Absolutely Beautiful Piano Composition and Music for Relaxation and Study (Free MP3 Download)

Are you looking for soothing, calming, beautiful, happy or sad, emotional music for things like studying, party, spa days, relaxation, meditation, and sleep? Then you have come to the right place! I make piano, harp, violin, flute, strings, choir and just about every type of instrumental, backtrack, and back ground songs! Although the channel is named halloween horror music we are not only about scary songs. We also love to do relaxation music, emotional music, love songs, romantic music, spa music, sleep music and so many more types of music. Right now we have many free mp3 downloads of relaxation music, and we are working on making many more videos now. Please check out my website for free downloads and playlists. Please subscribe, like, comment and share! If you have any questions or requests for soothing, calming, relaxation music please let me know. I usually respond within 2 days to any and all comments. Thanks so much and enjoy!

Jerry Heath


  1. @pleasesuckmydick5545 wow. thanks for the comment, I am really glad I could inspire you. its never too late to learn btw

  2. first i clicked on this video because i saw a wolf picture and i love wolves…but that music is freakin amazing…wow…its little bit like the Avatar soundtrack..but its beautiful..

  3. the most beautiful piece of music i have ever heard. this is the type of music that grasps my inner passion and pulls it out. i thank you for uploading such a majestic piece of music.

  4. Well….. I… I think this is better than Lost Woods and Hyrlules Teme, and slightly better than Fable 3 waiting soundtrack. Much, much better. Thank YOU for the music.

  5. Oh, well, better music peace than Zelda. And Fable 3. You SHOULD make music in games.

    This peace would be very fitting when the hero from Fable 3 gets possesed from the Crawler.

    Keep up the good work, chap!

  6. i picture it raining in a forest and the rain drops from leaf to leaf then into the pond where the rest go. then i picture animals taking shelter then sometimes shaking their fur to get rid of the water. in the ending i thought of something happening to an animal left behind… something tragic ~thats my interpritation

  7. This is absolutely amazing piece of music. So refreshingly inspirational, which is exactly what I need right now.

  8. Okay, after the goosebumps, I totally closed my eyes and pictured the ghost of a beautiful girl who didn't deserve to die, staring at te house her family still resides in. I can picture myself flowing throught all of her happy memories, until that one night when it all ended. I get to look at the ghost girl's face again, and see that she has a devilish glint in her eyes, that speak her thougts clearly.
    "I'll get my revenge."

    ~ – o – My imagination is odd ~
    This song is absolutly beautiful

  9. thank you for letting me use your song and even helping me figure out the technical difficulties! your not just a great musician but a great person too! A lot of people will not let anyone else post video responses on their pages, it is nice that you do 🙂 be praying that you make it!

  10. When I hear this song I cant but help think of the Age of Empires games. More notably 1 and 2.

  11. I love this. It reminds me of age of empires. It's beautiful, soothing yet haunting

  12. Hey I'm currently editing a short student film for college I was wandering could I use this piece for it I'll give you a credit. Thanks.

  13. can i use this for a game im making that will hopefully be completed? il give you credit

  14. Proud to say that I am totally blood related to the creator of this beautiful piece, Forrest.
    Love you cousin, you'll go far.

  15. i have used your music in a magic competition without asking permission is that ok? sorry, i wont do that again. One of our members liked your music when he heard it and i showed this video to him because he said you are awesome. sorry for my bad english.

  16. I came here after listening to Threnody of the victims of Hiroshima- DEFINETLY worked.

  17. Hey very sorry this comment is so late. I use a 5 track recorder that comes with my Yamaha keyboard. I also use FL studios (fruity loops) a lot. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  18. ti penetra dentro il cuore…..rilassa l'anima…..ascoltatela in silenzio..luci spente ed occhi chiusi..allora sentirete dentro di voi penetrare un qualcosa…………!!!!!!

  19. The piece is really amazing! I was wondering is it allowed to use it in movies and films as a soundtrack or background music? I would LOVE to use it in my upcoming film!

  20. (In funny voise) This song is so gay and I don't like it cus I'm a hater and that's what I do…………just kidding I love this song its one of the best I ever heard. Just a joke….. please don't kill me -_-

  21. Would you mind if I use this for a video I am making? I'll give credit. 🙂

  22. Go right ahead! just please subscribe and share my music! good luck.

  23. i listened to this song with rainy mood and it really improved my concentration and helped me stay in focus a lot better than i normally would? is it okay for me to use this in a video presentation i promise to give you credit. you definitely deserve it this is BRILLIANT!!

  24. Thanks so much for the nice comment I am glad you like my music. You have my permission to use the song all I ask is to please subscribe and share my music! There is a link to download a high quality version in the description. Good luck!

  25. Hey that is ok! you know how you could make it up to me? share my music on facebook and subscribe! 🙂

  26. not right now but you can listen to all my music and download it on soundclick. there is a link in the description and as an annotation on the video. and Thank you!

  27. I had to read 130 pages in 2 days, I'm a slacker. This plus rainymood, i read the rest of the book too

  28. beautiful music! Stunning really, I was able to whistle to it right away! I love doing that ^.^ Thanks for the great music! 😀

  29. That makes me happy 🙂 like some sort of spiritual connection. thanks for the comment 🙂

  30. It is ethereal but also natural (as in nature). I envision a misty pond with the high pitched trilling of the tiny frogs in the early spring. Seriously, it sounds very much the same. They sing during mating season, I believe.

  31. I'd love to use this pieve of music for my webseries. Please email me! It's stunning! Anjelica jewell takes a bow at g mail dot com

  32. Hey, if I ever make a game, may I use this? It's simply beautiful.

  33. Thanx for uploading. I suffer from anxiety and I get angry by violence and this helps me take that away and it soothes me so much

  34. The spring peepers? There is a pond near my house and I hear them all the time in early spring. I love them!

  35. Forrest, perhaps you or someone else might help me find a piece of music that I am aching to hear again. It was on a 'best of' [new age classics label]. It was simply a chorus, without words, a choir of boys, gradually joined in with by men and sounded absolutely angelic. Had on cassette tape that player ate up. Can't remember name of the piece. Frustrating. SO, BEAUTIFUL.

  36. Forrest, perhaps you or someone else might help me find a piece of music (song only) that I am aching to hear again. It was on a 'best of' [new age classics label]. It was simply a chorus, without words, a choir of boys, gradually joined in with by men and sounded absolutely angelic. Had on cassette tape that player ate up. Can't remember name of the piece. Frustrating. SO, BEAUTIFUL.

  37. OMG I spent half my childhood playing runescape. I was a big coal miner. got pretty high up there too (i think around lvl 45) those were some good time. what was your favorite thing about that game and what did you like to do? what was your user name?

  38. yea it is def a little mysterious and maybe even creepy. do you think its a bad thing that its scary or do you like it?

  39. Hey Riley I am not sure if I ever replied to this but that comment made my day. You are the first person to tell me that I have helped with an actual medical condition. that really makes me happy. hope you can find other soothing music on my page. I have a few other relaxing piano songs (none as good as this one I must admit) but you would probably really enjoy "beautiful piano music: Keyboard Medley Instrumental. it is actually a complete piano and extended version of this song. stay relaxed 🙂

  40. lol I would never kill you! just block you from commenting 😉 just a joke too! sorry it took so long to get back to you. glad you like the song…or not…

  41. hey so sorry it took so long to respond! if you still would like to use the song go ahead! please subscribe, like and share on facebook or twitter! thanks!!

  42. THE MEMBERS WORLD. I begged my mom for a subscription (it was only five dollars back in the day but the internet was kinda flakey and everyone had trust issues) she finally agreed and I had it for a month. best month ever. I just wish I didnt have dial up internet. it would have been so much more fun now a days. you got up to lvl 90? I didn't even know that was possible? How long did that take you?

  43. haha Yeah Members was way more fun and it took for ever. and it goes to lv 138 but im pritty sure as of know in runescape 3 its like 200 something

  44. yea i think one time I saw a lvl 120 and immediatly assumed he was a hacker. he had rune armor that was gold plated. I remember one time I payed this website $20 for 1,000,000 runescape gold. they never actually delivered. I was devastated. there were lots of people on that game that tried to take advantage of others! did that ever happen to you? Like sometime people would say they were selling an black double handed sword and when I went to trade it would be a one handed. I was like..im notdumb

  45. yeah runescape was scam town i got lured once or twice and lost my account when i was reallying young tellin me he would give me free membership haha. (very young) but i never did fall for those deliver 1mill tricks" rs actually some how made me street wise towards scams iv never bin tricked in any way irl i dont know if that is the result of just rs though

  46. does this sound like a magical song to you guys? I might use it for a project if it does!

  47. What would I need to do to get permission to use this piece as a them for my webseries?

  48. I think this is the most positive and friendly set of comments I've seen in a long time on a YouTube video! Nice song by the way, it's first in my playlist of 'wordless work songs' 🙂

  49. Found myself in some strange forest, the very energies would beckon my name. I thought I heard a choir carried on the wind, or was it some distant racing air through hallow trunks and a thick canopy above? I was unsure, only the miraculous sound of wind on tree seem to create a small orchestra. As if it were sailing upon a sea of underbrush, sprinkled with the faintest magic, yet strong enough to send my mind reeling.

    Mmmm, I like this song very much.

  50. Let us imagine.. Continue the story.
    We are in a forest, it is daytime but the trees create the illusion of darkness

  51. Beautiful also how would I make this a ring tone and alarm? I would love to hear it every time I wake up or when I get a call or message it's so amazing <3

  52. I've fallen into the chasm of your macabre creations, sir. First I found your hip-hoppy, screaming horror beats, and now you give us something equally haunting but with a somber touch. I'm in love~

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