many rapists died in this crash #metoo loves celebrity rapists but hate it when john smith the plumber rapes women

  20. People is time for us to flood MSNBC with calls and boycott them until that reporter is removed For saying N*** lakers

  21. OMG! Give me a break! the next thing is to have Elton John rewrite "Candel in the wind"? Kobe was an egotistical, narcissist and he was NO Lady Diana. Not even a John Lennon.

  22. Wow you managed to not drop the N word in this video. What a racist network.

  23. Black and Brown people its time for us to come together and demand that the Democratic Party implement laws Against open racism and every part of our lives If they don't come out against this We will not vote just like 2016 we have always had things against us But I'll be dammed if we're going to continue voting for these democrats If they're not working for our issues Myself and many others are the ones That motivated our people not to vote Democrat you haven't learned your lesson I think we're going to have to show you one more time

  24. Fundraiser to help make Kobe Bryant the new NBA logo!!!
    CashApp: $KobeNBALogo
    We Need This To Happen #MAMBAOUT

  25. Prayers out to all those affected. For those who supported Kobe, NeverForgetKobeBryant.com put together a memorial website in Kobe's memory, and re-released their Kobe Chains at a serious discount, each selling for $24.00 (Kobe's number) in his honor. This isn't a paid promo or anything. I just came across the website and bought two chains. Kobe meant a lot to me and was a true inspiration, so thought I would pass on the website for anyone interested.

  26. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=kobe+bryant+sacrifice&view=detail&mid=F16B34D7C5A92FE0A9F3F16B34D7C5A92FE0A9F3&FORM=VIRE
    They sacrificed him and his first born..

  27. I will never forget the quote Kobe Bryant said: "I don't want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant." Kobe Bryant was always humble and one of the best mentors the sportsbooks have ever seen. Thank You Kobe… You're a real one 😇 😇 R.I.P. G.O.A.T.

  28. I have to thank Metta for one of my favorite Kobe memories. When Metta elbowed James Harden in the head, the Lakers quickly fell down by 18 but Kobe led the comeback and capped it off with a one legged 3 pointer. One of my favorite Kobe memories

  29. I grew up in Las Anglea and I didn't go to the Laker game but the is is so sad TRIP Kobe

  30. When is MSNBC going to hold Allison Morris accountable and terminate her employment? Why is this so called “liberal” news organization protecting this suspected Racist?

  31. hearing Ron Artest Metta Peace talk i could hear n feel he is so hurt right now, it made me cry. Watched him grow up, im from LA born n raised Lakers fan, Kobe fan. Learned so much from him n the way he approached life. Im going to miss him so much, his opinions, his intelligence, the person n the father more than he was an astonishing basketball player.

  32. Alison "the racist" Morris definitely said the N-word in reference to Kobe and his team. MSNBC/NBC must be bombarded with demands for her termination!


  33. Let me just say how u as a station are ignoring the fact that one of your own called this man the N word, fire her a**, please and thank you.

  34. Such a huge staple of more than half my life, a man that truly lead by example. I’m still in shock I can’t imagine how his family friends and teammates are handling such a tragic loss.

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